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Crews Continue To Make Steady Progress On The Chetco Bar Fire

UPDATE: FRIDAY, SEPT. 15 … At this point, the most active part of the Chetco Bar fire is actually on the Indigo (or 784) fire, a more recent, smaller fire (360 acres as of this morning) located about 10 miles north of the Chetco Bar fire proper. It’s in an area with no roads and firefighting crews have been dropped […]
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Colstrip Deal Moves Northwest Residents Closer To Coal-Free Electricity

Thousands of Northwest residents will be getting less electricity from burning coal. That’s because of a new agreement to fast-track the closure of a coal-fired power plant in Montana. The announcement came Friday as part of a rate settlement from Puget Sound Energy. The investor-owned utility has agreed to be financially ready to close its […]
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Oregon Wildfire Roundup For Sept. 15 

Continued cooler weather is giving fire crews a leg up on getting southern Oregon’s major wildfires under control. As fire behavior for the most part becomes more mild, firefighters are able to make more rapid progress. Smoke continues to be an issue in nearby communities, but that, too, is improving with the arrival of fall weather. […]
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As It Was: Oregon Historical Marker Recognizes Black Smokejumpers

The 555th Parachute Infantry Battalion established several “firsts” during World War II. The 555th, nicknamed the Triple Nickels, was the nation’s first and only segregated black paratrooper unit and the first and only military unit to work as smokejumpers.  Unfortunately, it also recorded the first smokejumper death in American history when one of the troopers […]
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State Of The Wine Industry In Oregon

Even if you never drive past a vineyard, it’s easy to spot evidence of a growing wine industry in Oregon. Just check out the “Oregon” racks in the wine section of the grocery store. Source: Wed 8:30 | State Of The Wine Industry In Oregon | Jefferson Public Radio

Preserving The History Of Southern Oregon’s ‘Heritage Industries’

The history of Southern Oregon is intimately connected to a few industries- logging, mining, and agriculture. These “heritage industries,” are crucial to understanding the culture of many communities in the region. This is a story about one woman who works to preserve the history of Southern Oregon’s heritage industries, in a moment of transformation. Source: […]
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Wildfires Across Pacific Northwest Take A Toll On Local Economies

A total of 26 wildfires are burning in Oregon, 13 in Washington and 23 in Idaho. Many are close to towns and are having a noticeable effect on their economies. Source: Wildfires Across Pacific Northwest Take A Toll On Local Economies | Jefferson Public Radio

Wildfire Smoke Is Taking A Toll On Oregon’s Tourist Economy

The wildfires burning in much of Oregon this summer have blanketed the state with unhealthy levels of smoke. Source: Wildfire Smoke Is Taking A Toll On Oregon’s Tourist Economy | Jefferson Public Radio

As Oregon Temperatures Break Records, So Do Heat-Related Injuries

The August heat set records in Portland and Salem. It was especially brutal for people who work outside. Oregon’s workers compensation firm, SAIF, reports it received more than 30 heat-related claims in August this year. Source: As Oregon Temperatures Break Records, So Do Heat-Related Injuries | Jefferson Public Radio

Wildfires Cause Cycle Oregon To Cancel Ride For 1st Time

Cycle Oregon has been canceled this year, just over a week before the ride was scheduled to start. Wildfires and smoke in Central Oregon and the Willamette Source: Wildfires Cause Cycle Oregon To Cancel Ride For 1st Time | Jefferson Public Radio