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Oregon offshore oil drilling ban passes state Legislature

Gov. Kate Brown is expected to sign Senate Bill 256, which prohibits offshore oil development Source: Pamplin Media Group – Oregon offshore oil drilling ban passes state Legislature

My View: Bill levels college-accessibility playing field

As it stands today, the Oregon College Savings plan helps provide a valuable incentive for saving by allowing Oregonians to deduct some of their contributions from their taxable incomes, if they save. For people with sufficient income, this has worked well; but it is not equitable. Source: Pamplin Media Group – My View: Bill levels […]
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Lawmakers try to squeeze big money out of campaigns

‘I think most of us in this room would agree that the level of money being spent on our campaigns is much too high.’ Many political observers around Oregon were surprised late last October when the most prominent third-party candidate for governor dropped out of the race and endorsed Gov. Kate Brown for re-election. Source: […]
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Our View: New ideas needed to fund higher ed

Universities deserve better in the coming budget cycle, as do community colleges, which also are facing cutbacks under current budget proposals. Lawmakers should examine all options for improving funding for universities and colleges. A state’s financial commitment to higher education says something about its aspirations — and right now Oregon appears to be striving for […]
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Bills hope to shake up quake survival skills

Schools could be tasked under legislation with preparing students for The Big One, and its horrible aftermath. Oregon is earthquake country, and students across the state practice duck-and-cover drills just the same as they practice fire evacuations, learning to protect themselves in the event of a damaging quake. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Bills hope […]
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Cannabis legislation burns slowly through process

A pack of proposed laws would make it legal to buy pot online, prevent employers from taking action on postive THC drug tests. State lawmakers are considering more than two dozen bills that could affect Oregonians who consume recreational and medical marijuana. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Cannabis legislation burns slowly through process

My View: Time to remove immunization exemptions

It is time for lawmakers to remove nonmedical exemptions from public school immunization requirements. We need to protect those among us who cannot be vaccinated: babies too young to be vaccinated, cancer survivors and those of us with compromised immune systems. Source: My View: Time to remove immunization exemptions

Cities, counties: Don’t make us pay for records delays

 Oregon’s local governments have misgivings about a proposal that could lead to fines for cities, counties, special districts, school districts and state agencies that don’t respond to requests for public documents in a timely manner. Source: Cities, counties: Don’t make us pay for records delays

Report: Oregon far exceeds nation in percent of homeless

Oregon has a disproportionately high percent of homeless people, caused in large part by high housing costs, according to new report by the ECONorthwest consulting firm. Source: Report: Oregon far exceeds nation in percent of homeless

Courtney’s apology: ‘I must do better’

More than a year after sexual harassment at the Capitol came into public view, Senate President Peter Courtney publicly apologized to victims in an emotional floor session Thursday, March 14. Source: Courtney’s apology: ‘I must do better’