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Oregon Bill Allowing Interstate Weed Exports Passes Senate Vote

  A bill that could eventually allow Oregon to import and export cannabis across state lines—and give the state’s pot industry a head start when national cannabis laws change in the future—passed a vote in the Oregon Senate Wednesday. It will now move on to the House floor. Source: Oregon Bill Allowing Interstate Weed Exports […]
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What Can Louisiana Teach Oregonians About Banning Split-Jury Convictions?

When recent Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jim Mustian visited Portland for a story last year, the issue of split-jury convictions wasn’t on most Oregonians’ radar. Source: What Can Louisiana Teach Oregonians About Banning Split-Jury Convictions?

A New State Bill Could Determine the Future of Oregon’s Pot Industry

Oregon has too much pot. To be specific: According to a recent report from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC), the state’s legal cannabis inventory system currently has enough cannabis to last us six and a half years. There’s some debate among those in the industry as to whether that estimate is accurate, but there’s […]
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Why Is One of Oregon’s Top Polluters Asking for a Clean Energy Reward?

A bill moving through the Oregon Legislature would give one trash incineration company a financial reward that’s intended for clean energy producers. Environmental advocates are calling foul on the bill, and fighting to kill it before it goes to a vote. Senate Bill 451 would allow companies that produce electricity from trash incineration to receive renewable energy […]
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Oregon Lawmakers Could Pass a Law Regulating Kratom

A bill in the Oregon Legislature has the potential to significantly regulate the kratom industry—and it appears to have the support of kratom advocates. Source: Oregon Lawmakers Could Pass a Law Regulating Kratom

Oregon Is One Step Closer to Getting Rid of Non-Unanimous Jury Convictions

Oregon is the only state in the country to allow non-unanimous jury convictions in criminal trials—meaning you can be convicted of a crime even if the entire jury isn’t in agreement about it. Source: Oregon Is One Step Closer to Getting Rid of Non-Unanimous Jury Convictions

Oregon Bill Offers Amnesty to Sex Workers Who Report Violent Crimes

The Oregon Legislature is on track to make it safer for sex workers and victims of sex trafficking to report violent crimes. Under the proposed legislation, Senate Bill 596, people who report a “person felony” (a felony crime committed against a person) to a police officer and, in doing so, reveal that they are a […]
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Who’s to Blame for Oregon’s Overdose Deaths?

John clearly remembers the night, more than a decade ago, when a friend overdosed in his car. The two men were driving across Portland, on their way to buy heroin to use and sell. John’s friend was out of his own supply, so John lent him some heroin to tide him over until they purchased […]
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Study Finds 88 Percent of Oregonians Want Youth Criminal Justice Reform

New polling data shows that most Oregonians agree the state’s laws around incarcerating kids are in dire need of improvement. A survey of 600 registered Oregon voters found that 88 percent of Oregonians want the state’s juvenile criminal justice system to focus more on “prevention and rehabilitation” than “punishment and incarceration.” Source: Study Finds 88 […]
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An Oregon Bill Could Lift the State Ban on Rent Control. Why Aren’t Pro-Renter Lawmakers Rooting For It?

  In February, Oregon Democrats trumpeted the state’s passage of the country’s first statewide rent control bill, attracting national accolades for its novelty and necessity. Source: An Oregon Bill Could Lift the State Ban on Rent Control. Why Aren’t Pro-Renter Lawmakers Rooting For It? – Blogtown – Portland Mercury