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Governor’s budget addresses $950M Oregon Medicaid budget hole – Portland Business Journal

The funding package is broader based and longer-term than the last time around. Please contact the State Library for access to this premium story from the Portland Business Journal. or 503-378-8800 or order directly via the link below: Request full-text (for State Agency Patrons only) Source: Governor’s budget addresses $950M Oregon Medicaid budget hole […]
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Final ICE Detainees Leave Federal Prison In Sheridan, Oregon 

The last ICE detainee being housed at the federal prison in Sheridan, Oregon, was transferred on Wednesday to the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, Washington. Source: Final ICE Detainees Leave Federal Prison In Sheridan, Oregon . News | OPB

Exclusive poll: America sours on social media giants – Axios

Americans are waking up to dark side of the technologies that play big roles in their daily lives. Silicon Valley has a big and growing problem: Americans have rising concerns with its most popular products and a growing majority wants big social media companies regulated, according to new poll conducted by Survey Monkey for “Axios […]
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eClips Tip – Native American Heritage Month

November is Native American Heritage Month.  The Oregon Government Publications digital collection contains a number of documents regarding Oregon’s Native American tribes. A 1951 report on the Indian fishery at Celilo Falls on the Columbia River is of special interest.  It includes photographs of this lost resource, along with descriptions and statistics about the fishery.  […]
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eClips Tip – Are You Ready for the 2019 Session?

Well, if you aren’t or just need a refresher, the State Library is offering 4 training classes in January to help. Two classes will be short mini-trainings, delivered remotely, that are 1 hour in length. The remain two will be in-person, two-hour classes.  We will discuss looking backwards (legislative histories), current (identifying and tracking current […]
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Leaky Dam Repairs Will Temporarily Lower Bend, Oregon’s Mirror Pond

Pacific Power says refacing the century-old dam in steel will create a mud flat around Bend’s central pond for two weeks. Crews are set to begin repairs on a leaky dam in Bend, Oregon, this week. In a press release, Pacific Power said the leak does not pose a safety risk, or weaken the structural integrity […]
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Few People Want to Be Poll Workers. That’s a Problem.

State Library Ed. Note: Oregon is obviously vote-by-mail, but is there a shortage of individuals assisting local government election officials? Poll workers can be the difference between a smooth election and long lines, mass confusion and miscounted ballots. But poll workers are older, less prepared and becoming scarcer. Local election officials are dealing with a […]
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6 Children From Washington Hit With Rare Disease Similar To Polio

A rare disease similar to polio appears to be spiking. Six children from Washington have been hospitalized so far this year. All told, 16 states have confirmed a total of 38 cases of acute flaccid myelitis in 2018. It’s not a new condition, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the increase is not normal. Source: […]
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Eugene to host annual convention for leaders of Oregon cities

More than 700 officials from cities around Oregon will be in town starting Thursday for an annual conference.Eugene is this year’s host for the League of Oregon Cities 93rd Annual Conference with mayors, city councilors, city managers and department directors from Oregon’s 241 incorporated cities scheduled to attend. Eugene last hosted the conference in 2014. […]
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Flu season arrives. Here’s what you need to know. 

You know what season it is. That’s right, flu season. Early fall is the best time to get a flu shot, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If you can get one by the end of October, that’s your best bet because the number of people with flu peaks in the winter […]
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