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Gresham dad’s arrest turns spotlight on foster care vetting process

An Oregon foster care rule that appears to treat intimate partner abuse less seriously than spousal abuse may have allowed a violent Gresham man to gain custody of — and allegedly abuse — his young son. Oregon criminal law, on the other hand, does not differentiate between domestic violence that occurs in married or unmarried […]
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Portland Community College bets on $200 million pension bond plan

As Oregon schools, municipalities and public agencies face another major increase in public pension costs come July, some are considering a risky solution. Issuing more pension debt. Source: Portland Community College bets on $200 million pension bond plan |

Second elections complaint targets tax initiative opponents

A second campaign finance complaint filed this week against a political action committee that opposes Measure 104 accuses the group of failing to disclose nearly $1.4 million spent on the race. But that group and a second one targeted in the complaint insist all the money was correctly accounted. State elections officials signaled Friday that […]
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Controlled burns in Oregon: Can more fires create less smoke?

About 30 members of the crew stood in the morning still of the forest as Katie Sauerbrey laid out the plans for the day. Some carried shovels or pickaxes. Others leaned against trucks and peered at maps of the area. All listened intently as she outlined the risks of their operation. Source: Controlled burns in […]
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PERS may be defining issue of Oregon’s governor race

Perhaps few issues more starkly delineate the views of Kate Brown and Knute Buehler in this fall’s gubernatorial election than Oregon’s public pension system. Though the Public Employees Retirement System has been a hot-button issue in the state for decades, the political pressure may never have been higher. Schools, municipalities and government agencies are panicking […]
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Rampant turnover, low pay: Insiders on Oregon dementia care

Grueling work. Rampant turnover. Elderly people with dementia, abused and neglected for lack of staff. The Oregonian/OregonLive asked more than 200 current and former memory care employees what they experienced on the job. Their stunning responses shed light on why memory care too often falls short of its promise of specialized support for people with […]
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Memory care: 5 possible approaches to making it better

Advocates for seniors, experts in aging and former caregivers describe a variety of ways that memory care could be made safer for people with dementia. Most come down to ensuring more and better-trained staff to meet the extensive and complex needs of dementia patients. Source: Memory care: 5 possible approaches to making it better | […]
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PERS Q&A: How many Oregon public pension retirees are there?

Q: How many PERS retirees are there? A: 145,863. Source: PERS Q&A: How many Oregon public pension retirees are there? |

Clackamas County commissioner under state ethics investigation

The state ethics commission is investigating allegations that the chairman of the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners used his position to benefit his wife, a county manager, and failed to disclose a conflict of interest when considering her pay, her agency’s budget and possible discipline against her. Source: Clackamas County commissioner under state ethics investigation […]
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These 12 Oregon lighthouses still stand tall

Oregon was a rough place to build a lighthouse. Ships that traveled the rugged Pacific Coast needed beacons to navigate the shoreline, but those same conditions that plagued sailors plagued the builders of lighthouses designed to help them. Source: These 12 Oregon lighthouses still stand tall |