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Price of marijuana in Oregon plummets as the number of recreational pot growers explodes

The retail and wholesale prices of pot in Oregon are falling with the proliferation of producers and recreational marijuana shops, according to an analysis by a state economist. “The biggest thing is just competition,” said Josh Lehner, an economist with the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis in Salem. “ Source: Price of marijuana in Oregon […]
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Oregon House passes bill tightening gun control in domestic violence situations

The day after ­another mass shooting, this time at a Florida high school, the ­Oregon House easily passed the main piece of gun control ­legislation that lawmakers are considering this short session. House Bill 4145, which would bar more people involved in ­domestic violence situations from owning guns, was approved on Thursday by a 37-23 […]
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Wood products firms ride momentum

Strong demand, low interest rates and expected benefits from tax cuts fuel optimism. All signs indicate that Lane County’s wood products factories will keep humming in 2018. Those indicators include a strong national economy, growth in U.S. housing starts and hoped-for economic benefits from the tax law passed by Congress in December. Source: Wood products […]
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Oregon Court of Appeals upholds meth user’s conviction in Springfield murder case

The Oregon Court of Appeals has upheld the murder conviction of a man who told a Lane County jury that he strangled his girlfriend to death in a Springfield motel upon believing that she had turned into a demon. The court rejected Jonathan Paul Folks’ contention that Lane County Circuit Judge Mustafa Kasubhai had wrongly […]
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Former Gov. Kitzhaber violated state ethics laws 11 times, new investigative report finds

Most of the violations center on his fiancee, Cylvia Hayes Source: Former Gov. Kitzhaber violated state ethics laws 11 times, new investigative report finds

UO advisory board recommends another tuition increase

It would go up 2.84% for in-state students and 2.49% for nonresidents Source: UO advisory board recommends another tuition increase

A potential lifesaver

More Lane police departments need Naloxone The Eugene Police Department’s decision to equip officers with Naloxone, which can help reverse an opioid overdose, is a good one. The only questions: Why didn’t they do this sooner? And why aren’t more Oregon police departments equipping their officers with this lifesaver? Source: A potential lifesaver

A costly, or empty, promise

Oregon House approves health care amendment Everyone ought to have health care. Everyone ought to have a job, too — and housing, and healthy breakfasts, and safe neighborhoods. Oregonians should not have a constitutional right to any of these things, however, unless the state is prepared to ensure that they are provided. Source: A costly, […]
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Oregon House endorses health care as a right, sends bill to Senate

Oregon’s Legislature took a step Tuesday toward enshrining the right to health care in the state Constitution, a move that would be unprecedented in the United States but raises serious funding questions. The House of Representatives’ 35-25 endorsement of the bill sends it to the state Senate, whose approval would put the proposed constitutional amendment […]
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Vicki Walker gets temporary top job at Oregon Department of State Lands

Vicki Walker, a former longtime state lawmaker from Eugene, was appointed interim director of the Oregon Department of State Lands on Tuesday. Walker, a Eugene resident, was the unanimous choice of Gov. Kate Brown, Secretary of State Dennis Richardson and state Treasurer Tobias Read — the three members of the State Land Board — from […]
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