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Judge Denies Oregon’s Request For Restraining Order Against Federal Officers : Live Updates: Protests For Racial Justice

A federal judge on Friday denied the Oregon attorney general’s request for a temporary restraining order against certain actions by federal authorities in Portland, saying the state lacked the legal standing to seek that relief. Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum filed a lawsuit on July 17 against the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. […]
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Oregon Sues Federal Agencies For Grabbing Up Protesters On Portland Streets : NPR

Protests in Portland, Ore., continued through early Sunday morning, following the Oregon Department of Justice’s announcement it would be suing several federal agencies for civil rights abuses in the state. Demonstrations have taken place in the city for weeks following the police killing of George Floyd in May. Source: Oregon Sues Federal Agencies For Grabbing […]
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After Moving For Pandemic, Homeless In Southern Oregon Told To Relocate Again : Coronavirus Live Updates

Fears over spreading the coronavirus have forced some homeless shelters around the country to close or limit their capacity. In rural Southern Oregon, civic leaders told those in need to camp in the nearby woods. Now with wildfire season around the corner, law enforcement is relocating homeless people again. That’s what brings a grant-funded team […]
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ICE: Foreign Students Must Leave The U.S. If Their Colleges Go Online-Only This Fall

New federal rules will prohibit international students from completing fully online courses of study while in the U.S. Monday’s announcement comes as more colleges release their plans for the fall. Foreign students attending U.S. colleges that will operate entirely online this fall semester cannot remain in the country to do so, according to new regulations […]
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As States Reopen, Do They Have Enough Staff To Do Contact Tracing?

NPR surveyed all 50 states to find out how many people they have doing contact tracing — one of the essential tools for keeping outbreaks from flaring up. Look up your state to see how it’s doing. An NPR survey of state health departments shows that the national coronavirus contact tracing workforce has tripled in […]
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Why Oregon Governor Has Put County Reopenings On Hold

NPR’s Ari Shapiro speaks with Patrick Allen, a director of the Oregon Health Authority, about the spike in coronavirus cases and how it might affect relaxing restrictions. Source: Why Oregon Governor Has Put County Reopenings On Hold : NPR

States Face Wave Of Environmental Waiver Requests

The EPA does not require companies to notify federal regulators if the pandemic interferes with pollution monitoring or reporting. That leaves states alone on the front lines of pollution control. Some of the country’s most polluting industries have flooded state regulators with requests to ease environmental regulations, according to an NPR review of hundreds of […]
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Universities And Colleges Plan For Fall Term Amid Uncertainty

Colleges and universities in Oregon are still unsure what their fall terms will look like amid the ongoing uncertainties caused by the coronavirus. Source: Universities And Colleges Plan For Fall Term Amid Uncertainty | KLCC

How Some Countries Brought New Coronavirus Cases Down To Nearly Zero

It’s a diverse mix of places — New Zealand, Vietnam, Germany, Costa Rica. We look at the keys to their success in controlling the coronavirus. Over the past month, Hong Kong has averaged one new confirmed coronavirus case a day. Taiwan has reported only one case in the past three weeks. The situation is similar […]
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Nursing Homes Concerned About Accepting COVID-19 Patients From Hospitals 

In some parts of the U.S., the desperate need to slow the spread of the coronavirus is coming into conflict with the scramble to find more hospital beds. Nursing homes have been the sites of some of the earliest — and deadliest — outbreaks of COVID-19. Some people who run such facilities are understandably leery […]
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