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Waiting to exhale: Though legal, Oregon’s pot industry still struggles for acceptance

Marijuana has been legal in Oregon since 2015, but that doesn’t mean it’s been fully accepted into mainstream society. Trevor Griesmeyer, the manager of Beaver Bowls Cannabis House, found that out this summer, when he filled out a membership application for the dispensary with the Corvallis Chamber of Commerce. Source: Waiting to exhale: Though legal, […]
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Editorial: Voters face hard deadline for election

Well, now you’ve done it. If you’re reading this on Monday morning, you’re really up against a hard deadline: You have just over 24 hours remaining to find the spot where you dropped your ballot, blow the dust off it, finish voting, sign it (make sure you sign it) and return it to one of […]
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Editorial: Forest Service in transition gets fresh start

You might have missed this news from earlier in the month, but don’t blame yourself: As far as we can tell, it went virtually unreported — although it potentially has big ramifications for U.S. forest lands. After serving as interim head of the U.S. Forest Service since March, Vicki Christensen earlier this month was able […]
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Peavy tour touts mass timber tech

About 50 timber industry representatives, state lawmakers and other interested parties toured the George W. Peavy Forest Science Center under construction at Oregon State University on Friday as part of a daylong “fact-finding” trip sponsored by the Oregon Forest Resources Institute. The three-story, 80,000-square-foot Peavy Forest Science Center, scheduled for completion next fall, is the […]
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Cougars spotted in northwest Corvallis

A number of cougar sightings have been reported in a rural residential area of northwest Corvallis, near the spot where one of the big cats was shot and killed by a hunter a week and a half ago. Just before dawn on Oct. 6, a hunter encountered three cougars — an adult female and two juveniles — […]
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Editorial: Grab a bit of power: Register to vote

Are you planning to vote in the Nov. 6 election? If so, you’re in the minority across the nation: In 2014, the last midterm elections, slightly more than a third of eligible voters (36.7 percent) cast ballots. It was the lowest turnout since 1942, when just 33.9 percent of registered votes cast ballots. In Oregon, […]
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meth houses

Oregon law requires a home seller to disclose the building’s history to a potential buyer, including information on whether the property has been used to manufacture drugs. Source: meth houses

Editorial: Voters should reject abortion Measure 106

As you work through the list of statewide measures on your Nov. 6 ballot, you may notice a trend: As you go down the ballot, the amount of emotion involved in each measure increases. Measure 102 is a relatively bloodless measure involving affordable housing. Measures 103 and 104 are proposed constitutional amendments that involve taxation. […]
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Editorial: Voters should reject state Measure 104

Let’s turn our attention today to Measure 104, one of the two tax measures on Oregon’s statewide ballot: This is the constitutional amendment that would expand the kinds of legislative bills that are defined as “revenue-raising” and which would therefore require a three-fifths majority of the Legislature to pass. Source: Editorial: Voters should reject state […]
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The road less traveled

The Oregon Department of Transportation has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to take some of the twists and turns out of U.S. Highway 20 and make it a swifter, safer passage through the Coast Range between the mid-Willamette Valley and the Pacific Ocean. Source: The road less traveled | Local |