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Oregon among world’s fastest tree growing areas

Oregon is one of the world’s great tree-growing areas. The state’s soils and climate provide ideal conditions to grow such commercially viable species as Douglas fir and ponderosa pine. Forests cover more than 30 million of Oregon’s 62 million acres – almost half of the state’s landmass. Source: Natural Resource Report

2019 Legislature and landowner rights

At long last, the 2019 Oregon Legislature adjourned on June 30. The session was dominated by big issues – taxes, climate change, rent control, criminal law etc. and cooperation between legislators was almost non-existent. But despite emotions, high drama, and big issues, a number of land use/property bills were able to get through the legislative […]
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Feeding bears is STILL illegal

ODFW and Oregon State Police (OSP) are reminding residents in the Florence and Dune City communities that knowingly feeding bears is against Oregon state law (ORS 496.730) and can lead to habituated bears that become a human safety threat. Unintentionally fed bears can lead to the same problem. Source: Natural Resource Report

Wood jobs still vital to Oregon

Once Oregon’s largest manufacturing industry, employment in the wood product manufacturing industry has gone through large, well-publicized losses since the early 1990s, with its employment dropping below computer and electronic manufacturing and food manufacturing. Source: Wood jobs still vital to Oregon – Natural Resource Report

Natural Resource Report

We are highlighting the remarkable women and organizations who are creating a positive future for Oregon agriculture. In 2019, Oregon Women for Agriculture celebrates their 50th anniversary, while Oregon Dairy Women celebrates 60 years. In addition, Oregon Cattle Women turns 66. Source: Natural Resource Report

Grande Ronde Tribe Invests in Youth

Children, from the Grand Ronde Chinuk Wawa language class, cluster around raised beds at the native plant nursery. Jeremy Ojua, nursery supervisor, asks students “who knows what camas is”? About half the students wave raised hands. The students have been here before. And they will be here again. It’s all part of Ojua’s plan. He […]
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Natural Resource Report

Someone has done the calculations, and it turns out that Oregon is responsible for 0.14 percent of the world’s carbon emissions. This means that 99.86 percent comes from outside of our little slice of the Pacific Northwest. Oregon is abundant in natural resources. Timber, food and nursery production reign. It is no accident that we […]
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Oregon Environmental Protection Act Goes To Governor

President Trump has reduced environmental regulations since taking office in January 2017, but several Oregon lawmakers are trying to reverse it. Instead, they passed legislation known as the Oregon Environmental Protection Act that directs state environmental agencies to review federal laws—the Clean Air Act, Water Pollution Control Act and Safe Drinking Water Act. Source: Natural […]
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Rep. Sprenger’s plan to revive steelhead fish in our rivers

Rep. Sherrie Sprenger, R. HD 17, currently serves on eight, count them, eight committees this during the 2019 Oregon Legislative Session – almost as many committees as years she’s been an elected legislator. Her strong work ethic serves her well as she is a chief sponsor of HB 3016 that will appropriate dollars to Department […]
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Legislature debut bad for farmers

The 2017 Legislative Session officially kicks off today. The even year “long” session is slated to run through early July. But with a $1.7 billion budget shortfall to deal with, there has already been talk of a Special Session after that. Source: Legislature debut bad for farmers – Natural Resource Report