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Oregon’s Legislature Receives an Even Lower Conservative Rating

-Oregon Legislature’s average conservative rating is one of the lowest in the U.S. according to East Coast conservative group- It’s just about the end of the year, so everyone is handing out grades as if it’s school. The American Conservative Union Foundation (ACUF), a nonprofit that organizes the Conservative Political Action Conference, just announced its […]
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Oregon Political Transparency is Breaking the Web – Eugene Weekly

ORESTAR unable to disclose all donations and expenditures from PACs and candidates. The 2018 midterm election was expensive and exhausting. Just ask the Oregon Secretary of State’s campaign finance transparency website OreStar. Eugene Weekly learned today from an official with the Oregon Secretary of State that the website, which was intended to be a transparent resource in […]
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Market-Based Policy with Clear Economic Benefits

With regional wildfires stoked by a warmer, drier climate, Oregonians are getting a taste of what climate change means. It is not tomorrow’s issue; its one we must deal with today. Source: Market-Based Policy with Clear Economic Benefits – Eugene Weekly

Big Corporate Handouts with Little Oversight 

Eugene Weekly’s investigation found that, despite handing out millions of dollars of taxpayer money, county and local officials responsible for monitoring the enterprise zones rarely — if ever — verify the companies’ jobs claims. Source: Big Corporate Handouts with Little Oversight – Eugene Weekly

Predator Advocate Responds to Recent Hiker Death

Word of a hiker possibly killed by a cougar here in Oregon broke Sept. 11, and Brooks Fahy of Predator Defense is concerned the hype will lead to increased killing of the big cats, something that he says actually does more harm that good. Source: Predator Advocate Responds to Recent Hiker Death – Eugene Weekly

Weed and Banking Up in Smoke?

Marijuana has been legal in Oregon for recreational use since 2015, and retail stores have been offering customers weed here since 2017. But marijuana-related businesses have a problem in Oregon: How do you function without a bank account?  Source: Weed and Banking Up in Smoke? – Eugene Weekly

Professionalizing Care

A new bill requires state training for in-home caregivers. Caring for the elderly is a difficult, strenuous and thankless job. Thanks to the Oregon Legislature, Oregon’s in-home caregivers may start to receive better training before starting these low-wage jobs upon which thousands of lives depend. March 1, the Oregon House of Representatives voted 57 to 2 […]
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Oregon Legislators Address Housing Discrimination

Two bills introduced in the Oregon legislative session address racial covenants and examine inequalities in home ownership. House Bill 4010 would create a task force to examine home lending practices and barriers that prevent people of color from owning homes. Source: Oregon Legislators Address Housing Discrimination

State Senate Takes on Climate Change

-Clean Energy Jobs bill would establish cap and price limits on greenhouse gases- While Gov. Jay Inslee’s proposed carbon tax in Washington has been making headlines, here in Oregon a cap and price climate bill is gaining traction — and causing some controversy — in the state Legislature’s short session. Source: State Senate Takes on […]
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Health Care For All Joint Resolution Introduced

House Joint Resolution 203 — which would ensure that all Oregonians have access to health care — has been introduced during Oregon’s short legislative session. The resolution would send the proposed health care amendment to Oregon voters during the “next regular general election,” according to the resolution’s summary. Source: Health Care For All Joint Resolution […]
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