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The State of the Bee

For the last decade Oregon’s bees – both native bees and the introduced European honeybee used in agriculture – have been in decline. But researchers like Andony Melathopoulos of the Oregon Bee Project say there are many reasons to hope for a better bee future in the state. Source: The State of the Bee – […]
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Vote YES on Measure 101 

On January 23 Oregonians should deliver a resounding “yes” on Measure 101, which asks voters to support a modest fee of 0.7 percent fee on insurance companies and 1.5 percent on hospitals. Source: Vote YES on Measure 101 – Salem Weekly News


The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality released information on November 1st on greenhouse gas emissions from all Oregon facilities with an air quality permit. It shows that the Covanta Marion garbage incinerator just north of Salem is in the top twenty for GHG pollution in Oregon and #1, by far, in Marion County. Source: COVANTA […]
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Will Oregon continue to be a sanctuary state?

Five states in the U.S. have laws that limit how local police can cooperate with federal immigration agents, and Oregon, the first state to pass this kind of law, is one of them. But maybe not for long. Three of Oregon’s Republican Representatives are now working to overturn Oregon’s sanctuary law in order, they say, […]
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A busy year in Oregon cannabis legislation

Well, the 2017 Legislative session ended early last month and the legislature passed several cannabis related bills. In 2018 the Joint Committee on Marijuana Regulation will not be reconvened, but state agencies will be continuing with the rule making a process for the new statutes. Source: A busy year in Oregon cannabis legislation – Salem […]
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Keeping the Public in the Public Lands

The public lands, whether federal or state, belong to all of us. At a time when many Republicans in Congress are demanding that the federal government cede control of extensive public lands to the states, and others are calling on the states to privatize their own public lands – such as Oregon’s 82,000 acre Elliot […]
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North Campus historic buildings will come down

At a January 25 meeting, Chusal, LLC, the developers who bid last year to purchase the North Campus property in “as-is” condition, met with the State of Oregon to try to reach a purchase solution prior to the final demolition of five historic buildings. The meeting, described by an attending North Campus neighbor as “contentious,” […]
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Where have all the products gone?

Have you been to your favorite cannabis store lately to find that your favorite cannabis product is out of stock? Well, you are not alone. Many cannabis consumers, especially medical patients, have been seriously challenged to find the products they have come to rely on. The reason is that the Oregon Liquor Control Commission and […]
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Neighbors angered by loss of potential at North Campus

There is not comparable property in all of Salem. The former “North Campus” of the Oregon State Hospital is a 47-acre parcel between D and State Streets, 23rd Street and Park Avenue. It is flat with no floodplain; it sits in a developed neighborhood within one mile of two full-service grocers and 1 ½ miles […]
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Oregon Board of Forestry decides to protect bird

The Oregon Board of Forestry has reversed its decision to deny a petition from conservation groups that called for the identification and protection of sites used by a threatened Pacific Northwest seabird, the marbled murrelet, on state and private forest lands. Source: Oregon Board of Forestry decides to protect bird – Salem Weekly News