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State Ag Director assesses Southern Oregon

On a patio overlooking a barbera vineyard off Dark Hollow Road, the state’s highest agriculture officer took note of issues facing local wine growers. While smoke-filled summers remains a burning issue, Oregon Agriculture Director Alexis Taylor heard how herbicide and pesticide drift from neighboring properties can damage vineyards, about the perils of red blotch disease, […]
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That’s just pollution, not smoke, in the air

The haze in the hills that wreathe the Rogue Valley is primarily from pollutants such as car exhaust and smoke from wood stoves and prescribed burns trapped by an inversion, and not from wildfire smoke, weather officials said. The last three days have seen “pretty strong” inversions, meteorologist Shad Keene said, citing a 20-degree average […]
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Klondike fire update

“It’s just not over until it’s over,” Klondike fire public information officer Kale Casey said of the surprising flareup Sunday on the northwest corner of the 172,287 acre blaze burning toward Agness. Now, with more than 5,000 acres of new fire growth on the wrong side of primary containment lines, fire crews are scrambling around […]
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ROSEBUD ORIGINAL VIDEO: Effects of Smoke on Wildlife

Oregonians have been dealing with wildfires ever since humans first settled in the Pacific Northwest. Recently the fires have been so bad that 2018 saw the lowest recorded air quality in the region. Professor Stewart Janes, a professor of biology and conservationist at Southern Oregon University, attributes the intensity of the fires to an increasing […]
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County buys land for a new jail

The Jackson County Board of Commissioners unanimously authorized $6.56 million from the county’s general fund today to purchase more than 47 acres of property near the sheriff’s office for the next jail. “I think we got a really good purchase,” County Administrator Danny Jordan said. “It’s zoned properly, there’s not residential, they’re not going to […]
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ROSEBUD Original Video: Wildfire Wine

Wildfires are now a forest management priority, especially in Southern Oregon and Northern California. Many businesses feel the impact of seasonal fires. That’s true for the local wine industry. Old 99 is a retail wine and beer shop in front of the SOS pear factory in South Medford. Retail clerk Nic VanLoan is exposed to […]
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Diners didn’t want their meals smoked

During this summer’s wildfire smoke siege, the base of potential diners for Ashland’s Greenleaf Restaurant was “halved,” cutting sales by roughly a hefty 50 percent and making their creekside dining a place customers didn’t want to go. “It turned summer into something like you’d see in September or October,” says Manager Charlie Bass. “No one […]
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ROSEBUD ORIGINAL VIDEO: Gov. Kate Brown and climate change

Rosebud Media met with Oregon Governor Kate Brown to talk about the issues that are most important to young people. Climate Change is historically important to young voters. With wildfires engulfing Oregon on a yearly basis, many candidates are making the issue a key point for their campaigns. Wildfires have threatened and destroyed hundreds of […]
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Sanctuary law in the cross-hairs

Oregonians will decide Nov. 6 whether they want to remain a sanctuary state. Ballot Measure 105, a statewide initiative, would strike an Oregon law that since 1987 has prevented local and state law enforcement agencies from arresting people suspected only of violating federal immigration law. Source: Sanctuary law in the cross-hairs | Mail Tribune

Life expectancy varies widely by neighborhood

People living in the wealthier parts of Medford and Ashland can expect to live almost 20 years longer than those living in central Medford next to I-5. The neighborhood running along the interstate in downtown Medford has an average life expectancy at birth of only 66.2 years the worst in Oregon, according to a new […]
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