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The need to remember: Highway 39 dedicated to fallen soldiers

Supporters from within and without the community gathered in Klamath Falls Saturday to dedicate Highway 39 to three members of the Evans family who died during or after military service overseas. David Lynn Evans and brother Norman Francis Evans were killed in Vietnam in 1968 and 1970, respectively, while David L. Evans, son of Norman […]
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U.S. First Amendment depends on the Second

The tragic deaths of 17 students in Parkland, Florida, is a grim reality we must all face. In addition to the tribulation, once again we hear the political rhetoric that guns are bad, therefore guns should be banned. The idea of keeping children safe while at school is one in which we all can agree. […]
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Commission to discuss temporary water right rule

A meeting to discuss a request for temporary water right rules in Klamath County for both humans and livestock will be conducted Friday by the Oregon Water Resources Commission, according to a news release. Source: Commission to discuss temporary water right rule

Water Resources Dept. has only itself to blame for its high legal costs | Guest Commentary |

On March 21, the Capital Press and the Herald and News reported “OWRD on track to overspend litigation budget.” In the article, Tom Byler, Director of Oregon Water Resources Department, said: “Since the lawsuits are generally initiated against OWRD, the agency doesn’t have control over the costs.” Mr. Byler’s comments deserve a response because, in […]
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State was tone-deaf on the location for its new DHS offices

If nothing else comes out of the DHS-Timbermill-KlamathWorks struggle, at least it should teach the state of Oregon how not to treat it residents and do better in the future. The story has been told over and over again, so we’ll skip most of it here. But surely someone connected with the Department of Human […]
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Covering the bill: Sky Lakes paid $48M for unreimbursed patient costs in 2016 

New numbers from the state show that more than 70 percent of community benefit costs hospitals incur come from unreimbursed Medicare or Medicaid expenses. The same goes for Sky Lakes Medical Center in Klamath Falls, and it has been that way for a while. Source: Covering the bill: Sky Lakes paid $48M for unreimbursed patient […]
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Oregon Tech board approves tuition increases; applauds student success rates 

Tuition increases and student success rates were among the topics discussed by the Oregon Institute of Technology board of trustees during a March 22 meeting at the school’s Portland-Metro campus in Wilsonville. Source: Oregon Tech board approves tuition increases; applauds student success rates | Local News |

Locals point to lack of public input in DHS site selection

Oregon’s Department of Human Services (DHS) and Department of Administrative Services (DAS) say that request for information processes were the public’s best bet for more comments on where to put future DHS office sites in Klamath Falls. Some, however, question the process and say this was not enough. Source: Locals point to lack of public […]
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Sea lions feast on fragile fish in US Northwest survival war 

The 700-pound sea lion blinked in the sun, sniffed the sea air and then lazily shifted to the edge of the truck bed and plopped onto the beach below. Freed from the cage that carried him to the ocean, the massive marine mammal shuffled into the surf, looked left, looked right and then started swimming […]
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A fighting chance for endangered sucker

Hatchery suckers released in Upper Klamath Lake. It isn’t easy being a Klamath Basin sucker. There has been a 75 percent decline in populations of two endangered Klamath Basin sucker species over the past two decades, and juvenile fish are not surviving beyond their first year of life, according to U.S. Fish and Wildlife. As […]
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