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Boozy twilight brunch for Oregon eclipsers

The influx of eclipse viewers resulted in a 43 percent increase in liquor sales over the same time last year. Eclipse chasers in Oregon got their drink on Monday morning — especially in the path of totality. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Boozy twilight brunch for Oregon eclipsers

Planning pays off for eclipse rush – Opinion

While the total number of visitors has yet to be figured, communities in Eastern Oregon say they are pleased with how they handled the total solar eclipse. After months of bracing for massive crowds, gnarled traffic and barren supermarket shelves, it turns out rural Eastern Oregon was more than prepared to handle the influx of […]
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Watching the Eclipse in Oregon – Nicholas Kristof Column

It was a lovely August morning here in Salem, with a warm sun blazing from a blue sky, when the world began to end. Or that’s what it felt like. Imperceptibly the sky darkened, and instead of growing hotter, the air grew cool. It was as if dusk began at 9:30 a.m. Then, abruptly, in […]
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Hospitals prepped — and spent big — for the eclipse. It was a bust

Some U.S. hospitals spent months planning for Monday’s events, which brought swarms of traffic to small towns and cities. It was an expensive two minutes. St. Charles Health System in central Oregon canceled elective surgeries to get ready for a rush of patients and increased emergency and acute care staff by nearly 40 percent. Source: […]
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2017 solar eclipse: Signs your eyes were burned by the sun

The glow of the solar eclipse dimmed Monday for some people who didn’t properly protect their eyes. Several sun gazers wandered into the mobile medical van at the OMSI Solar Eclipse Viewing Party in Salem to complain about headaches, dry eyes and blurry vision. Source: 2017 solar eclipse: Signs your eyes were burned by the […]
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Crowds gather at Capitol to view eclipse

Officials prepped about a year, though things seemed more subdued in Salem than some had feared. For about two minutes Monday morning, Oregon’s capital went dark during the first total solar eclipse to hit the continental U.S. since 1979. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Crowds gather at Capitol to view eclipse

Post-eclipse traffic jams reported near prime viewing spots across Oregon

They came, they saw, then they clogged the roads. Thousands of motorists in Oregon played a prolonged game of “hurry up and wait” after Monday morning’s solar eclipse, with substantial traffic slowdowns reported on Interstate 5, state highways and local streets that hordes of skygazers took back home. Source: Post-eclipse traffic jams reported near prime […]
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What happens to solar power in an eclipse?

Unlike most eclipse-watchers in the United States, Eric Schmitt wouldn’t mind seeing a few clouds in the sky when the moon starts blotting out the sun Monday. “A cloudy morning might even be helpful for us,” he said.That’s because, as the vice president for operations at the California Independent System Operator, which oversees the state’s […]
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Eclipse makes for spotty sales

Weekend was quiet in Bend stores, pubs. Whether the eclipse boosted or stifled business in Central Oregon depended a lot on what was for sale and where. Tourists snatching up eclipse souvenirs drove up sales at The Bend Store downtown four-fold, owner Delia Paine said. “We had a phenomenal week,” she said. “We were open […]
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Hospitals quiet after heavy eclipse prep

Influx of patients never came. There was more action outside St. Charles Bend during the eclipse Monday than inside the hospital as a projected influx of patients never materialized. Doctors and nurses, patients and staff took advantage of the unexpected slowdown to gather outside the hospital and on balconies to watch the celestial event. Source: […]
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