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Report: Economic Benefits Of Cap And Trade Will Outweigh The Costs In Oregon

A new economic report finds Oregon’s proposed cap-and-trade plan would create thousands of jobs and boost household income while creating only modest increases in energy prices. Moreover, the report concludes, the more aggressive interim cap on greenhouse gas emissions proposed for 2035 would create even more economic benefits than a more gradual decline in emissions […]
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Washington may rope in ranchers to fight rural wildfires — as Oregon and Idaho already do

Washington state may soon copy a rural wildfire fighting strategy that Oregon, Idaho and Nevada already employ: letting private ranchers attack range fires before the blazes get big. Ranchers in remote corners of the West have formed all-volunteer crews and gotten permission to fight range fires when professional firefighters are far away. These “neighbors-helping-neighbors” provide […]
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Otter Fans Float Plan To Bring Sea Otters Back To Oregon Coast

It’s been more than a century since sea otters were hunted to near extinction along the U.S. West Coast. The cute animals were successfully reintroduced along the Washington, British Columbia and California coasts, but an attempt to bring them back to Oregon in the early 1970s failed. Source: KUOW – Otter Fans Float Plan To […]
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Sanctuary Cities For Gun Rights? Oregon Militias Try New Political Tactic

Gun rights groups are pursuing a new strategy in 10 Oregon counties that takes a cue from an unlikely source: progressive policymakers. A new kind of gun law is on the ballot in 10 Oregon counties this year. The so-called “Second Amendment Preservation Ordinances” would give those county sheriffs the authority to determine if state […]
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Judge Blocks Controversial Plan To Spay Wild Mares In Oregon

A federal judge has blocked the Bureau of Land Management from moving forward with a controversial plan to spay wild mares in Hines, Oregon. U.S. District Court Judge Michael W. Mosman issued a preliminary injunction Friday that effectively stops the BLM from surgically removing the ovaries of wild mares located in the Warm Springs Management […]
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Are you ‘two weeks ready’ for post-earthquake survival? Washington and Oregon say you should be

The state of Oregon has set an ambitious goal to prepare more families in earthquake country to be “two weeks ready” after a disaster. Washington’s emergency management agency is also seeking more funding to prepare people in a similar way. In a newly released earthquake resilience plan, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown’s office set a goal […]
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Your word of the day is ‘torrefaction.’ First-of-its kind plant to open in eastern Oregon

Construction begins soon in eastern Oregon for the first commercial-scale “torrefaction” facility in the country. If you don’t know what that word means, you’re in good company. But the process itself isn’t all that exotic. “You’re actually very familiar with torrefaction,” said Wayne Lei, the chief technical officer for the company Oregon Torrefaction. “All coffee […]
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How A Fight Over Unions Could Change The Direction Of Oregon Politics

When the U.S. Supreme Court obliterated mandatory union dues in late June, the Freedom Foundation was ready. For years, leaders of the conservative, Olympia-based nonprofit dreamed of a tool to kneecap the public-sector unions that champion Democratic candidates and liberal causes in Oregon. Suddenly it had arrived. Source: How A Fight Over Unions Could Change […]
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Oregon Prison Must Continue Allowing Access to ICE Detainees, Judge Rules

A federal detention facility in Sheridan, Oregon, must continue to open its doors to attorneys representing dozens of immigrant detainees, a judge ruled Monday. In a hearing at the federal courthouse in downtown Portland, U.S. District Court Judge Michael Simon granted a request to impose a preliminary injunction on prison officials in Sheridan. The order requires […]
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Oregon Voters Could Decide To Make It Harder For Legislature To Raise Revenue

With rising pension and health care costs, the state of Oregon is facing a likely budget shortfall. One ballot measure this November could give voters significant influence over how lawmakers find money to fund the state’s school and fix the roads. Source: Oregon Voters Could Decide To Make It Harder For Legislature To Raise Revenue