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Oregon lawmakers seek options for growing number of older prison inmates

Oregon inmates are getting older, and lawmakers are trying to prepare for the extra care they may require. Last year, legislative budget-writers asked the Corrections Department to study how much it would cost the state to renovate an old prison in Salem to house elderly inmates. Source: Oregon lawmakers seek options for growing number of […]
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Editorial: Legislature draws a bead on plastic straws

This likely isn’t the most important issue facing the 2019 session of the Oregon Legislature, but it’s still been interesting to watch the progress of the handful of bills filed (seven, by our admittedly unscientific count) that target plastic. Source: Editorial: Legislature draws a bead on plastic straws | Editorial |

Report urges action on fish runs

A A national conservation group is highlighting threats to the Willamette River and calling on the federal government to take action to protect imperiled fish runs. The Willamette was one of 10 waterways listed in the 2019 edition of “America’s Most Endangered Rivers,” which is being released today. The report, issued annually since 1984 by […]
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Editorial: Oregon Senate says it’s time for a change

The Oregon Senate last week took a step toward ending our generally pointless (and potentially harmful) twice-annual ritual of changing our clocks, joining a resistance that seems to be gaining momentum across the nation. By a 23-4 margin, senators approved Senate Bill 320, which would move Oregon to year-round daylight saving time. The bill isn’t […]
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Editorial: PERS reform, new tax go hand in hand | Editorial |

Some pieces of the puzzle to generate an extra $1 billion per year in business taxes to spend on K-12 education are starting to come together in Salem. Source: Editorial: PERS reform, new tax go hand in hand | Editorial |

District Attorney: Leave Measure 11 alone

If the Oregon Legislature want to change Oregon’s Measure 11 statute that sets mandatory sentences for felony crimes, they should refer those changes to the citizens who have twice supported the measure at the ballot box, says Linn County District Attorney Doug Marteeny. Source: District Attorney: Leave Measure 11 alone | News |

Oregon business tax proposal unveiled

Oregonians could pay less on their state income taxes but pay more for some goods and services, under a legislative proposal to raise money for the state’s struggling public school system. The long-awaited proposal will tax businesses just under one-half of 1% of their gross receipts over $1 million while cutting Oregonians’ income tax rates […]
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Editorial: Rural vs. urban divide splits Legislature

It may turn out that the key division in the 2019 Oregon Legislature isn’t the one between Democrats and Republicans. It might end up being the split between the more urban areas of the state and its rural stretches. You know all about the party divisions in Salem, and how Democrats have eked out the […]
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Editorial: Budget woes may sidetrack suicide efforts

Five years ago, then-Rep. Sara Gelser pushed through the state Legislature a bill intended to pull the issue of youth suicide in Oregon out of the shadows. Source: Editorial: Budget woes may sidetrack suicide efforts

Think Too Much: Some hope, but troubling numbers, in the fight against youth suicide

The Democrat-Herald and the Gazette-Times have joined a statewide reporting effort, “Breaking the Silence,” about suicide in Oregon. Over the next two weeks, the newspapers will feature stories from our own staff writers and reporters from throughout Oregon on the topic. Source: Think Too Much: Some hope, but troubling numbers, in the fight against youth […]
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