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HB 2001 is a huge win – will LO take advantage?

Will Lake Oswego homeowners be on the right side of history in celebrating this reform? Source: HB 2001 is a huge win – will LO take advantage?

Brown reflects on 2019 session during Lake Oswego appearance

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown made a brief visit to Lake Oswego last week when she stopped by a monthly gathering of the Willamette Women Democrats Sept. 12 to talk about what state lawmakers were able to accomplish in 2019 and what’s on the horizon. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Brown reflects on 2019 session during […]
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History Connection: Who is Boones Ferry Road named after?

Ferry Road, the Boones Ferry, Boone Bridge — many of us assumed they were named for Colonel Daniel Boone. Not the case. Colonel Boone never came to Oregon. But his grandson, Alphonso Sr., came across the Oregon Trail in 1846 with his family. Alphonso Sr. and his son Jesse Jr. built the ferry across the […]
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‘There are two Oregons right by each other.’

-Walidah Imarisha speaks on racism’s variety of forms in Oregon and lasting implications- Imarisha, an acclaimed author and speaker on Oregon Black history, shared her studies at Marylhurst University July 23 in a talk titled ‘Why Aren’t There More Black People in Oregon: A Hidden History.’ Source: ‘There are two Oregons right by each other.’

Supreme Court says Oswego Lake ordinance will need review

-Court rules that access to lake from city-owned property not guaranteed, but cities must be ‘objectively reasonable’- A 2012 Lake Oswego ordinance prohibiting the public from entering Oswego Lake or launching boats from city-owned waterfront parks will have to be reviewed following an Oregon Supreme Court ruling Thursday. Source: Supreme Court says Oswego Lake ordinance […]
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Salinas looks back on eventful legislative session

Lake Oswego Democrat shoulders heavy load in chairing House Committee on Health Care. State Representative Andrea Salinas looks at this year’s legislative session through two lenses — the first is personally, through her own work as an individual legislator; the second as a member of the House Democratic Caucus. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Salinas […]
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Rep. Salinas aims to protect drinking water

House Rep. Andrea Salinas, D-Lake Oswego, wants to start a conversation about the health of watersheds across the state that supply our communities with drinking water. Source: Rep. Salinas aims to protect drinking water

Adi’s Act: State invests to save students’ lives

A handful of bills making their way through the Legislature changes the way Oregon deals with suicide-prevention Source: Adi’s Act: State invests to save students’ lives

Kotek says schools, housing among her top priorities

House Speaker tells Willamette Women Democrats that Oregon will be a ‘beacon of hope’ Source: Kotek says schools, housing among her top priorities

Complaint alleges city of Lake Oswego violated state elections law

Allegation involves a column written for a city newsletter by Mayor Kent Studebaker. An election complaint filed against the city of Lake Oswego claims the city violated state law when it published a column by Mayor Kent Studebaker about potential upcoming bond measures in the August edition of Hello LO. Source: Pamplin Media Group – […]
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