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Threats Remain for Oregon’s Only Old-Growth State Forest

The 93,000-acre Elliott State Forest in the central Oregon Coast Range, is home to the only significant old-growth forest remaining on state-owned lands in Oregon, providing important habitat for old-growth dependent wildlife and salmon. Source: Threats Remain for Oregon’s Only Old-Growth State Forest | Oregon Wild

Who Regulates Oregon’s Logging Industry? Answer: The Logging Industry 

When Secretary of State Bev Clarno and her deputy Richard Vial released their unprecedented decision to reject three initiative petitions to modernize Oregon’s logging rules, they made a pretty embarrassing mistake. Their press release claims that voters would be confused by the initiatives and “how the Oregon Forest Council manages forests.” Source: Who Regulates Oregon’s […]
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Oregon’s forests on (and from) the air

When a producer from CBS’s national Saturday morning show called the Oregon Wild office last month with some questions about ancient forests, logging practices, and proposed changes to environmental laws, our staff were happy to walk them through our perspective and a lot of background information. Source: Oregon’s forests on (and from) the air | […]
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