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As High Court Weighs Online Sales Taxes, States Get Ready to Pounce

States are writing new laws for collecting taxes on internet sales, banking on a favorable ruling from the Supreme Court. With the U.S. Supreme Court weeks away from hearing arguments in a landmark case on online sales taxes, several states are readying laws that would allow them to begin collecting millions of dollars almost immediately […]
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Recent Data Breaches Spark Debate Over ‘Reasonable’ Notification Rules

Lawsuits filed by Pennsylvania, Los Angeles and Chicago are drawing attention to the vague language in many state laws defining how quickly consumers must be informed of a data breach once it has been discovered. When Pennsylvania sued Uber last week for waiting more than a year to alert drivers and customers that their personal […]
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To Prevent Suicides and School Shootings, More States Embrace Anonymous Tip Lines

Tip lines are one of the few policy responses to mass shootings that Republicans and Democrats can agree on, but some schools may not have the capacity to respond to a high volume of tips. After a teenage gunman killed 17 people at a Parkland, Florida, high school last month, schools across the country were […]
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Women at Work: ‘Pre-Apprenticeships’ Boost Female Construction Workers

The construction field is a hard one to crack, particularly if you’re a woman. California is investing $25 million to get more women into the business. She likes to say that she slept through the last 13 years of her life, and indeed, much of it is a blur: Abusive relationship. His-and-her arrests for domestic […]
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Is Your County Elections Clerk Ready for Russian Hackers?

State Library Ed. Note: Story contains quote from Deschutes County Clerk. The weakest link in any local voting system is that one county clerk who’s been on the job for three days and opens up an email file that could take down the whole system. The head of every U.S. intelligence agency says Russia attempted […]
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Aid-in-Dying Gains Momentum as Erstwhile Opponents Change Their Minds

State Library Ed. Note: Article mentions Oregon as a model law. Susan Boyce, married and the mother of four, doesn’t know when she will die, but she knows how. One day, her diseased-decimated lungs will no longer be able to pump oxygen through her bloodstream. Source: Aid-in-Dying Gains Momentum as Erstwhile Opponents Change Their Minds

Stalled Effort to Ban ‘Bump Stocks’ Illustrates Challenge of Changing State Gun Laws

The largely unsuccessful push to ban bump stocks, the device the Las Vegas shooter used to maximize casualties, is a cautionary tale for those who think the killing of 17 at a high school in Florida might finally prompt states to enact tougher gun laws. In the wake of the Las Vegas concert massacre last […]
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Homeless Will Now Be Asked: Are You Fleeing Domestic Violence?

For years, advocates have called victims of domestic violence part of the country’s “hidden homeless.” But now, for the first time, they’re being included in the national homelessness count. In its annual count of the city’s homeless population, New York in 2015 listed how many people fit into 10 different groups: nearly 4,000 chronically homeless, […]
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Federal Tax Changes May Prompt State Tax Overhauls

The federal tax overhaul has caused a lot of angst in some state capitals, but leaders in many states also see a rare opportunity to substantially revamp state tax codes, many of which haven’t been significantly changed in years. The opportunity comes because the 36 states that use the federal code as a starting point for their […]
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Movement Against Juvenile Court Fees Runs Into Resistance

In almost every state and the District of Columbia, the minors who appear in the roughly one million juvenile court cases each year may be charged for multiple court-related costs, fines and fees. California this month became the first state to eliminate court costs, fees and finesfor young offenders. But court officials and legislators wary of […]
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