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Oregon Law Meant To Help Mentally Ill Has Ended Up Putting More Of Them On The Street

Oregon’s new law designed to direct suspects with a mental illness to a state hospital is leaving some behind. Those charged with misdemeanors don’t always qualify. That’s raised some alarms. Source: Oregon Law Meant To Help Mentally Ill Has Ended Up Putting More Of Them On The Street

California, 22 Other States Sue Trump Administration Over Emissions Standards

State Library Ed. Note: Oregon is among the states involved in the lawsuit. Just two days after the Trump administration revoked California’s right to set its own emissions standards for automobiles, the state has fired back. California, 22 other states and several major cities filed a lawsuit in federal court Friday against the National Highway […]
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Some States With Legal Weed Embrace Vaping Bans, Warn Of Black Market Risks

Many cases of vaping-related injury seem to involve THC, health officials say. That’s led some states to take another look at the safety of the regulated cannabis market, as well as the black market. Around Washington state, cannabis shops are being required to hang signs warning customers of “severe lung injuries” and “deaths” associated with […]
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Oregon researchers hope pumping oxygen into warming lakes can save fish species

You’d never suspect it on a whisper-still morning, with the mountains and marsh reflecting off the water, but Upper Klamath Lake in southern Oregon is a tough place to be a fish. The shortnose and Lost River suckers provide a case in point. Source: Oregon researchers hope pumping oxygen into warming lakes can save fish […]
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Vaping-Related Lung Illness: CDC Says Number Of Possible Cases Has Doubled

The CDC says it is probing 450 reported cases of illness in people who vaped nicotine or cannabis products. Health officials say it’s too soon to pinpoint a single product or substance as the cause. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday that the number of possible cases of severe respiratory illnesses among […]
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California Tries Again To Make Medication Abortions Available At Its Colleges

A proposed state law would require on-campus health centers to provide students with the medicines that allow them to end an unwanted pregnancy. Former Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed a similar bill last year. When Jessy Rosales was a sophomore at the University of California-Riverside, she had a boyfriend and was taking birth control pills. Then, […]
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Trump Administration Reverses Energy-Efficiency Standards For Lightbulbs 

The standards were set to go into effect in January and gradually phase out incandescent and halogen bulbs used for items such as bathroom vanities, recessed lighting and candle-shape lights. The Trump administration is rolling back requirements for new, energy-efficient lightbulbs. The Energy Department announced the move on Wednesday, withdrawing standards that were to be […]
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Fewer U.S. Households Are Going Hungry. But Cuts In Food Aid Loom

Some 14 million U.S. households are struggling to get enough to eat — a return to pre-recession levels. The USDA data comes as the Trump administration proposes tightening eligibility for food aid. Millions of families in the U.S. struggled to get enough food to eat last year, but conditions appear to be getting better as […]
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Some Rural Hospitals Overcome Recruitment Challenges

Recruiting doctors to come to work in rural hospitals has always been a challenge, especially in a hot job market. But some hospitals in remote areas are finding ways to lure much-needed talent. In the central Idaho community of Arco, where Lost Rivers Medical Center is located, the elk and bear outnumber the human population […]
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California’s Largest Legal Weed Farms Face Conflict In Wine Country

What makes California great wine country also makes it great for growing marijuana. Santa Barbara County has some of the nation’s biggest legal pot farms, which leads to conflicts with other farmers. The Santa Rita Hills, nestled in Santa Barbara County, are ideal for pinot noir, a notoriously finicky grape. That’s why Kathy Joseph came […]
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