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Editorial: Candidates must offer specifics on budget

Here’s a startling statistic about the growth in Oregon’s state budget: In all but one of the two-year budgets that lawmakers and state officials have constructed over the last decade, spending has increased by double-digit percentages. (The exception came during the depths of the Great Recession, when spending dropped by 5.5 percent.) Spending in Oregon’s […]
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Editorial: Another note of appreciation for Del Riley

A former Oregon secretary of state has joined the chorus of praise for Del Riley, the former Linn County clerk who played an essential role in developing the state’s vote-by-mail system. In a lovely piece published in Sunday’s Oregonian newspaper that’s worth your attention, Phil Keisling, Oregon’s secretary of state from 1991 to 1999, writes: “At […]
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As I See It: Let professionals manage the land

A couple of paragraphs in the editorial from the Aug. 26 East Oregonian (reprinted in the Gazette-Times on Sept. 4) were brilliant: “So when it comes to avoiding dangerously destructive forest fires and the harms they create, what might smarter management look like? Source: As I See It: Let professionals manage the land | Columnists […]
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OSU logs $382M in research grants

Oregon State University brought in $382 million in research funding for the 2017-18 fiscal year, the second-highest total on record, the university announced on Wednesday. The biggest grant came from the National Science Foundation, which awarded OSU $88 million for the construction of a second coastal research vessel. Source: OSU logs $382M in research grants […]
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Pacific Power will refund “opt out” fees

Pacific Power customers have won a bit of relief amid the installation of smart meters in Oregon. Customers who “opted out” of the smart meter program by Aug. 14 will receive a refund of the $137 fee. The state Public Utility Commission approved the change at its Aug. 14 meeting in Salem. Source: Pacific Power […]
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Editorial: Wyden seeks more security for elections

  U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden has proposed legislation to require states to use paper ballots and to employ audits to ensure that hackers have not meddled with election results. The bill is a logical extension of Wyden’s longtime efforts to expand Oregon’s vote-by-mail system to the entire nation. Source: Editorial: Wyden seeks more security for […]
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Editorial: Good news (and a warning) from state economists

Economists for the state of Oregon on Wednesday issued their quarterly revenue forecast — and while they said that the state’s economy continues to bubble along nicely, they also issued a warning about a possible slowdown in 2020. The fact that the state’s economic recovery is likely to slow down shouldn’t come as a surprise: This […]
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As I See It: There’s more to a forest than trees

“What but the wolf’s tooth whittled so fine the fleet limbs of the antelope?” wrote the poet Robinson Jeffers. Jeffers encapsulated the idea that evolutionary processes shape all plants and animals. Unfortunately, far too many in forestry schools, the Forest Service and the collaboratives that work with them fail to understand this basic idea — […]
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Think Too Much: Book explores why Harney County didn’t embrace takeover

It was Sunday, Jan. 3, 2016, and Peter Walker, a professor in the geography department at the University of Oregon, was sleepily listening to the morning news when a particular item wiped away his drowsiness: A group of armed men led by Ammon Bundy, owner of a truck fleet service in Arizona, had taken over […]
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Editorial: Highway tolls face tough opposition

Proposals to impose tolls on congested sections of Interstates 5 and 205 in the Portland metro area are inching forward, but require federal approval — and that’s where these plans could face a significant hurdle. Source: Editorial: Highway tolls face tough opposition | Editorial |