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The State Of “Sunshine” In Oregon

Sunshine Week leads us straight into spring, but it’s really not about the sun shining in the sky. Sunshine Week celebrates openness in government–the -metaphorical sun shining into the workings of the people’s business. Source: The State Of “Sunshine” In Oregon | Jefferson Public Radio

Some Republicans Have Problems With The ‘American Health Care Act’ 

Some Republican lawmakers in Oregon are joining Democrats in their displeasure at the replacement for the Affordable Care Act. Oregon’s top Republican, Greg Walden, is shepherding the new American Health Care Act through Congress. He’s called it the first step in helping families obtain what he calls “truly affordable health care. But if passed, the […]
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Oregon Bill To Lower Drug Prices Runs Into Industry Opposition

Rapidly rising prices for prescription drugs are being blamed for increased health care costs, as well as a growing number of people not being able to afford medicines they need. A bill pending in the Oregon legislature proposes to cap excessive drug prices. But the pharmaceutical industry is pushing back. Source: Oregon Bill To Lower […]
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Trump Administration Considers Cutting Oregon Sea Grant

Back in the late 1990s, Oregon’s groundfish industry was in a tailspin. Over previous decades, the federal government had encouraged expansion of the industry to promote domestic harvest over international competition. Then experts realized several types of groundfish — a category that includes rockfish, perch and lingcod — were overharvested. Source: Trump Administration Considers Cutting […]
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U.S. Mint’s Oregon Quarter Features Iconic Crater Lake

When the U.S. Mint asked Gov. Ted Kulongoski to come up with something to serve as an iconic image of the state, he took his wife’s advice. The Oregon Encyclopedia reports that his wife, Mary Oberst, warned Kulongoski that it had to be something unique to Oregon and suggested Crater Lake, to which the governor […]
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Oregon’s Senators Say New CBO Scoring On GOP Health Plan Is As Bad As Expected

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has released its analysis of the Republican plan to replace Obamacare. And Oregon’s Democratic senators say the impact will be as grim as they feared. Source: Oregon’s Senators Say New CBO Scoring On GOP Health Plan Is As Bad As Expected | Jefferson Public Radio

Oregon Will Soon Start Testing Age Compliance At Marijuana Stores

For the past year, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission has been snowed under with applications from people wanting to sell recreational marijuana. On Source: Oregon Will Soon Start Testing Age Compliance At Marijuana Stores | Jefferson Public Radio

Survey Of Oregon Caregivers Finds Much Lacking

It’s an issue now and will become a bigger issue in the future: people need care from other people when they are very old and very young. Source: Wed 8 AM | Survey Of Oregon Caregivers Finds Much Lacking | Jefferson Public Radio

Returning Salmon Numbers Looking Meager For Oregon, Northern California

State fishery managers on the West Coast are releasing ocean salmon forecasts this week. And things aren’t looking good – especially for fishermen off the coasts of Oregon and Northern California. Source: Returning Salmon Numbers Looking Meager For Oregon, Northern California | Jefferson Public Radio

Plan Envisions Restoring Grizzly Bears to Natural Habitat

It has been said that American Indians and grizzly bears shared dominion of the West Coast before the arrival of Euro-American emigrants in the 19th century. Source: Plan Envisions Restoring Grizzly Bears to Natural Habitat | Jefferson Public Radio