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We can no longer afford to discard substance abuse programs from our health insurance benefits.

This was the first of many surprising conclusions discovered by our committee of citizens. We spent seven months attempting to understand Oregon’s addiction problem.

Oregon State Hospital Population Down, But Could Rise with Winter

The state has tried to work proactively with counties to get them to stop warehousing people in the state mental hospital when they are too sick to stand trial. This population, which has doubled in the past five years, sits at 190 after peaking last winter at 243.

Why Oregon Health Forum is so Valuable

We bring important issues to the forefront at our monthly breakfast forums.

Brown Orders State Health Officials To Keep Children’s Health Program Open

Meanwhile, Medicare may owe Oregon money for healthcare that CCOs covered for low-income elderly adults who were misclassified by the state, possibly narrowing the reported $74 million overpayment that Oregon received. Oregon’s children won’t lose their health insurance because of Congressional incompetence — at least this year, anyway. Source: The Lund Report

Schrader Marks Veterans Day with Listening Tour for Healthcare, Other Services

Reforms have allowed those who have trouble accessing healthcare to seek care outside the Veterans Administration system, but Schrader still supports building capacity within the VA’s outpatient clinics, which have benefits such as lower prescription drug costs. U.S. Rep. Kurt Schrader marked Veterans Day with a roundtable gathering at Chemeketa Community College, hearing directly from […]
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FamilyCare Decries 2018 CCO Rates, Continuing Years-Long Battle with Oregon

The Portland-area nonprofit says even with a 9.8 percent rate hike, it faces a $75 million deficit and could go out of business. Coordinated care organization reimbursement rates that were announced this week included a hike in how much FamilyCare will receive in 2018 – but not enough to appease the leaders of the Portland-area […]
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COFA Islanders Rush to Enroll, but Face Obstacles in Special Insurance Program

A tight deadline has insurance brokers working overtime to help a group of Pacific Islanders to get insurance, but a rule requiring them to pay deductibles upfront has some members facing collection agencies. The state is aggressively signing up people for a special health insurance program for Pacific Islanders, but the design of the program […]
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Six-Week Open Enrollment for Obamacare Plans Begins

Most consumers will want to pick a plan that aligns with their physician rather than focus on cost. People purchasing subsidized health insurance on will not see significant increases in cost, but Obamacare is increasingly gouging middle-class consumers who don’t qualify. Open enrollment for the individual health insurance market begins today, with consumers purchasing […]
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Rural Healthcare in Oregon: Not big city medicine

Rural Oregonians suffer shorter life expectancies, higher death rates from chronic diseases, and poorer access to healthcare than Oregonians in urban areas. Some rural areas in Oregon have no health providers at all. What makes healthcare so challenging in rural Oregon? What must Oregon do to raise the quality of healthcare to rural Oregonians who […]
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Partial Multnomah County Wood-Burning Ban Pitched to Improve Air Quality

People who burn wood on winter inversion days but have an alternate source of heating could be fined under a proposed Multnomah County ordinance. Two Multnomah County commissioners have proposed an ordinance that will ban the unnecessary use of wood stoves during winter inversion days, when air quality is poor. Source:  Partial Multnomah County Wood-Burning […]
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