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Rogue Community College plans some in-person classes for tech programs

Rogue Community College plans to hold some in-person classes for its technical programs this fall after a spring and summer spent entirely online. Source: Rogue Community College plans some in-person classes for tech programs | Mail Tribune

New COVID-19 cases push Jackson County past 500 mark Thursday

Jackson County Public Health reported 15 new cases of COVID-19 Thursday, pushing the local case total to 514 since the pandemic began. Source: New COVID-19 cases push Jackson County past 500 mark Thursday

State should let localities spend COVID funds

The Legislature opened and closed its special session to balance the budget Monday, but took no action on releasing more of the federal Coronavirus Relief Fund money the state received on behalf of local governments. Legislative leaders should move quickly to send the rest of that money to local jurisdictions who can put it to […]
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Rogue Pack blamed for two more livestock kills near Fort Klamath

Three more livestock kills by wolves in the Fort Klamath area have been pinned on the Rogue Pack, after three other cattle were killed in July in the same area. An 850-pound yearling steer was found injured in a 160-acre private-land grass pasture, ODFW reported Wednesday, but due to its deteriorating condition the animal was […]
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Free fishing weekend set for Saturday, Sunday

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife announced earlier this week it will not require fishing tags or licenses for anglers on Saturday or Sunday. The second Free Fishing Weekend of the year — a third will take place in November — means no fishing licenses or tags (including a Combined Angling Tag or Columbia […]
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Ruling likely dooms nonpartisan redistricting

The U.S. Supreme Court’s emergency stay Tuesday probably dooms an effort to put a measure on the November ballot to create a nonpartisan redistricting commission. And that means there will be no chance of changing the rules until the next federal Census in 2030. Backers of the change want to amend the Oregon Constitution to […]
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This is why we can’t have nice things

We have a suggestion for the beleaguered Crater Lake National Park staff trying to cope with unspeakably rude visitors whose illegal activities are threatening the clarity of the lake’s world-renowned beauty and cleanliness. Just shut it down. Access to the water’s edge, that is. Allow visitors to gaze down from the rim, take all the […]
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Cuts, reserve funds help lawmakers balance Oregon budget

Oregon lawmakers cut hundreds of millions of dollars from state agencies and tapped emergency reserves to help plug a $1 billion budget deficit due to COVID-19 shutdowns and also further restricted police choke holds during a testy, day-long special session. Some leading lawmakers had hoped to focus the special session, which began Monday and adjourned […]
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More vehicles struck by bullets on I-5

At least two more vehicles have been struck by bullets while traveling on Interstate 5 in Southern Oregon, adding to a list of incidents that have occurred since mid-May. Six incidents that were reported previously occurred somewhere between mileposts 67 and 100, according to Oregon State Police Capt. Tim Fox. At least one of the […]
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Take the deer, skip the Dan’l Boone cap

Q: If I hit a deer or a raccoon with my car at night and it is alive but injured, what is the correct procedure? Is there a phone number to call? A: Well, Max, if you’ve got a taste for grilled raccoon, you’re out of luck. Oregon’s roadkill salvage laws don’t take into account […]
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