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OSU study: Saving endangered species brings big benefits

Survey finds NW residents put big value on effort. A new study provides evidence that increasing the abundance of a threatened or endangered species can deliver large benefits to the citizens of the Pacific Northwest. Source: OSU study: Saving endangered species brings big benefits – KTVZ

New Oregon law enacts statewide drug take-back program

To be funded, managed by prescription drug makers. Oregon has joined five other states with a new law that requires prescription drug manufacturers to pay for and run a statewide drug take-back program. Source: New Oregon law enacts statewide drug take-back program – KTVZ

Poll: Majority of Oregonians may back health care tax

Even if 2X income tax – if it replaces premiums. A new statewide poll says a majority of Oregon voters would consider paying a new health care tax more than twice as large as their income tax — if it replaced their health care premiums and other health care expenses. Source: Poll: Majority of Oregonians […]
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Oregon, other states challenge ‘public charge rule’

Gov. Brown: ‘We won’t stand for it in Oregon’. Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum and Gov. Kate Brown joined four other states Friday in filing a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California challenging the Department of Homeland Security’s “Public Charge Rule.” The lawsuit claims the rule targets working immigrants and their families who are in the […]
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Special Colo. plane helps Oregon catch fire starts small

With over 14,000 lightning strikes recorded as thunderstorms swept across Oregon between August 4 and 12, firefighters suppressed 88 lightning fires on lands protected by the Oregon Department of Forestry. As lightning fires often start in remote areas, ODF also used specialty aircraft to aid in early detection efforts, including a special plane from Colorado. Source: Special […]
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CDC awards Oregon $3 million to fight opioid epidemic

As part of its continued efforts to combat the opioid epidemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has awarded the Oregon Health Authority’s Public Health Division more than $3 million to help advance understanding and improve prevention and response activities regarding the opioid crisis, Rep. Greg Walden, R-Ore., said Tuesday. Source: CDC awards Oregon $3 million […]
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OHA details impacts of ‘public charge’ rule change in Oregon

On Monday, the Trump administration announced a new rule that could make it harder for some immigrants who rely on certain government benefit programs to obtain lawful permanent residency if they are found to be a public charge.  The Oregon Health Authority issued a statement Tuesday on the impacts of the rule change, which continues […]
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Oregon DMV unable to provide knowledge tests

Oregon DMV said it was unable to provide knowledge tests for driver permit and licensing Monday. Source: Oregon DMV unable to provide knowledge tests

BNSF freight train derails, spills diesel north of Madras

An 80-car freight train struck two large boulders that fell onto the BNSF Railway tracks in a remote area about 20 miles north of Madras early Monday, causing five locomotives and a rail car to derail, closing the line, spilling 4,000 gallons of diesel fuel near Trout Creek and bringing out emergency crews. Source: BNSF […]
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Oregon hunter ban on deer/elk urine scent begins Jan. 1

The 2019 Oregon Legislature has passed a bill that bans the possession and use of deer and elk urine scent lures that contain or are derived from any cervid urine beginning Jan. 1, 2020. Source: Oregon hunter ban on deer/elk urine scent begins Jan. 1