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Feds Say Marketplace Will Expose Bad Colleges, But States Find It’s Not So Easy

Post-college salary data isn’t reaching students who could benefit most. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos plans to help students pick a college and a major by publishing more information about how much they might earn and owe after graduation. But, as experience from nearly two dozen states illustrates, the plan will be challenging to implement, and […]
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For Addicted Women, the Year After Childbirth Is the Deadliest

For Addicted Women, the Year After Childbirth Is the Deadliest. Katie Raftery was in a Massachusetts prison for drug-related crimes when she found out she was pregnant with her second child. A longtime heroin user, she was released to a residential drug treatment program where she stayed for seven months, until her baby was born. […]
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How to Bring the Ballot to Aging Americans

State Library Ed. Note: Story mentions Multnomah County’s efforts. As more Americans enter long-term care, mobile polling may ensure their right to vote. Kathleen Henry, 80, wants all her neighbors to vote, even if they can’t drive, read or remember as much anymore. Soon after the former civics teacher moved to the Greenspring retirement community […]
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Food Stamp Work Requirements Would Force States to Provide Job Training. Many Aren’t Ready.

As many as 7.5 million more food stamp recipients could be subject to work requirements. The House version of the food-stamp-to-work program Congress is considering this week would require recipients to enroll in job training programs if they can’t find work — but in many states, those programs won’t be fully available for at least […]
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Document: Palliative sedation, an end-of-life practice that is legal everywhere – America’s News

Under palliative sedation, a doctor gives a terminally ill patient enough sedatives to induce unconsciousness. The goal is to reduce or eliminate suffering, but in many cases the patient dies without regaining consciousness. Source: Document: Palliative sedation, an end-of-life practice that is legal everywhere – America’s News

Maine Tried a New Way of Voting. Will Other States Follow?

Momentum is building for a new way of settling candidate-packed elections. Voters in Maine went to the polls earlier this month to do something they’ve never done before: rank candidates based on preference. The new voting system, the first in the nation to be used statewide, offers a significantly different way of thinking about voting. […]
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Make Money from Pot? Then Forget About a Federally Subsidized Loan

The Small Business Administration says that companies that derive any portion of their revenue from marijuana are ineligible for loan assistance. Marijuana legalization at the state level has created a moneymaking opportunity not only for licensed growers and sellers but also for a wide range of ancillary businesses, from publicly traded garden product companies to […]
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So States Ban Bump Stocks. Now How Do They Enforce the Law?

Americans could own as many as 520,000 bump stocks, according to estimates from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. Many of these devices, which lack serial numbers, are untraceable. Under New Jersey’s new bump-stock ban, which was approved in January, residents were supposed to destroy or turn in their bump stocks by mid-April. […]
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States Stumble on Internet Privacy

States jumped in to try to regulate internet privacy. But they are finding it tough sledding in the face of opposition from internet service providers and other businesses. OSL Ed. Note:  NCSL Resource listing state measures regarding internet privacy legislation available HERE. Source: States Stumble on Internet Privacy

#MeToo in the Statehouse: At Least 16 Men Are Gone, But the Harassment Culture Isn’t

At least 16 state lawmakers have resigned or been expelled from their legislatures since the #MeToo movement started seven months ago. But many female lawmakers and political consultants say there is a long way to go before the culture in statehouses improves. Source: #MeToo in the Statehouse: At Least 16 Men Are Gone, But the […]
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