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Oregon considers styrofoam ban

The Oregon Legislature is considering a ban on styrofoam containers, including cups, and it could start as early as 2020. “Every little bit can help, and so in terms of reducing waste, reducing emissions and everything like that, we’re trying to do our part as well as we can,” said Gordon Feighner, co-owner of Jam […]
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Oregon Senate passes bill that would allow community colleges to offer four-year degrees

The Oregon Senate passed a bill Tuesday that would allow community colleges to offer four-year bachelor degrees. Senate Bill 3 passed 29-0 on the Senate Floor Tuesday. Source: Oregon Senate passes bill that would allow community colleges to offer four-year degrees

Homeless camps, piles of trash captured in viewer videos

A Salem man exploring the urban areas of the city recently discovered several homeless camps and was appalled to find mounds of trash. On hikes along the Santiam Creek and Willamette River, Chris Casarez discovered three major homeless camps at Cascades Gateway and Minto-Brown Island parks as well as on private land near Wallace Marine […]
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Oregon considers lane-splitting for motorcyclists

Oregon lawmakers are considering becoming the second state to allow lane-splitting, which lets motorcyclists go between lanes of traffic during congested stretches of highway. “Some people think we’re crazy, but we want to get home just like everybody else,” said Patrick Leyshock, with the group Lane Share Oregon. Source: Oregon considers lane-splitting for motorcyclists | […]
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Oregon’s governor lost a vote on a dog, and learned a lesson

Oregon’s Democratic governor was talking with reporters Thursday about getting Republican lawmakers, who are in the minority in both the state Senate and House, on board as bills go through the Legislature. Then she described a lesson she learned from her stepdaughter wanting a dog. Gov. Kate Brown, sitting at a conference table in her […]
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Oregon, Washington assess impacts of Trump’s emergency declaration, wall funding plan

Officials in Oregon and Washington are assessing the impacts of President Donald Trump’s declaration of a national emergency along the U.S.-Mexico border and his plan to fund a wall there. Trump plans to spend $8 billion on the border wall project. Much of the funding will come from diverting money from elsewhere through executive actions. […]
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Oregon bill looks to add multi-family dwellings to areas zoned for single-family homes 

A bill in the Oregon legislature could change the look of neighborhoods in single-family zoning areas. House Bill 2001 would require cities with more than 10,000 and counties with more than 15,000 to allow duplexes, triplexes, quadplexes and cottage clusters in areas currently zoned for single-family detached housing. Source: Oregon bill looks to add multi-family […]
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ODOT will conduct internal investigation into what could have prevented I-84 West closure

Traffic on Interstate 84 was moving smoothly through the Columbia River Gorge Thursday morning. It was a much different scene than Wednesday when snow and ice left drivers stuck and stranded on the interstate for nearly an entire day. Source: ODOT will conduct internal investigation into what could have prevented I-84 West closure

Oregon Gorge weather causes problems for Washington side

After snow and ice gridlocked Interstate 84 this week, drivers who couldn’t get by portions of the shut downed freeway headed across the river to Washington’s State Route 14, the main drag running along the Columbia River. Source: Oregon Gorge weather causes problems for Washington side

Oregon, Washington must restart Interstate Bridge project or owe feds $140 million

Oregon and Washington must restart a project to rebuild the Interstate Bridge over the Columbia River soon or they’ll owe the federal government $140 million. That’s according to a new report from Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson who calls the plan to overhaul the bridge a failure. Source: Oregon, Washington must restart Interstate Bridge […]
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