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2017 solar eclipse was one of most-watched events in American history, survey finds 

For one ineffable moment, the nation stood united in the shadow of the moon. “We’re all together” during a total solar eclipse. That was Mike Kentrianakis’s promise. It was July 2017, just over a month before the moon was due to pass between the sun and the Earth and cast its long shadow across the width of […]
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Oregon Spent $260,000 For Military Backup During Eclipse

The Oregon Military Department is requesting an extra $260,724 for its current budget in order to pay for the costs of managing the crowds during the Aug. 21 total solar eclipse. Source: Oregon Spent $260,000 For Military Backup During Eclipse

What did Central Oregon’s agencies learn from the eclipse?

Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office talks traffic, coordination during phenomenon. Two months after tens of thousands of visitors descended on Central Oregon for the total solar eclipse, officials from across the region are beginning to take stock of how well they managed traffic, crime and other hazards before, during and after the celestial phenomenon. Source: What […]
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Bend tourism businesses tally losses in August

Lackluster eclipse turnout, smoke ended summer season early. With thousands of people slated to visit Central Oregon for the total solar eclipse, August should have been another banner month for the region’s tourism businesses. Instead, the end of the season came early, as the number of eclipse visitors in Deschutes County was underwhelming, and wildfire […]
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Eclipse liquor sales; and Sam Bass’ magical legacy — Opinion

The solar eclipse had more in common with a college football game than I had previously appreciated. Both, it seems, require a certain level of liquid lubrication among some of the spectators. I recently received a typically informative, and entertaining, email from perhaps my favorite state agency — the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC). Source: […]
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Preparation for eclipse saved state | Guest Editorial

As the moon slipped across the sun Monday, many who had felt entirely lukewarm about the historical event admitted they were surprised by just how darn cool and awe-inspiring the total eclipse truly was. Some cried, some felt odd sensations and some marveled at the shadows. But no one was surprised by what happened as […]
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Planning pays off for eclipse rush

While the total number of visitors has yet to be figured, communities in Eastern Oregon say they are pleased with how they handled the total solar eclipse. After months of bracing for massive crowds, gnarled traffic and barren supermarket shelves, it turns out rural Eastern Oregon was more than prepared to handle the influx of […]
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Eclipse Chasers Leave Little Damage Behind On Oregon’s Wild Lands

Patrick Lair with the U.S. Forest Service drove into the Ochoco National Forest to see how things looked after hosting thousands of eclipse visitors. He drove the same road on Wednesday that more than 30,000 people took to get into the massive Symbiosis Festival on Big Summit Prairie – a patch of private land in […]
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It wasn’t your imagination: Thousands more vehicles entered Oregon during eclipse weekend

Nearly 10 percent more than last year crossed over during the same three-day span Oregon may have avoided the worst-case scenario of 1 million visitors clogging the roads before and after Monday’s total solar eclipse. But in the three days before the event, thousands more motorists drove into the state through its busiest entry points […]
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ODOT charts of speed on northbound I-5 after solar eclipse in Salem

Just how slow was traffic out of Salem after Monday’s eclipse? Source: ODOT charts of speed on northbound I-5 after solar eclipse in Salem