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Time for a new jail?

Following a two-day audit, consultants hired through a U.S. Department of Justice agency have confirmed what many local crime watchers already believe: The Jackson County Jail is too small. The consultants said the jail’s capacity and outdated design are causing a bottleneck within the local criminal justice system. Source: Time for a new jail?

Since You Asked: ‘Dreamers’ face high hurdles to become U.S. citizens

Q: Why don’t the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals recipients get American citizenship the regular way instead of relying on DACA to rescue them? A: Young people brought to the country illegally as children face many roadblocks if they try to become American citizens. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program created by President Barrack […]
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Bipartisan bill asks $100 million for prevention, trimming

As wildfires rage across California and the West, Democratic and Republican senators have joined forces to help rural communities better prepare for and prevent catastrophic wildfires. A bill introduced Thursday by senators from three Northwestern states — including Democrat Ron Wyden of Oregon — would authorize more than $100 million to help at-risk communities prevent […]
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Medford School District outsources its substitutes

The Medford School District is outsourcing its substitute teachers and classified staff to a private company based in Beaverton. The board voted 5-1 in May to give a substitute service called EMS Sub Desk a three-year contract of at least $1.5 million to recruit, train, hire and schedule its substitutes, meeting minutes show. According to […]
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Hunting, fishing license fees are going up

Oregonians will be paying more to hunt and fish in 2018 under a round of license fee increases that have been in the pipeline since 2015.The cost of a hunting license will increase by $1.50 to $33.50 and the annual fishing license will increase by $3 to $41, according to the Oregon Department of Fish […]
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Editorial: Weighing the risk of gridiron glory

It’s fall, and the pursuit of gridiron glory is in full swing. Football is as much a part of the season as falling leaves and frosty mornings. But America’s beloved autumn contests now come with a price, and that is increasingly recognized as threatening the long-term health of players, especially children playing youth football. The […]
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Use more restrictions to deal with especially dangerous pedophiles | Editorials |

When it comes to crimes, there are probably none more detestable than those against children. They ruin lives and leave emotional scars that rob victims of their innocence and can last a lifetime. Kids deserve better and so do their families. So it’s understandable that the news that a “level 3” sex offender has served […]
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Biologists spend nights hazing wolves to deter livestock kills

Blaring sounds from a car horn rattle the nighttime calm. Beacons of light sporadically sweep across otherwise invisible fields. A bonfire, large enough to roast 1,000 marshmallows, throws flames into the blackness. Every 20 or 30 minutes, Tom Collom pulls what looks like an old-fashioned television antenna and radio from his pickup, then slowly revolves […]
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Medford airport looks to woo another airline

Airport directors never quite escape the fray, performing a delicate dance of enticing — and retaining — airlines, keeping passengers happy and obliging security folks. Medford Airport Director Bern Case and his regional airport peers are meeting in Pasco, Washington, this week for what some in the industry refer to as speed-dating with airlines. It’s a […]
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Editorial: Logos consulting contract raises red flags

The Medford School District wants to know whether any ethics rules were violated when Logos Public Charter School signed a consulting contract with its former director. So do we. Source: Editorial: Logos consulting contract raises red flags