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The controversy over land use that transformed Wilsonville

Fateful decision on siting of Coffee Creek prison played big role in the growth of the city. Once the timer was set, City of Wilsonville officials scrambled. They could ill afford to let the clock strike zero. Source: Pamplin Media Group – The controversy over land use that transformed Wilsonville

First day in office

Wilsonville freshmen reps are sworn in, look forward to legislative session. Two recently elected women have officially begun their first term representing Wilsonville on the Oregon State Legislature. Source: Pamplin Media Group – First day in office

Finding a middle ground

Two sides of conflict collaborate on proposed riverrule changes in Wilsonville area Source: Pamplin Media Group – Finding a middle ground

Hearing pits residents against business interests

Hundreds show up to public hearing about Aurora Airport runway extension grant. Source: Hearing pits residents against business interests

Study says city fails to maximize river

Plenty of untapped economic potential in Willamette River, mostly in recreation. According to a recent study, Wilsonville — as well as Clackamas County as a whole — is not maximizing the economic potential of the Willamette River. Source: Study says city fails to maximize river

I-5 bridge lane project passes hurdle

Project for Wilsonville’s Boone Bridge now on state’s list but may have 25-year wait for funds. The Oregon Transportation Commission passed an amendment in July to add a project that would seismically retrofit Boone Bridge and build an I-5 southbound auxiliary lane onto the state’s project queue. Source: Pamplin Media Group – I-5 bridge lane […]
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Wilsonville contests airport extension

Oregon requests federal grant for Aurora runway that would allow larger planes to land. The Oregon Department of Aviation is once again pushing for funding to build an extension of the Aurora Airport runway and the City of Wilsonville is once again objecting to the effort. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Wilsonville contests airport extension

Wilsonville Planning Commission concerned about accessory dwelling units

Wilsonville Planning Commission members object to altering lot coverage rules for tiny homes. Regarding legislation to ease accessory dwelling unit (ADU) requirements, the Wilsonville Planning Commission and the City of Wilsonville do not appear to be on the same page. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Wilsonville Planning Commission concerned about accessory dwelling units

Coffee Creek inmates help sustain endangered butterflies

‘I can tell friends and family that while in the midst of being in a correctional facility, I’m doing something that’s very impactful.’ Through the entrance, security checkpoint, spacious halls and to the left of the common area resides remnants of a typical science classroom: microscopes, graphics, a white board and insect containers. Source: Pamplin […]
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Lack of shutoffs for pipeline troubles Wilsonville

City officials wants Kinder Morgan to add safety devices to high-pressure pipeline The City of Wilsonville is concerned about a Kinder Morgan high-pressure gas pipeline flowing near its water treatment facility that — if it ruptures — could compromise Wilsonville citizens’ water and the water of many more Portland metro area residents following an expansion […]
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