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Oregon fire crushes hopes of wheat farmers during harvest

Farmers rushed to save their livelihoods as a wildfire roared through vast Oregon wheat fields Thursday and crushed their hopes at the peak of what was expected to be one of the most bountiful harvests in years. Source: Oregon fire crushes hopes of wheat farmers during harvest

Our view | Worth considering public pay initiative

A proposed ballot measure for 2020 would force Oregonians to have a serious discussion about the role of public employees.A self-described government watchdog group called Priority Oregon wants public employees throughout the state to have similar pay and benefits to what private employees receive. Source: Our view | Worth considering public pay initiative – Editorials […]
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Fire near Heppner burns thousands of acres

A grass fire that started southeast of Heppner on Tuesday spread between 15,000 and 20,000 acres, and required assistance from crews as far as Pilot Rock and Pendleton, as well as local ranchers and farmers. The fire was accidentally started on Hinton Creek by a rancher using some equipment on his property, said Melissa Ross […]
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Helping the helpers: Volunteer groups see aging, dwindling populations

Agape House ask for more hands on deck. Food banks, warming shelters and donation centers are all held together by a sometimes invisible force: volunteers. But finding people to fill those roles has become increasingly difficult due to an aging volunteer base and a lack of new people stepping in. Source: Helping the helpers: Volunteer […]
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Crews engaging small forest fires in Malheur National Forest

Fire crews spent Monday afternoon and evening locating and fighting fires sparked by two days of thunderstorms in southeastern Oregon and are expecting additional fires to emerge over the next few days. Efforts by responding crews on the Malheur National Forest have kept the lightning-caused fires to less than an acre in size, according to […]
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Threats across the counter

Convenience store owners say safety is challenging. Convenience store clerks are the keepers of many American treasures — beef jerky sticks, scratch-its and Slurpees, to name a few. But they also face a more dangerous occupational hazard than most — the possibility of being robbed at gunpoint while working. Though it’s not a frequent occurrence, […]
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Our view | What to do with shrinking frontier Oregon?

R There is a problem with funding public safety in rural Oregon, and nowhere is that more clear than in Wheeler County. Chris Humphreys, who has been sheriff there since 2013, declared his intention to leave the office — and that change in management caused each of his deputies to find work elsewhere. That will […]
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Pendleton’s airport becoming an economic engine

As part of a report submitted to my office I received the following information related to progress made at the Eastern Oregon Regional Airport I felt would be of interest to taxpayers. This information provides details that support what has been reported numerous times: The activity at the airport is growing and the industrial park […]
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Correctional officers walk fine line as custodians, protectors and rehabilitators

Four correctional officers talk about daily life working inside Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution. Correctional officer Chris Barnhart appeared amiable and relaxed, but inside his head, he scanned constantly for anything awry. The hyper-vigilance was like a background program in his brain, barely noticed, but always running. Source: Correctional officers walk fine line as custodians, protectors […]
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Odor complaints spike at Stanfield plant, citations coming almost daily

A pet food plant in Stanfield has received a string of complaints from citizens who say the odor from the facility is once again permeating the air. The 3D Idapro Solutions pet food processing facility, on Hoosier Lane, has been the subject of daily complaints from residents. Since last summer, the facility has had problems […]
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