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Federal Lawmakers Closely Watching SW Oregon Nickel Mine Proposal

An “on-again-off-again” proposal for a nickel mine in southwest Oregon is on again. And members of both Oregon’s and California’s congressional delegations have written to federal officials to demand the lawmakers be kept in the loop. Source: Federal Lawmakers Closely Watching SW Oregon Nickel Mine Proposal | Jefferson Public Radio

Repealing Oregon’s Sanctuary Law, the No Side

Oregon’s Measure 105 seeks to revoke Oregon’s status as a “sanctuary state,” which limits local law agencies’ cooperation with federal immigration officers Source: Tue 8:30 AM | Repealing Oregon’s Sanctuary Law, the No Side

No News Isn’t Great News: Oregon Test Scores Remain Mostly Flat In 2018

Students across the country start taking standardized tests in third grade, as 8-year-olds still learning to type. They take them every spring until high school, when they take them just once. So every year, Oregon schools spend weeks shuttling hundreds of thousands of Oregon students into computer labs to take the lengthy, rigorous exams. Source: […]
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Harvesting Legally: Oregon Regulator Discusses New Cannabis Rule

Oregon recently approved a rule requiring licensed marijuana producers to notify the state when they harvest cannabis. Source: Fri 8:30 AM | Harvesting Legally: Oregon Regulator Discusses New Cannabis Rule | Jefferson Public Radio

Oregon Health Authority Crafts Opioid Guidelines

Discussions of the opioid drug crisis often get well beyond the original reason for using the drugs: pain. People take Oxycontin and the other opioids, or Source: Oregon Health Authority Crafts Opioid Guidelines

Senior Suicide Rates Remain High in Oregon

Despite a nationwide decrease in suicide rates, Oregon continues to rank among the states with the highest rates of suicide. The outlook is particularly bleak for seniors. Oregon’s suicide rates have topped national averages for the past three decades. Federal data shows that those rates are highest among white men over age 70. Source: Senior […]
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Oregon Governor Calls For Longer School Years To Boost Graduation Rate

Gov. Kate Brown unveiled pieces of her education proposal to a room full of Madison High School freshman on Monday morning. Source: Oregon Governor Calls For Longer School Years To Boost Graduation Rate

Wild Bees May Benefit From Cleaning Up After Clearcuts

After cutting down trees in a section of forest, logging crews can do their local bees a favor by sticking around to clear the debris and flatten the ground. A recent study from Oregon State University suggests that removing timber harvest residue — also known as “slash” — could help wild bee populations thrive in […]
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The Entire Northwest Is Abnormally Dry, With Severe Drought In Parts Of Washington And Oregon

The U.S. Drought Monitor says the entire state of Washington is abnormally dry. In Oregon, nearly 90 percent of the state is facing moderate to severe drought. “What we’re experiencing is part of what the entire western united states is experiencing,” Kristin Johnson-Waggoner said. She’s a communications manager with the Water Resources Program in Washington Department of Ecology. […]
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Oregon Fires: Weekend Winds Alternately Clear Smoke, Rev Up Fires (& New Smoke)

Southern Oregonians got a dose of fresh air over the weekend from an increase in wind speeds. But the same winds that cleared wildfire smoke increased wildfire activity. Source: Oregon Fires: Weekend Winds Alternately Clear Smoke, Rev Up Fires (& New Smoke) | Jefferson Public Radio