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Oregon House Will Vote Today on Bill That Allows Nearly Unlimited Personal Use of Campaign Funds

Under current Oregon law, if a candidate converts campaign funds to personal use—to put an addition on his house, buy herself a new car, or just go to Las Vegas for a trip unrelated to a campaign—the penalty is stiff. The candidate must repay the amount spent on personal use, as well as pay a […]
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Medical Marijuana is Dying in Oregon. That’s No Way To Treat Our Pioneers.

Thousands of patients are without the growers who have provided their medicine for years. As a kid growing up in Roseburg, I thought a “green card” meant a medical marijuana card. By the time I was in high school in the mid-2000s, it didn’t matter what type of family you came from, or how deeply […]
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The First Automated Truck in Oregon Has Already Been Tested on I-84

Portland is about to become a proving ground for driverless cars—or, as the industry prefers to call them, “autonomous vehicles.” Mayor Ted Wheeler last week announced he was moving forward with plans to have privately operated driverless cars on Portland streets by the end of the year. Source: The First Automated Truck in Oregon Has […]
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Economist: Salem Transportation Package Won’t Solve Traffic Bottlenecks 

Economist Joe Cortright argues that the proposed expansions will result in more driving but not a faster commute. Lawmakers are touting a proposed Salem transportation package that would spend $1 billion to widen  I-5 near the Rose Quarter, Highway 217 south of Beaverton and I-205 near Oregon City as a way to address traffic congestion. Source: Economist: […]
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House Mistakenly Passes Bill That Would Allow Drones to Fire Bullets at Wolves, Other Wildlife Predators

Measure relaxes earlier prohibitions on use of unmanned aircraft in Oregon skies but is expected to be amended in Senate. The Oregon House yesterday passed House Bill 3047, which explicitly expands the permitted use of drones in Oregon airspace and, according to the bill summary, allows the “use of unmanned aircraft system capable of firing […]
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The Number of Oregon Mental Health Workers is Not Keeping Up With the Need

–The good news: More patients get services. The bad news: Caseloads are overwhelming and pay is lagging. – A new report from the American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees presents some good news—the vast expansion of the Oregon Health Plan means that Oregonians requiring mental health services are much more likely to see […]
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State Contractor Told Worker To “Hit The F***ing Road” With Safety Concerns – Willamette Week

A story in the Northwest Labor Press today has worrisome new details regarding a February accident at the Ross Island Bridge, in which a father fell forty feet onto his son, who was working at the site for the same company, an out-of-state business with a $22 million contract with the Oregon Department of Transportation. […]
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One Factor in Oregon’s Dropping Jobless Rate? Legal Weed

As the Oregon unemployment rates drops below 4 percent for the first time in state history, weed keeps growing as a job sector. Source: One Factor in Oregon’s Dropping Jobless Rate? Legal Weed – Willamette Week

Portland Meadows and the Oregon Lottery Desperately Seek Answers for a New Casino Across the River

Portland Meadows, the only commercial horse-racing track in Oregon, celebrated its 70th birthday last year. Source: Portland Meadows and the Oregon Lottery Desperately Seek Answers for a New Casino Across the River – Willamette Week

New Study Says Undocumented Workers Pay $81 Million in Oregon Taxes Each Year

No papers does not mean no taxes, think-tank says. Janet Bauer, the analyst for OCPP, a left-leaning think tank, who prepared the report, writes that 116,000 undocumented residents in Oregon would pay nearly 50 percent more in taxes—up to $119 million a year—if they could gain legal status. Source: New Study Says Undocumented Workers Pay […]
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