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Strike team prepared for lightning strikes in Southern Oregon

Fire crews in the Southern Oregon region are prepared as a fire weather warning is in effect with possible lightning strikes in the area. “When we heard that we had a high probability of thunderstorms coming in, we brought down a strike team that is composed of five wildland fire engines from Oregon Department of […]
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Wearing a mask while training indoors: Athletic Director shares his take

High school athletes who are training indoors will now be required to wear a face-covering per the latest requirements mandated by Oregon Governor, Kate Brown. A local athletic director said there are ways to make this work for practice but is concerned that it is not feasible for games. Source: Wearing a mask while training […]
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Local families excited to visit loved ones in senior living facilities

As of yesterday, the Oregon Department of Health Services announced that senior living facilities across the state can now allow visitors to see their loved ones outdoors. Source: Local families excited to visit loved ones in senior living facilities | KTVL

How fewer wildfires are driving efforts to restore the Blue Rock Meadow

No smoke and great air quality–The lack of wildfires so far this season has been great news in the middle of the pandemic. However, the lack of wildfires has actually led to a group effort to restore the Blue Rock Meadow east of Butte Falls. According to Meghan Dugan, a spokeswoman for Oregon Fish and […]
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Medford region 1 of 2 with OLCC violations found in state-wide inspection to curb COVID

Over the 4th of July weekend, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) visited bars and restaurants across the state looking for violations pertaining to social distancing and mask requirements as well as general OLCC guidelines. According to a press release sent by the department, inspectors made 48 visits in the Medford region comprising Coos, Curry, […]
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Oregon OSHA receives 750 COVID-related complaints over 4th of July weekend

The Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Administration said it received approximately 750 COVID-19 related complaints over the Fourth of July weekend. Aaron Corvin, Public Information Officer for Oregon OSHA, said most of the complaints were about the mask mandate that went into effect on July 1st. “When we take a sample of that, roughly about […]
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A Stormy June has helped slow the fire season but those winds are shifting

We’ve been lucky across Southern Oregon and Northern California with numerous storm systems in the month of June that helped slow the looming fire threat. However, officials warn a big pattern change in the month of July poses a critical fire threat for the months of July through September. Source: A Stormy June has helped […]
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Oregon Outdoors: Tiger King of Diamond Lake

Tiger, tiger, overtake Angler effort in this lake? What immortal hook and net Can claim their striped symmetry? The answer could be William Blake, if he knew where on the south end of Diamond Lake to catch stocked tiger trout that are bending rods and amending angler interests at this Southern Oregon rainbow trout lake. […]
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Controversy over Latgawa tribe brought up as county discusses ‘Dead Indian’ landmarks

“Why replace one controversial name with another? ” According to Jackson County Commissioner, Rick Dyer, this is–in essence–the comment Jackson County Commissioners will return to the Oregon Geographic Names Board regarding potential name changes of three local landmarks bearing “Dead Indian” in their names. Commissioners discussed how to respond to theGeographic Names Board during a […]
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Oregon DMV to take a pause on appointment requests

The Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles is taking a temporary pause on accepting appointments in order to update the appointment request method.” As of July sixth, we’re going to have this new tool available at, so you’ll just go in and set your appointment yourself,” said David House, Spokesman for Oregon Department of Motor […]
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