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Eugene pesticides nonprofit gets EPA grant for local farm worker assessment

A Eugene-based pesticide alternatives nonprofit says it will use a federal grant to identify issues in local farming communities. Source: Eugene pesticides nonprofit gets EPA grant for local farm worker assessment – News – The Register-Guard – Eugene, OR

Navigating the arduous insurance enrollment maze

Deadlines loom for local retirees and low-income residents signing up for Medicare and Oregon Health Plan coverage, respectively, for 2020. Source: Navigating the arduous insurance enrollment maze – News – The Register-Guard – Eugene, OR

Guest View: Arguments over our future

Tomorrow, the Oregon Supreme Court will hear arguments in Chernaik v. Brown, a case brought by two Eugene youth challenging the state’s failure to implement a scientifically defensible plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The case will be heard at 9:30 a.m. at David Douglas High School in Portland. Source: Guest View: Arguments over our […]
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‘Dreamer’ stands up to emphasize DACA’s importance

State Library Ed. Note: Story contains population statistic regarding the number of DACA recipients in Oregon. On Tuesday, the Supreme Court plans to hear oral arguments on whether the Trump administration’s Sept. 5, 2017, termination of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program was unlawful. On the eve of the U.S. Supreme Court hearing that […]
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Don Kahle: Blue state antics – Opinion

Oregon is a blue state. All but one of our Congresspeople are Democrats. Every statewide elected office is held by a Democrat, except one. The state hasn’t given its electoral votes to a Republican presidential candidate in decades. Our state Legislature is solidly Democrat in both chambers. When it comes to statewide policies, Democrats are […]
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Lane County wants state to instigate homeless death count

Multnomah County was able to create a process to account for people who died while homeless and just released its eighth report. Horrific, unusual and public deaths of people who are homeless force the community, policymakers and activists to pay attention. Source: Lane County wants state to instigate homeless death count – News – The […]
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Public input meetings set for proposed Mount Jefferson wilderness recreation fees

There’s still time left for Oregonians to say their peace about the proposed special recreation permit fees for nearby wilderness areas which will start next year. The Willamette National Forest will have two open houses for the public to learn more about the fee structure for limited entry to Mount Jefferson, Mount Washington and Three […]
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Regulators reassign Oregon Health Plan members in Lane County

Starting Jan. 1, Lane County residents who are on the Oregon Health Plan and had received their primary care from a Trillium-affiliated doctor will shift over to PacificSource, state regulators said Monday. The announcement is the latest fallout from the recent severing of ties between Trillium and PeaceHealth, the county’s largest health care provider. Source: […]
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As climate warnings grow more dire, Oregon struggles to live up to emissions promises

As climate warnings grow more dire, Oregon struggles to live up to emissions promises. Oregon is not on track to meet the emissions goals it set for itself, and as the U.S. plans to leave the world climate stage, environmentalists worry the state is falling behind. Source: As climate warnings grow more dire, Oregon struggles […]
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Study finds ‘porch pirates’ active in Oregon

Study finds ‘porch pirates’ active in Oregon. With another holiday shopping season almost upon us, officials are encouraging local residents to protect themselves against so-called porch pirates. The reminder comes as a new study shows that Oregonians could be at high risk of package theft. Source: Study finds ‘porch pirates’ active in Oregon – News […]
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