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Wrongfully convicted man cleared by DNA takes story to Salem

Gerard Richardson, a New Jersey native, spent 18 years in prison for crimes he didn’t commit. “Being in prison for a crime you didn’t do and knowing that you’re innocent is the hardest thing in the world,” said Richardson. He’s in Portland this week before heading to Salem on Friday to testify to lawmakers about […]
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Catch limits increase for key West Coast groundfish species

Federal officials said Tuesday they are increasing catch limits for several species of West Coast groundfish that were severely depleted more than a dozen years ago in a crisis that posed a threat to the commercial and sports fishing industries. Limits for yelloweye rockfish will more than double, while substantial increases will be allowed for […]
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Oregon recycling centers seeing more non-redeemable containers — from Washington

Last year, Oregon’s 5-cent bottle deposit went up to 10 cents, and the number of bottles being redeemed has skyrocketed. From July through September of this year, the Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative says 500 million cans and bottles were turned in around the state. But many of those came from across state lines, mainly Washington. […]
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Oregon schools reporting increase in student flu cases

Local public schools are starting to see an uptick in flu cases as the Oregon Health Authority says seasonal influenza is increasing statewide. Flu season usually runs November through April or May, with peak illnesses reported between December and February. However, health leaders say overall numbers across Oregon are still relatively low. Source: Oregon schools […]
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‘You were never really safe’: Sexual harassment in the military

Jessica Lloyd-Rogers served in the army during the cold war, from 1975 to 1978. During her service, she says she was sexually harassed. “It was consistent and constant, you had to live with it for a long time. You were never really safe.” Source: ‘You were never really safe’: Sexual harassment in the military | […]
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Police investigate after poachers unlawfully kill two bull elk in Washington County

Oregon State Police Fish and Wildlife Division is investigating a poaching incident in rural Washington County. Oregon State Police troopers first received information about a group of hunters that unlawfully shot two bull elk and left them to rot on Nov. 10. Police say the hunters were on Weyerhaeuser property near Wolf Creek Road and […]
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Newly FDA-approved flu drug arrives at some Portland pharmacies

 For the first time in 20 years, the FDA has approved a new flu medication and it’s available in our area. Source: Newly FDA-approved flu drug arrives at some Portland pharmacies | KATU

Construction companies worry over steel prices

Construction companies say the rising price of steel may continue to hamper their businesses. “In the short term, you have to suffer the increases if you haven’t built it in your price already,” said John Rudi, owner of Thompson Metal Fab. “In the long term, it’ll increase prices in our business infrastructure.” Source: Construction companies […]
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Cougar hunting closed on Oregon Coast, North Cascades after quota reached

Cougar season is closed for the Oregon Coast Range and North Cascades, state officials said Tuesday. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife said the area has reached its quota of 180 cougar deaths, with includes the number killed by hunters or because of damage or public safety issues. Source: Cougar hunting closed on Oregon […]
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Oregon DMV warns of longer-than-usual lines during the next couple months

The Department of Motor Vehicles is warning the public that wait times might be longer for the next couple months. One reason for the longer-than-normal wait times is that there are fewer DMVs open. The one in downtown Portland will be closed for two weeks for an expansion. It won’t reopen until Monday, Dec. 10. […]
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