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Officials plan joint meeting on expanding land for reload facility

The Malheur County Court and Nyssa City Council are set to revisit the issue of expanding the city’s urban growth boundary to accommodate the planned development of the Treasure Valley Reload Center, north of town, adding to the acreage to be put within the boundary. Source: Officials plan joint meeting on expanding land for reload […]
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Oregon gas laws: Much ado about pumping

Surge of stories mock Oregonians for their outrage over a self-serve gas station law, but actually, most Oregonians still won’t pump their own gas. Source: Oregon gas laws: Much ado about pumping

Oregon VA launches new grant program

The Oregon Department of Veterans’ Affairs is now seeking grant proposals from nonprofits and other service providers who want to help expand needed services for Oregon veterans. Source: Oregon VA launches new grant program

Not many want to handle to self-service gas

Among the new laws taking effect in Oregon with the advent of 2018, is a rule permitting 24-hour self-serve gas at rural stations, but at least across Lake County its impact is minimal. Source: Not many want to handle to self-service gas

Oregon Senate GOP touts new laws due Jan. 1

Oregon Senate Republicans on Tuesday touted a wide range of legislation that takes effect Jan. 1, stressing the bipartisan nature of new laws that tackle issues ranging from combating sex trafficking to helping veterans and those in need while boosting public safety and government transparency. Source: Oregon Senate GOP touts new laws due Jan. 1

Doherty talks legislative successes, opioids at Tigard Rotary

At a Rotary Club of Tigard luncheon Thursday, Oct. 26, state Rep. Margaret Doherty responded to President Donald Trump’s designation of opioid abuse and addiction as a national emergency, agreeing that it has reached an “epidemic” level and pointing to the Oregon Legislature’s work this year in attempting to limit prescriptions of opiate painkillers. Source: […]
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Report: Oregon incarceration rate expected to fall 11 percent

After years of growth, Oregon prisons are expected to see a “dramatically lower” number of inmates wover the next 10 years. The incarceration rate — inmates versus the state’s general population — is expected to fall 11 percent. Source: Report: Oregon incarceration rate expected to fall 11 percent

Here are some of the dozens of new Oregon laws taking effect next week

Hundreds of bills made it through the the state legislature and were signed by Gov. Brown this year, and many of them are going into effect on Oct. 6. Source: Here are some of the dozens of new Oregon laws taking effect next week

Representatives provide legislative updates at County Commissioners

State Representatives Cliff Bentz and Werner Reschke were present at the Lake County Commissioners regular session on Tuesday, Sept. 5 to give a presentation about what was done at the previous legislative session. The first topic that they addressed was Medicaid population, which saw 300,000 added while unfunded reliability is rising. Oregon Measure 98 toward technical […]
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Lawmakers return to Salem to get jump on 2018 shortened session

State lawmakers will return to Salem this week for legislative days — approving executive appointments, discussing timely issues and getting a jump start on bills they want to push through in next year’s shorter legislative session. “The mindset has to be to start to get ready for next season,” said Senate President Peter Courtney, D-Salem. “This is the […]
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