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Women inmates file second suit against state prison doctor 

Women inmates file second suit Three inmates who claim they were sexually abused by a physician at the state women’s prison have filed a federal lawsuit against the doctor and two other medical staffers. The lawsuit filed this month in U.S. District Court names Dr. Robert W. Snider, and two other medical administrators, Dr. Steve […]
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Dennis Richardson unveils complex redistricting plans

Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson on Monday revealed his draft for a new system of drawing legislative districts. Source: Dennis Richardson unveils complex redistricting plans |

State takes Zoom Health into receivership amid financial discrepancy

Oregon insurance regulators took Zoom Health Plan into receivership after they “became aware of a material difference between the company’s 2016 annual financial statement and its actual financial condition,” state officials said Monday. Source: State takes Zoom Health into receivership amid financial discrepancy |

3,000 miles of Portland streets may get slower speed limits under new bill

House lawmakers on Monday voted to allow Portland officials to reduce speed limits on the city’s 3,000 miles of residential streets. Source: 3,000 miles of Portland streets may get slower speed limits under new bill |

Oregon budget writers unveil PERS reforms, other cutbacks

The state’s top budget committee unveiled a wide-ranging set of proposals Friday to cut state spending, from a temporary hiring freeze to requiring public employees to pay a larger share of their pension contributions. They called for an end to budgetary tricks that allow lawmakers to start programs or award raises that the state can’t […]
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Catastrophically injured Oregonians ask for right to sue for more than $500,000 for suffering

The Senate is expected to vote on a bill that would abolish a $500,000 cap on the amount injured people can collect in lawsuits for noneconomic damages. Amaia Rennie told a state senator that she was 35 years old, healthy and less than five months into her pregnancy when her water broke and she headed […]
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Anticipating deadly earthquake, Oregon gives $154 million to schools, emergency services

Oregon is giving $153.6 million in grant funds to 100 schools and 47 emergency services to help lessen the devastation an earthquake, expected sometime in the next 50 years, is predicted to cause. Oregon’s largest school district, Portland Public Schools, snared $4.5 million. Lewis Elementary got $1.5 million and Grant High School got two $1.5 […]
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Health care impasse, Trump threats, create high anxiety

It’s rate-making season for Oregon’s insurance industry, the heartburn-inducing time of year when Kraig Anderson really earns his money at Moda Health. The chief actuary and his team must look 20 months into the future and predict the state of the health care business and the health of Moda customers, the first step in determining […]
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Lawmakers float PERS reform idea that finance experts question

Buried among the cost-containment measures state budget writers unveiled Friday was a proposal to lengthen the repayment period on Oregon’s $22 billion pension fund deficit. It’s a kick-the-can strategy that shifts the debt – and the associated risks – years down the road, an idea financial experts say could actually make matters worse. Source: Lawmakers […]
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Is a grand bargain for Oregon possible without Kitzhaber?

With the legislative session at its halfway mark, leaders in Salem have a decision to make. They could take a huge risk and try to emulate 2013’s “grand bargain” between business and labor groups to raise taxes and cut costs. Or they could cobble together a package of temporary fixes that, like Band-Aids, would keep […]
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