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Briefly: Feds Give Oregon Community Health Centers $2.3 million

The yearly grants mark a slight decrease from last year. The Health Resources and Services Administration announced Wednesday it was giving Oregon nearly $2.3 million this year in grants to community health centers. Source: Briefly: Feds Give Oregon Community Health Centers $2.3 million | The Lund Report

Abortion Battle Moves To Center Stage In Oregon

Only once in more than a decade have Oregon voters been asked to weigh in on abortion. But now, driven by three distinct developments, abortion promises to take center stage politically in a state widely regarded as the most pro-choice in the nation. Request full-text (for State Agency patrons only) Source: Abortion Battle Moves To Center […]
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Moda Negotiating A Major Infusion of Capital

Confidential sources tell The Lund Report that a deal is in the works that could eventually lead to another insurance company holding a majority of seats on Moda’s board. Speculation has swirled for years that Moda Health, Inc. would fail or be taken over. Now it looks as if it will be the latter. Source: […]
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Unity Center for Behavioral Health Care Turns Patients Away

The Unity Center for Behavioral Health, Portland’s relatively new emergency center for psychiatric patients, is turning away patients. Source:

Challenges for the Next Phase of Integrated Medicaid Care in Oregon

The Oregon Health Plan launched an ambitious system a decade ago to integrate medical and dental care. It is now working on a reform of the system, which is plagued with problems.   Source: Challenges for the next phase of integrated medicaid care in Oregon

Oregon Approves Final 2019 Health Insurance Rate

Regulators say federal uncertainty will push costs up on the individual marketplace. Health insurance costs will go up next year for most Oregonians who buy their own coverage, according to rate decisions announced Friday. But after successives years of double digit price hikes under the Affordable Care Act, the overall increases are relatively modest this […]
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OHA Accepting Applications for Maternal Mortality and Morbidity Review Committee

The Oregon Health Authority Public Health Division is seeking applicants for the Maternal Mortality and Morbidity Review Committee. OHA invites applications from people who meet the criteria outlined in HB 4133, Section (3) at Board members are appointed by the Governor. Member terms are in general four years each. Source: OHA Accepting Applications for […]
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Opinion: Oregon Needs to Care about Sick, Disabled Cannabis Patients 

The Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) has benefitted thousands of patients, but a recent report clearly demonstrates that too little emphasis has been placed on the well being of patients and they are unnecessarily suffering. Source: Opinion: Oregon Needs to Care about Sick, Disabled Cannabis Patients | The Lund Report

Study: Oregon college students use more marijuana after legalization

Usage increased more in Oregon than nationwide, and included students younger than 21, the legal age for use. College students at two large public universities in Oregon are reporting more use of marijuana following the drug’s legalization, including among those who are underage, Oregon State University researchers have found. Source: Study: Oregon college students use […]
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Cannabis Harvest Restrictions Aim to Starve Oregon’s Black Market

Officials worry that a glut of marijuana will feed the black market. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission will soon announce new cannabis harvest regulations. Source: Cannabis Harvest Restrictions Aim to Starve Oregon’s Black Market | The Lund Report