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Environmental Legislation

-Nonprofits talk pesticides, wildlife removal budget cuts and green jobs- Virtually no protections are in place to safeguard watersheds and streams — both sources of drinking water in Oregon — from being contaminated by herbicides, says Jason Gonzales of Oregon Wild. This is just one of the pressing issues that environmental protection bills in Oregon’s […]
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New Hands-Free Laws Likely Coming Soon For Northwest Drivers 

Washington state lawmakers sent a distracted driving crackdown to the governor’s desk late Wednesday. And lawmakers in Oregon are steadily steering their own version of this through legislative committees. The final tally in the Washington state Senate was overwhelming. Senators voted 39-10 to forbid handling a phone for any reason while behind the wheel — […]
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Many bills beat deadline and live on in Legislature

Under legislative rules, most bills not yet passed from one chamber to another are now dead for the session. Tuesday was the deadline in the Oregon Legislative Assembly for policy bills to move out of the chamber where they originated, or into one of a handful of key committees. With the exception of bills assigned […]
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Legislative update: What’s happening with gun control, health care, transparency bills

Gun control and health care reform were front and center during legislative discussions over the past week, while three government transparency bills died in the Senate, never having received a committee vote. In order to have a shot at passage this session, each bill has to be voted out by a House or Senate committee […]
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2017 Oregon Legislature: Senate

2017 Oregon Legislature: Senate – SLIDE SHOW Source: 2017 Oregon Legislature: Senate

2017 Oregon Legislature: House of Representatives

2017 Oregon Legislature: House of Representatives – SLIDE SHOW Source: 2017 Oregon Legislature: House of Representatives

A Bill To Hike Oregon Income Taxes Isn’t What It Seems

Oregon lawmakers briefly considered a measure Thursday that would have hiked the income tax on wealthy Oregonians. But the bill may live to see another day. House Revenue Committee Chair Phil Barnhart quickly ended a hearing on the bill that would have created a new, larger tax bracket for people earning more than $250,000 per […]
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Editorial: Legislature needs a better tax plan

Oregon lawmakers won’t get another revenue forecast until May 16. Until then, it appears they’re filling at least some of their days by proposing tax increases on everything from coffee to property. It’s time they got a grip and produced a serious plan that addresses the state’s financial problems in a coherent manner. Source: Editorial: […]
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Oregon Legislative Update

Oregon lawmakers have been at work for about three months now during the 2017 Legislative session. We’ll get an update from OPB political reporter Chris Lehman about how they’re moving forward with health, education, corporate taxes and the $1.6 billion budget gap. Source: Oregon Legislative Update | The Nez Perce War . Radio | OPB

State representative from Woodburn updates consituents on legislative work

Rep. Teresa Alonso Leon hosting ‘Tea with Teresa’ Tuesday evening in Woodburn Another month in the Legislature has flown past as I have been hard at work to pass legislation that benefits our community. Here are a few of the exciting bills and projects that I have been working on. Source: Oregon Local News – […]
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