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Oregon Voters Could Decide To Make It Harder For Legislature To Raise Revenue

With rising pension and health care costs, the state of Oregon is facing a likely budget shortfall. One ballot measure this November could give voters significant influence over how lawmakers find money to fund the state’s school and fix the roads. Source: Oregon Voters Could Decide To Make It Harder For Legislature To Raise Revenue

‘OPB Politics Now’: The Collision Of Politics And Criminal Justice

Oregon’s attorney general is joining yet another lawsuit against the Trump administration, this time over the family separation policy. On this week’s “OPB Politics Now,” OPB news director Anna Griffin talks to OPB reporters Conrad Wilson and Jeff Mapes about what happens politically when a Democratic-led state government becomes part of the resistance and the potential disaster […]
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Wasco County District Attorney Suspended For Lying to Investigators

Wasco County’s top prosecutor lied to investigators looking into whether he’d improperly investigated a county official, and should be suspended from practicing law for a month, a trial panel has found. The panel of Oregon’s Disciplinary Board ruled this month that District Attorney Eric Nisley lied when he claimed he hadn’t made Wasco County’s finance […]
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Government Employees File Suit To Destabilize Oregon Union Payments 

Days before a landmark Supreme Court decision is expected, Oregonians are launching an attack on a large public employee union. Source: Government Employees File Suit To Destabilize Oregon Union Payments | KUOW News and Information

Josephine County Suffers Setback In Its Cannabis Crackdown

Josephine County officials have suffered a setback in an ongoing effort to crack down on cannabis grows in the county — but a far weightier fight is still in play. On Wednesday, the Oregon Court of Appeals affirmed an opinion by state officials that the southern Oregon county hadn’t provided adequate notice last year when […]
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‘OPB Politics Now’: Follow The Money

It was a big week for tax news at the state Capitol. On “OPB Politics Now” podcast, OPB political reporters Jeff Mapes and Dirk VanderHart, along with Hillary Borrud of The Oregonian/OregonLive, bring you inside the special session on a business tax break. And we talk about why Oregon income taxpayers might be getting another […]
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Ethics Commission Shouldn’t Opine On Oregon Special Session, Director Says

Republicans angered by this week’s special Oregon legislative session have accused Gov. Kate Brown of playing politics in an election year. State ethics officials probably won’t wade into whether that’s true. Source: Ethics Commission Shouldn’t Opine On Oregon Special Session, Director Says

To Pass An Unpopular Tax Break, Kate Brown Used Political Heft and The Telephone

Leading up to Monday’s special legislative session, Gov. Kate Brown worked the phones. On Friday afternoon, she connected with House GOP Leader Mike McLane at his law firm in Bend. She wanted to know if Republicans were willing to suspend legislative rules, a key procedural move to ensure the emergency session wouldn’t drag on. Source: […]
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Meet The Companies Testing Self-Driving Vehicles In The Pacific Northwest

Seven different companies have notified Washington’s Department of Licensing that they plan to test self-driving vehicles on roads in the state. Oregon transportation officials have gotten notifications from two other companies. A mixture of big tech companies and startups are expanding test programs to the Pacific Northwest. The list includes Waymo, NVIDIA, Intel and Torc […]
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Oregon’s Closest Primary Race Could Take Time To Find A Winner

Oregon’s closest legislative primary race won’t be settled until early June. In Deschutes County’s House District 53, Redmond real estate agent Jack Zika leads conservative activist Ben Schimmoller by just 11 votes in the Republican primary held on May 15. Source: Oregon’s Closest Primary Race Could Take Time To Find A Winner | KUOW News […]
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