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Oregon dam removal complies with water quality

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has determined that removal of John C. Boyle Dam along the Klamath River in Oregon will comply with all water quality standards, limitations and restrictions set by Oregon water law and the federal Clean Water Act. A decision on a similar permit in regards to dams slated for removal […]
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High schools unprepared to protect athletes

You can add the name Jordan McNair to the list of college, high school and middle school players who might have needlessly died for the love of football. A simple, well-known procedure — immersing McNair, 19, in a tub of ice water — when he collapsed at an off-season University of Maryland workout in May […]
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Recreational use health advisory issued for Keno Dam Reservoir

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) issued a recreational use health advisory Thursday for Keno Dam Reservoir due to the presence of a cyanobacteria (harmful algae) bloom and the toxins they produce, according to a news release. Keno Dam Reservoir is approximately 12 miles southwest of Klamath Falls on Highway 66. The cyanotoxin concentrations found can […]
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Commissioners approve wood smoke reduction funding

Klamath County commissioners approved a request Tuesday morning to add $20,000 of Oregon Department of Environmental Quality funding to the Klamath Wood Smoke Reduction program. Source: Commissioners approve wood smoke reduction funding

Water for fish & wildlife, cash for irrigators

The Bureau of Reclamation has agreed to reimburse the Drought Response Agency for water given to the Tulelake National Wildlife Refuge and the Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge at a rate of $360 per acre feet of water. The terms and conditions for the rate are part of a 13-page contract that the 2018 Klamath […]
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Ins and outs of the marijuana black market

Editor’s note: This is part of an ongoing series of articles regarding the upcoming ballot measure to sell recreational cannabis in Klamath Falls. The illegal marijuana black market is alive and well in Klamath County, according to both officials in the Klamath County Sheriff’s Office and proponents of commercial recreational marijuana legalization like businessman Ed […]
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COCC redistricting in Lake County under consideration

A public hearing is set at North Lake School District in Silver Lake to consider removing northern Lake County from the Service District of Central Oregon Community College (COCC). The petition claims there’s a lack of student demand in the northern part of the county for the school, hence it should not have to pay […]
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‘Active’ management wrong answer trying to stop big wildfires

With the Taylor and Klondike fires growing, there are continuous comments, including from Congressman Walden and our Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke, that if we only did “active” forest management these kinds of blazes could be reduced in size or even precluded. The science does not support such assertions. Source: ‘Active’ management wrong answer trying […]
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Watson Creek and Stone fires expand and threaten homes

A busy fire season once again in the western United States has filled the region with smoke, but much of the damage has been from fires afar until now. New blazes in Lake and Modoc counties have rapidly expanded to encompass thousands of acres and are now threatening homes. A public meeting was held in […]
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Mikkelsen continues water talks; details remain vague

Twenty years ago, if someone had asked Alan Mikkelsen if he would climb Mount Everest, he said he might have packed his backpack. But not now, Mikkelsen, who serves as the senior advisor to U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke on water and western resources, told the Herald and News on Monday afternoon. In […]
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