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More Than 1,000 Oregonians’ Information Stolen In Health-Care Data Breach

A data breach of a tool used to enroll people in health care plans exposed the personal information of at least 1,094 Oregonians. Source: More Than 1,000 Oregonians’ Information Stolen In Health-Care Data Breach | The Lund Report

Departing Oregon Health Policy Board Member ‘Shocked’ At Response To Health Equity

A longtime member of the board that advises the state on health policy and reform questioned the state’s commitment to ensuring equitable health care to low-income Oregonians. Request full-text (for State Agency patrons only) Source: Departing Oregon Health Policy Board Member ‘Shocked’ At Response To Health Equity

Oregon Lawmakers Tackle Plan For Statewide Health Care

The Oregon Legislature launched a panel 10 months ago to develop a roadmap for affordable statewide universal health care. The task was ambitious. Similar efforts in other states have gotten nowhere, and there is scant support at the federal level for expanding Medicaid. Request full-text (for State Agency patrons only) Source: Oregon Lawmakers Tackle Plan For […]
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State Asks For $2.7 Million To Expand Oregon State Hospital Capacity

Oregon Health Authority Director Patrick Allen said the state needs to accommodate the number of accused criminals who need treatment before being tried. Oregon State Hospital facilities are so crowded that state health officials have asked for $2.7 million in emergency funds to accommodate all of the patients they need to treat. Request full-text (for […]
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Dozens Die On Streets In Portland Area

Multnomah County’s latest count of homeless deaths shows that 79 people died in 2017, one fewer than the year before. Life on the streets turned deadly again last year in the Portland area, with dozens of people dying far too young. In its latest count of homeless fatalities, Multnomah County tallied at least 79 deaths in 2017. […]
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Trump Rollback Of Disability Rules Could Hurt Patients 

Going to the doctor’s office can feel so routine. You sit in the waiting room, fill out the paperwork, get measured and hop onto the exam table. But medical appointments for patients with disabilities require navigating a tricky obstacle course, full of impediments that leave them feeling awkward and could result in substandard care. Despite […]
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Patients Could Face Tough Health Insurance Choices During Open Enrollment

Open enrollment starts Thursday, and health insurance agents are urging patients to check their policies and whether they qualify for health insurance discounts because costs and coverage could change. With the window for people to buy their own health insurance opening Thursday, insurance agents are urging patients to review their insurance plans for potential changes […]
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With One Hand, Administration Boosts ACA Marketplaces, Weakens Them With Another

Guidance issued Monday could make it easier for states to get around some of the law’s requirements while a rule proposed 12 hours later could bolster the exchanges. In the span of less than 12 hours last week, the Trump administration took two seemingly contradictory actions that could have profound effects on the insurance marketplaces […]
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Collaboration Aims To Help Mentally Ill Caught In Criminal Justice System

A group of Oregon health officials, law enforcement and legislators discussed Wednesday how to provide supportive services for people with mental health issues to keep them from being locked up. Oregon state officials held the first steering committee meeting Wednesday to improve how the state’s criminal justice and behavioral health systems treat people experiencing a […]
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Health Authority Names Director Of Benefit Boards

The boards overseeing medical and dental benefits for educators and public employees in Oregon now have a permanent director. Source: Health Authority names director of benefit boards.