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Budget Cuts: Challenge or Opportunity for State IT?

Budget cuts are coming, but uncertainty surrounds them. So now experts are weighing in on how much money states might lose, what it will mean for technology work and what we can learn from the Great Recession. From quick transitions to telework to rapidly scaling up unemployment insurance systems to handle surging claims, technology has played a big […]
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Audit: Oregon State Police Lack ‘Basic Cybersecurity Safeguards’

A recent audit shows that Oregon State Police lack “basic cybersecurity safeguards” and have frequently failed to secure their devices, network and data due to lack of proper staffing and resources. The report from the Oregon Secretary of State’s auditing division was published last week and recommends that the agency take “immediate action” to address […]
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Cyberattack Hobbles Oregon County Network, Services

While the attack against Tillamook County has not officially been dubbed ransomware and local leaders haven’t commented on a posted ransom, the incident has all the trappings of that style of attack. A cyberattack has knocked out the phone lines and Internet for Tillamook County, Ore., throwing local government service delivery into disarray, local news […]
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Oregon to Launch Statewide Procurement Marketplace in 2020

Under a five-year contract with Periscope Holdings, the OregonBuys Marketplace will standardize procurement across all the state’s agencies, from RFP to payment, giving Oregon a better view into purchasing activity. The state of Oregon has contracted with Periscope Holdings, a developer of e-procurement systems based in Austin, Texas, to create a new statewide procurement platform, […]
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Great Oregon Shakeout Tests Kids, Hotels, Local Governments

The Great Oregon ShakeOut is a way to ensure people around the state are prepared in case of an earthquake and know where to go and how to recover. More than 720,000 people signed up online to participate in the drill that lasted about a minute. People in schools, hotels, local government and even law […]
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Network Deal to Serve as Research, Public Services Vehicle

A newly minted Oregon nonprofit is partnering with a California-based education and research network to better connect universities. The new deal will also help deliver public services, officials say. Two nonprofit high-speed fiber-optic conglomerates penned an agreement establishing a regional pool of resources between Oregon and California that could have far-reaching effects on public services […]
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Oregon Experiencing Widespread Connectivity Issues

A problem with “some network infrastructure hardware” has been affecting state agencies since Friday morning. The intermittent connectivity issues are impacting access to state websites and call centers. Widespread connectivity issues are plaguing Oregon state government agencies, according to a release from the state issued Monday. A problem with “some network infrastructure hardware” has been […]
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Oregon Sharpens Cyberdefenses in the Months After DHS Breach

More than six months after nine employees in the Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS) clicked phishing emails, exposing the confidential information of about 645,000 residents, the agency is fortifying its cyberdefenses. Source: Oregon Sharpens Cyberdefenses in the Months After DHS Breach

Oregon’s Liquor Control Agency Needs New Hardware, Software

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission [OLCC] has been preyed upon by a “spaghetti monster,” as IT staff call it. The monster is a series of manual systems constantly massaged by employees. The system is prone to costly failure, potentially to the tune of $2.5 million, at least twice per month. Source: Oregon’s Liquor Control Agency […]
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Audit: Oregon DAS Behind on Basic Cybersecurity Safeguards

The Oregon Secretary of State’s office released an audit evaluating the cybersecurity of the Department of Administrative Services, making seven recommendations to be fully implemented by 2023. Source: Audit: Oregon DAS Behind on Basic Cybersecurity Safeguards