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Legislative update: Bill limiting antibiotics for farm animals creates rural-urban divide 

An Oregon Senate committee last week heard arguments about a bill that would limit antibiotic use in farm animals. Source: Legislative update: Bill limiting antibiotics for farm animals creates rural-urban divide | Oregon Politics | nrtoday.com

Reschke seeks comments on three water bills 

In response to a series of three water-related bills, Rep. Reschke, R-Klamath Falls, is calling for comments from local landowners and water users. Source: Reschke seeks comments on three water bills | Agriculture | heraldandnews.com

Barreto seeks comments on water bills

Republican Rep. Greg Barreto of Cove is seeking comment from local landowners and water users on three water bills. Barreto in a written statement said House Bill 2705 would require measurement and annual reporting of all diversions of water after 2020; HB 2706 would impose an annual $100 “management fee” on each water right certificate, […]
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Editorial: Budget path still open for Legislature

Normally, polls taken by various groups during the heat of a legislative session need to be taken with a grain of salt, or two: You need to view them through the lens of the group that’s paid for the poll. What is the group’s agenda? How do the poll results tie into that agenda? And […]
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Lawmakers tackle domestic violence, addiction issues, westside bypass at Beaverton town hall

New revenue — that was the message heard over and over again Thursday night at Beaverton High School, as almost a dozen suburban lawmakers showed up to hear from constituents. While topics ranged widely — from music in the schools, to support for caregivers, to cannabis sales — the refrain remained the same: Oregon needs […]
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Oregon Legislature Wraps Up 1st Month Of 2017 Session

The Oregon Legislature wrapped up its first month of the 2017 session last week, and the state’s ongoing housing crisis, budget issues and changes proposed by the new White House administration have dominated discussions in Salem thus far. Here’s a recap of some of the biggest proposals most recently debated and what’s coming up next […]
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Editorial: No limits on noneconomic damages is damaging

When Oregon juries decide a person has been damaged by negligence, they can award as much as they choose for economic damages. Those are the hard, identifiable costs such as medical bills, loss of income and future lost earnings. But the state has a $500,000 limit on the amount juries can award for noneconomic damages, […]
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Editorial: The Legislature’s welcome mat for robots

The Oregon Legislature’s “Robot Replacement Act” had a hearing Monday. Senate Bill 828 actually doesn’t mention robots at all. Its purpose is to protect workers with more predictable scheduling and bolster the progressive resumes of those who support it. But in its own way, the bill is going to encourage some employers to automate functions […]
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The most unusual bills from Oregon’s 2017 legislative session

It’s that time of year again, when Oregon’s legislative session begins and the bills and resolutions pour in. Most of the measures introduced will never become laws. But that doesn’t mean they won’t give it a good effort. Source: The most unusual bills from Oregon’s 2017 legislative session | OregonLive.com

Courtney says Legislature faces unprecedented workload

Veteran Senate president lists six big issues facing lawmakers this session. The Oregon Legislature faces an unprecedented workload, but is chipping away on six different fronts, according to its most experienced member. As a legislator, “I’ve never moved on as many fronts in my life,” said Senate President Peter Courtney. “I’ve never seen a Legislature […]
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