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Extending Medicaid After Childbirth Could Reduce Maternal Deaths

Evidence shows women should receive follow-up care for a year after giving birth. Samantha Powell, 29, says she wouldn’t be alive today if it weren’t for the mental health services she received after her last child was born. “I had postpartum depression with my other two children, so I knew what was happening to me. […]
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Farmers’ Despair Pushes States to Act

On most days, therapist Becky Kopp-Dunham counsels farmers and other clients across 10 North Dakota towns from her home office on a crop and cattle farm in Morehead, Minnesota. With a reliable internet connection and videoconferencing service, Kopp-Dunham can inform and treat patients in rural and remote places. Source: Farmers’ Despair Pushes States to Act […]
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The Tumultuous Life of an Independent Redistricting Commissioner

‘We were afraid for our lives.’ A warm breeze blew past Colleen Coyle Mathis and her husband, Christopher, as they lounged on the back porch of their Spanish Colonial Revival-style house one evening earlier this month, drinking bottles of Pacifico. Marigold, their 2-year-old Bernese mountain dog, lay at their feet, and the music of Linda […]
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More Kids on Medicaid to Get Health Care in School

States are just now becoming aware of a five-year-old federal policy. A mountain of evidence proves it: Good health translates to better student performance. Children who have high blood pressure or are obese perform worse academically than others. Children with asthma miss far more school. Students who have healthy diets, who are physically active, who […]
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Oregon funds program to help immigrants with legal aid

Although other cities, counties and even states have similar programs, including New York, the Equity Corps program in Oregon is considered the first statewide universal representation program in the nation to use technology to connect poor immigrants to legal aid. Source: Oregon funds program to help immigrants with legal aid –

The West’s Population Boom Leads to Development Backlash

Colorado’s job growth has a downside. Along the urban corridor where the Rocky Mountains meet the plains, home prices are climbing, luxury apartments are multiplying, and commuters are getting stuck in traffic. Parking spaces on some main streets and popular trailheads are jampacked. Now some locals, frustrated with the pace of development, are trying to […]
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More People Want a Green Burial, but Cemetery Law Hasn’t Caught Up

Cemeteries bury 64,000 tons of steel each year. Visitors to the White Eagle Memorial Preserve in southern Washington won’t find rows of headstones, manicured lawns or pathways to a loved one’s final resting place. Instead, they stroll through an oak and ponderosa forest set within more than a thousand acres of wilderness. Source: More People […]
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Recruiting Foodies and ‘Hipnecks’ as the New Hunters

Before she went hunting for the first time, Crystal Egli practiced walking around with a replica rifle, feeling its heft while “on the verge of tears.” Egli had discovered the appeal of hunting — but had serious qualms about holding a rifle due to a lifelong fear of guns. “Why don’t I hunt?” the 35-year-old […]
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States Hold Onto Federal Dollars Meant for Needy Families

One state has a $732 million welfare surplus. Vanessa Mccrickard, a single mother of two from Woodbury, Tennessee, is the sort of person welfare is designed to help. Mccrickard says she can’t find reliable child care in her town of roughly 3,000, which is about 50 miles from downtown Nashville, so she can’t work full-time. […]
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Farmers Struggle as Hemp Harvest Winds Down

Ajit Singh strode across his 16-acre hemp field toward a broken-down harvester. He’d been hoping all day that the mechanic now crouched beside the machine could get it back up and running. It was late October and Singh still had thousands of stinky green and purple cannabis plants across 425 acres to pick, dry and […]
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