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In pursuit of big profits, hemp growers blaze a perilous new path in Northwest agriculture

On a foggy November day, farm workers take clippers to a field of bushy green plants, snipping tops full of flower buds dotted with flecks of sticky resin. By the end of the day, the cuttings dry inside a southeast Portland warehouse, hanging from tall plastic trellises like aromatic curtains. Source: In pursuit of big […]
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Tall buildings out of timber? In the face of climate change, Seattle encourages it

The loggers who worked in Ballard when it was Shingletown, a center of the national timber industry, are long gone. And only a few wooden landmarks of the timber heyday, mostly churches, still exist on Ballard’s low-slung skyline. But as concerns over climate change give new life to wooden building design, that could change. In the […]
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Climate change threatens health in Pacific Northwest

Around this time last year, news outlets blared alarming headlines: Breathing the air outside was as bad as smoking several cigarettes. Wildfire haze blotted out the sun and turned the moon orange. Weather apps simply listed the forecast as “smoke.” Just because this summer has been clear, though, doesn’t mean that the environment is doing […]
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Why districts spend millions to keep homeless students in place: ‘Changing schools is the last thing we want’

In Washington, school districts estimate they spent over $31.5 million on transportation for homeless students. Early signs from Northern Nevada suggest that such a bet isn’t a waste. Just after sunrise on a chilly winter morning, Nene and her four children — the youngest securely tucked in a stroller — set out from their temporary […]
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An elected official bullies the free press — in small-town Oregon

Journalists should not be — and cannot be — kept from seeking the truth by officials using the government’s power to block their investigations. Newspapers and other professional news organizations aim to factually report the news, which often includes shining light on the actions of public officials. That glare of public scrutiny doesn’t always set […]
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Earthquake-warning system that could provide smartphone alerts to Pacific Northwest gets funding boost

An updated alert system should be able to provide critical seconds of warning before an earthquake’s most destructive shaking. Source: Earthquake-warning system that could provide smartphone alerts to Pacific Northwest gets funding boost | The Seattle Times

‘I didn’t know where to look for him’: ICE ships kids across the country to Pacific Northwest jails

Last year, a North Carolina 17-year-old called his mom from jail. Victor had been charged with various crimes, including four counts of breaking or entering a motor vehicle. But now the teen, brought to the U.S. from Mexico as a small child, had something else to reckon with. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) was taking […]
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Problems with Washington’s new $9.5M voter-registration system leave officials racing to get ballots printed, mailed

County officials across Washington are racing to enter a backlog of voter-registration data into a new statewide elections system in time to get ballots printed and mailed by mid-July, for the Aug. 6 primary. That backlog — information such as new registrations and changes of address for more than 16,000 voters in King County alone — comes after […]
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Seattle unprepared for deadly heat waves made worse by global warming, researchers say

Hotter days and nights are predicted in Seattle as the planet warms. By 2100, hundreds more people could die in heat waves if no action is taken, according to a new study. Hundreds of Seattleites are projected to die in severe heat waves as the globe warms. How much humans limit greenhouse gas emissions will […]
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Chinook bust on the Columbia: Spring returns worse than forecast on Northwest’s largest river

Lower-than-predicted spring chinook runs to the Columbia River are puzzling fish managers and frustrating fishermen. Darren Ogden hefted the big chinook salmon, meaty and lustrous, a rare and welcome sight in a bad year for returns of adult spring chinook. Fish managers have had to downgrade their forecasts regarding spring chinook returning to the Columbia […]
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