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Our view | The elephants in the room

As the Oregon Legislature prepared to start work this week, its leaders were saying all the right things about working together, respecting rural Oregon and doing what was best for the state as a whole. But, as the saying goes, “only time will tell.” In the Oregon House, the Democratic and Republican leadership have a […]
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Our view | Rural response

The state of Oregon must begin grappling with the lack of reliable emergency response in its wildest and most remote places. The state of Oregon must begin grappling with the lack of reliable emergency response in its wildest and most remote places. Cash-strapped, tax-burdened rural Oregon counties are playing host to more adventurous visitors, while […]
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Gun permit bill raises local objections

Gun permit bill raises local objections. Jesse Bonifer of Athena is a staunch defender of gun rights and was one of the chief petitioners of the Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance, which Umatilla County voters passed overwhelmingly. He is no fan of the proposal in the state Senate to require Oregonians to have a permit before […]
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State budget debates affect local purse strings 

In the waning days of spring, school districts across Oregon will likely pass budgets without knowing how much money they’ll receive from their largest source of revenue. Source: State budget debates affect local purse strings | Local News |

Full-court press is on for Umatilla County jail upgrade

Rep. Greg Smith plans to bring his deal-making magic to fund the Umatilla County Jail’s $1.6 million mental health remodel. “That’s my No. 1 priority,” Smith said on Tuesday. He’s not the only one who has made it a top priority. Source: Full-court press is on for Umatilla County jail upgrade | Local News | […]
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New faces, old problems in frontier emergency response

If your car drives off the road, your house catches fire, or your ex is pounding too loudly on your door in Wheeler County, know this: It’s likely to be a long time before help arrives. Currently, a four-person sheriff’s office patrols the rural county in north-central Oregon. Yet a system of volunteer firefighters and […]
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Government shutdown strains farm country

Government and commercial loans in limbo, a tethered safety net and a lapse in crucial data are putting farmers and ranchers at risk. A wall is standing between farmers and ranchers and the government assistance and insurance they need to keep their operations intact. The standoff between President Donald Trump and congressional Democrats over funding […]
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Effects of government shutdown begin to show locally 

Since it began Dec. 22, the shutdown has put hundreds of thousands of federal employees across the United States on furlough and limited services offered by their agencies. In Umatilla County, the effects on services may soon become more visible if the shutdown continues. Source: Effects of government shutdown begin to show locally | Local […]
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Our view | Sitting out the shutdown

Questioning the fundamental usefulness of government is the backbone of some American political factions, notably including the now seldom-mentioned Tea Party. Most of these righteous skeptics don’t live off the grid in libertarian enclaves, hatching anarchist plots. Instead, they are good people simply wondering what the heck all our taxes and deficits pay for. No […]
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Have CDL, will travel 

If dozens of new, qualified truck drivers popped into Umatilla County tomorrow, Bryan Medelez argued they would have no problem finding jobs. Good paying jobs. Medelez is the director of operations at his family’s business, Medelez Inc. and BJK Transport, Hermiston, and they rely on lots of truck drivers. Source: Have CDL, will travel | […]
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