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Public comment period begins for ambitious Jordan Cove LNG terminal

Controversial pipeline and fossil fuel export terminal, revived under pressure from President Donald Trump’s administration, faces another round of scrutiny by public, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are accepting public comments on an application from the Jordan Cove Energy Project, a major liquefied […]
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Bend and Redmond have the highest number of startups per capita in the nation

Oregon towns make WalletHub study list of best and worst cities to start a business. The location your startup can be as important to its success as the rest of the details such as product or service, web or brick-and-mortar, and personal timing. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Bend and Redmond have the highest number […]
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Renting homes better than buying under new U.S. tax plan, study says

Portland is No. 7 in comparing deductible state taxes and homeownership expenses. Although owning property in the U.S. has a checkered past in terms of separating people (and voters) by economic class, it looks like renting living units instead will see its day in the sun — for married households, at least. Source: Pamplin Media […]
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State economist predicts 2019 taxpayer ‘kicker’

Changes in tax law, booming economy boost state revenues beyond official projections. State revenue projections have grown significantly since mid-2017, likely triggering both the personal and corporate income tax “kicker” in the next two-year budget cycle. Source: State economist predicts 2019 taxpayer ‘kicker’

George Heidgerken pays tax, utility bills at Willamette Falls

Falls Legacy LLC still owes $200,000 for delinquent account related to the 23-acre site in Oregon City. Officials said this week that Willamette Falls property owner George Heidgerken won’t get a large public investment without fulfilling his obligations under an easement agreement for construction of a walkway to the falls. Source: Pamplin Media Group – […]
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State grapples with gaps in I.T. project oversight

Certain state agencies, such as the Secretary of State’s Office, are exempt from laws passed in 2014-15 to require state agencies to have independent outisde oversight and reporting on I.T. projects. Source: State grapples with gaps in I.T. project oversight

Lawmakers begin cap and trade discussions

The state joint legislative committee on carbon pricing heard from an expert who said a well-crafted carbon-pricing plan could be good for the state’s environment and economy. A joint legislative committee charged with developing policy for a statewide “cap and trade” program launched its work Tuesday during the state Legislature’s quarterly meetings. Source: Lawmakers begin […]
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Job growth slowing, but unemployment at ‘record low’

Oregon employers report having a difficult time filling their job vacancies. A preliminary jobs report released by the state last week showed that Oregon lost about 2,900 nonfarm jobs in April, the first time Oregon has had a net job loss in 16 months. But jobs have grown steadily over the past year, and a […]
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Lacking treatment, more end up on streets

Addicts, mentally ill have few options for housing, panelists agree at Portland Business Alliance forum. The homeless crisis in Portland and other cities is exacerbated by a lack of treatment options for people living on the streets with substance abuse and mental health problems, according to Dr. Andrew Mendenhall, the senior medical director of substance […]
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Lead advocate Tamara Rubin’s criminal charges dropped, DOJ investigation continues

Rubin, the Portland lead safety advocate, plans to sue, though agencies say their actions to bring charges were justified. Source: Lead advocate Tamara Rubin’s criminal charges dropped, DOJ investigation continues