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OSU: Fall reopening will be safe

ith the Oregon State University Board of Trustees set to vote this week on plans to resume some in-person learning on campus in September, OSU officials are emphasizing the safety precautions being put in place to protect students, faculty and staff in the face of the resurgent COVID-19 pandemic. Source: OSU: Fall reopening will be […]
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As We See It: Home rule is no more in Oregon

In 2016 Gov. Kate Brown undermined two citizen rights protected under the Oregon Constitution when she signed into law Senate Bill 1573. First was “home rule,” the constitutional protection of Oregon city charters from legislative meddling. Second, her signature dealt a blow to citizen voting, the cornerstone of Oregon Statewide Planning Goal 1,“citizen involvement.” Source: […]
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As I See It: Corvallis misapplying CARES aid

Like many, I was appalled at the moral turpitude evidenced by Fortune 500 companies and high net worth institutions applying for and securing millions of federal stimulus dollars intended to shore up small business operations during the pandemic. The amount of pork-barrel loopholes in federal stimulus funding guidelines sans important fiscal oversight has resulted in […]
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Linn-Benton sees 7 new COVID-19 cases; state authority says Benton not meeting standards

Benton County has fallen below state standards for the phased reopening strategy, according to an Friday announcement by the Oregon Health Authority State for phased reopening. The announcement came hours before the OHA announced its daily COVID-19 case counts — Benton County’s rose by four while Linn County’s rose by three as of midnight Saturday. […]
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Gelser concerned about unemployment

How bad is the unemployment situation in Oregon? Just ask state Sen. Sara Gelser. “I’m spending almost all of my time working on unemployment,” the Corvallis Democrat said Wednesday in a freewheeling and at times hard-hitting session with the editorial board of the Democrat-Herald and Gazette-Times. “I don’t have any staff right now, and I’ve […]
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Local schools focus on safe openings amid federal pressure

On Wednesday, the Trump administration announced that it would consider withholding funding from schools that did not fully open in the fall but locally, districts say they are focused on safety measures and will comply with state orders surrounding school openings. Source: Local schools focus on safe openings amid federal pressure | Local |

OSP trooper on leave after Corvallis mask incident

An Oregon State Police trooper has been placed on administrative leave after an incident at a Corvallis coffee shop in which he refused to wear a mask. The incident, which involved three other troopers from the OSP unit at Oregon State University, took place Wednesday at Allan’s Coffee and Teas on Northwest Monroe Avenue. Source: […]
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Editorial: Corvallis shouldn’t spend taxpayer funds to save the Van Buren Bridge

We won’t deny the charms of the century-old Van Buren Bridge in Corvallis. We have often admired this majestic span whilst stuck in a traffic jam. To be fair, the one-lane bridge is even more beautiful when you’re approaching it from below, on the Willamette River, perhaps on an inner tube moving far faster than […]
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Editorial: Well, isn’t that a special session? 

The Oregon Legislature’s special session, which kicked off on Wednesday, is only special if you take the sarcastic tone of the Church Lady from “Saturday Night Live. “The Dana Carvey character’s ironic catchphrase for something she considered heinous: “Well, isn’t that special?” The word “debacle” might be a better description of the gathering in Salem. […]
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Sprenger wary of special session’s thrust

State Rep. Sherrie Sprenger, R-HD 17, told Linn County commissioners Tuesday morning she is wary about the special session of the Legislature that will convene at 8 a.m. today. Although actual bills won’t be known until the session begins, Sprenger said it’s likely the three-to-five-day session will heavily focus on bills that affect law enforcement […]
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