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Will New Legislation Solve 82nd Ave’s Growing Pains?

According to the US Census, Portland’s 82nd Avenue travels through the most racially diverse neighborhood in the state. Source: Will New Legislation Solve 82nd Ave’s Growing Pains?

Oregon Senate Bill 420 Would Erase Outdated Pot Convictions

Senator Lew Frederick didn’t ask for his cannabis-related bill in the Oregon State Legislature to be named Senate Bill 420. No, really, he didn’t. “I wish I could say I was that prescient, but it was totally a coincidence,” Frederick told the Mercury about the number for his bill, which aims to help people convicted under outdated state […]
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Local Advocates Set Priorities for Legislative Session

Oregon’s 2019 legislative session is upon us. With a supermajority in both the House and Senate chambers, Oregon Democrats are poised to pass a landslide of progressive bills that in the past might have been scuttled by conservative lawmakers. As the session rolls forward, lawmakers will be looking to local advocacy groups to find out […]
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A Bill in the Oregon Legislature Would Remove Transphobic Language From State Law

  The United States Supreme Court voted 5-4 Tuesday to revive the Trump administration’s discriminatory ban on transgender people serving in the military—and that’s just the latest in a long string of negative headlines for LGBTQ people coming out of Washington, DC. Source: A Bill in the Oregon Legislature Would Remove Transphobic Language From State […]
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Bills We’re Paying Attention to in Oregon’s 2019 Legislative Session

Tomorrow is the start of Oregon’s 2019 Legislative Session. The 160-day-long whirlwind of state-level lawmaking is poised to take on some pressing issues that impact all Oregonians: Like putting an end to onion inspection or declaring Oregon’s state dog the Border Collie. There are also a number of slightly more impactful bills introduced—from investigating cop […]
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Stricter Gun Storage, “Do Not Sell” Lists, and Other Firearm Bills Oregon Lawmakers Will Consider This Session

The Oregon Legislature will consider at least seven bills that aim to tighten gun control and increase gun safety during the 2019 legislative session, which kicks off next week. If passed, these bills would require firearms be securely stored when not in use, mandate firearm safety classes in public schools, and make people obtain a […]
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Rep. Kotek Addresses Sexual Harassment After Being Re-Elected House Speaker

Representative Tina Kotek wasted no time after being re-elected to a fourth term as speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives Monday by addressing the elephant in the room: The Oregon Legislature’s unresolved problems with sexual misconduct. Source: Rep. Kotek Addresses Sexual Harassment After Being Re-Elected House Speaker – Blogtown – Portland Mercury

Oregon Domestic Violence Shelters Face Financial Uncertainty During Federal Shutdown

Like many domestic violence shelters, Henderson House in McMinnville receives federal funding through the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), the act passed in 1994 to ensure funding to help women who are escaping domestic violence or have experienced sexual assault. Jan 31 is a major quarterly deadline for submitting VAWA financial reports, and throughout the […]
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Report on Sexual Harassment in Oregon Legislature Reveals Cost of Being an ‘Unlikable’ Woman

The Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) released a 52-page report Thursday detailing the failure of leaders in the Oregon State Legislature to properly address reports of sexual harassment and misconduct, with a specific focus on sexual misconduct perpetrated by former Sen. Jeff Kruse. Source: Report on Sexual Harassment in Oregon Legislature Reveals Cost of Being […]
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Despite State Intervention, Oregon’s Unvaccinated Rates Keep Climbing

When Nadine Gartner was pregnant with her daughter six years ago, she was surprised by the number of Portlanders who refused to give their kids early childhood vaccines. “So many smart, educated parents in my social circles weren’t vaccinating their kids,” said Gartner, who at the time worked as a class-action lawyer. “I thought, these […]
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