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Gov. Brown unveils earthquake survival plan

In Portland you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t know about the possibility of the Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake, also known as the “Big One.” “I have a kit in my basement. I think I’ve got 10 gallons of water, probably not enough,” said Portlander Adam Clegg. But at least he’s doing something […]
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Measure 104: Campaigns argue protecting tax deductions, maintaining working legislature

Measure 104 will require a super-majority vote to raise fees. A ballot measure that would expand which proposed legislation requires a supermajority to pass through the Oregon Legislature is arguably the wonkiest measure of this election cycle, but could have significant statewide implications. Measure 104 is backed in large part by the Oregon Association of […]
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Venomous brown widow spider spotted in Oregon for first time

Brown widow venom is similar to black widow venom, according to the Oregon Department of Agriculture. A venomous spider whose bites are “potentially medically significant” was spotted in Oregon for the first time last month. Source: Venomous brown widow spider spotted in Oregon for first time |

Should Oregon e-scooter riders be allowed to travel helmet-free?

This week, California made helmets optional for adults riding e-scooters. Should Oregon do the same? California’s governor on Wednesday signed a bill that changed the state’s e-scooter laws to make helmets optional. Kids are still required to wear them. The law matches the state’s helmet provisions for motorized bikes. Scooter company Bird, which also operates […]
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Should Oregon change the way it pays foster kids’ lawyers?

Lawyers who defend families in Oregon’s foster care system say the way they are paid leads to kids being separated from their parents longer than necessary. Source: Should Oregon change the way it pays foster kids’ lawyers?

Wildlife official emotionally defends cougar strategy: We have to ensure human safety

“Diana had people that loved her. There are people that are going to miss her. And we have every responsibility to make sure no other family is going to go through that,” said ODFW watershed manager Brian Wolfer. A spokesman for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife defended the agency’s strategy of killing a […]
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Help after a Pacific Northwest earthquake could take months

If a major earthquake hits a city in the Pacific Northwest, it could take weeks, “if not months” before help arrives, says FEMA. That’s why people should brace for the worst. When disaster strikes, we’ve come to rely on first responders to show up and bring the help we need. But officials say that help […]
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A foul fight: Oregon’s last resort to tackle polluters focuses on odors

Oregonians concerned about toxic air are filing complaints about smells, in a loophole last-chance effort to get the state to crack down on industrial sites. But does that let polluters who don’t create smelly fumes off the hook? Two days after Kris Kronkright moved to The Dalles in the picturesque Columbia River Gorge, she noticed […]
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New earthquake research shows where Northwest ‘Big One’ could strike

New research from the University of Oregon provides a clearer picture of where the “Big One” could strike along the Cascadia Subduction Zone. The fault running for more than 600 miles off the coast of Washington, Oregon, Northern California and Vancouver Island, Canada is more complex than first thought, according to research from the University […]
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Gov. Brown declares September ‘Recovery Month’

Oregon Governor Kate Brown has taken a new step to put the state’s epidemic of addiction in the spotlight. On Thursday, the governor signed a declaration making September “Recovery Month.” It’s just one more step toward making Oregon a “Recovery State.” Source: Gov. Brown declares September ‘Recovery Month’