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Oregon sees sharp increase in nonmedical exemptions for school vaccines

The Oregon Health Authority says they’ve seen an increase of parents submitting paperwork that will excuse them for vaccinating their children. Oregon has seen a sharp increase in the rate of parents choosing nonmedical exemptions to vaccines for their kindergarten-age children. The increase was seen in a recent state analysis by the Oregon Health Authority. […]
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MLB in Portland: What we know

Everything we know about the bid to bring Major League Baseball to Portland. The effort to bring Major League Baseball to the Rose City has made significant strides over the last few months, with each new announcement bringing first pitch closer to reality. This is what we know about the project, the stadium, the investors, […]
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Attorney General warns against price gouging amid Salem water warning

-Officials have received more than a dozen complaints so far and expect more as consumers become aware they can report the incidents.- The National Guard handed out free water at several locations to residents who can’t drink tap water in the Salem, Oregon, area contaminated by an algae bloom, and state law enforcement authorities are […]
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Oregon has one of shortest school years, lowest graduation rates in U.S.

Washington students go to school the equivalent of an entire school year longer than Oregon kids, due to Oregon’s shorter school years. What does that mean for graduation rates? Source: Oregon has one of shortest school years, lowest graduation rates in U.S.

Five things to know about Oregon’s income tax ‘kicker’ refund

State economists announced Wednesday that increasing state revenues likely will trigger Oregon’s “kicker” tax refund for the 2017-19 biennium. What is the kicker? Unique to Oregon, the kicker is technically a tax surplus credit, triggered when revenue for a two-year budget period exceeds projections by at least 2 percent. Voters approved a ballot measure creating […]
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Voter turnout in Oregon Primaries lowest in decades

Voter turnout in Oregon’s 2018 Primary Election was the lowest in decades. Source: Voter turnout in Oregon Primaries lowest in decades

High diesel levels found at construction sites, study says

Portland State University Professor Dr. Linda George and a team of researchers drove around Northwest Portland with a special air sampling device mounted on their car to test for diesel particulate matter. Source: High diesel levels found at construction sites, study says

State agency says odorous air in The Dalles is safe, despite resident complaints

A state report found air in The Dalles isn’t considered a chronic health risk, but the Oregon Health Authority said some residents could still have health problems because of the strong odors stemming from a creosote plant. Source: State agency says odorous air in The Dalles is safe, despite resident complaints

City, ODOT have yet to start crafting partnership on clearing homeless camps

More than a month after the Oregon legislature overwhelmingly approved an unprecedented bill designed to give the city of Portland jurisdiction to clear homeless camps off of ODOT land, representatives from both agencies confirm the first of many meetings needed to make that plan a reality has yet to happen. Source: City, ODOT have yet […]
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Don’t eat certain fish caught between Sellwood Bridge, Sauvie Island

The new advisory stretches for roughly 16 miles, from the Sauvie Island Bridge all the way to the Sellwood Bridge. Recent studies show some fish in the Willamette River near downtown Portland are more contaminated than previously thought. As a result, state health experts have expanded a health advisory for fish there. Not only are […]
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