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As I See It: More fights ahead over health care

With the passage of Measure 101, many Oregonians can count again on some degree of health care security. At the national level, however, the president and Congress can dismantle Obamacare without major legislative actions, simply by withholding funding, not implementing regulations, and gutting the insurance mandate clause. Source: As I See It: More fights ahead […]
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My View: Single-payer health care cuts costs

Insurance administrators are not evil. They are, rather, a product of our uniquely dysfunctional health care system. Measure 101 barely saved Oregon’s Medicaid funding for two years, but our health care (like that in the 49 other states) is still the world’s most expensive. Source: My View: Single-payer health care cuts costs

What’s the Matter With Malheur? Oregon Counties With the Most to Lose If Measure 101 Failed Still Voted Against It

An exercise in futility, brought to voters by lawmakers preaching frugality, was awfully expensive. Many of the counties that benefited most from Measure 101 voted against it. Last week, Oregon voters resoundingly approved Measure 101 by a margin of 61.6 percent to 38.4 percent. The people who most need health care in Oregon will keep […]
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Measure 101 victory doesn’t end Medicaid funding woes

Oregon Health Plan faces shortfalls in 2020 as federal share shrinks and parts of current funding package expire. Source: Measure 101 victory doesn’t end Medicaid funding woes

Guest Opinion: DeBoer played both sides

You may be surprised to know that Alan DeBoer voted in the State Senate against the health care funding plan that Oregon voters just approved in Measure 101. The plan was called House Bill 2391 and, despite DeBoer’s opposition, it passed the Legislature and ensured coverage for 350,000 Oregonians. Opponents then put it on the […]
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Editorial: 101’s passage gives a break to legislators

It is an odd sensation: While we were pleased to see Measure 101 pass in Tuesday’s election, the campaign left a bit of a sour aftertaste. You recall Measure 101: At issue were two taxes, part of a funding plan passed by the 2017 Legislature to help pay for the state’s expansion of its Medicaid […]
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Include better leadership more professionalism, with more tax funds | Editorials

Success of Measure 101 shouldn’t be seen as an “everything’s fine in state government” assessment. Voters faced a tough choice and decided approving taxes on medical organizations, including hospitals, was better than taking a chance that the lack of funds could mean a loss of health services for low-income people or stripping away money from […]
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And a little something on the voting pattern… | Editorials

It’s usually interesting going over the vote totals of elections and see where the “yes” and “no” votes came from and look for something out of the norm. There weren’t any big surprises Tuesday, though maybe a few minor ones. Source: And a little something on the voting pattern… | Editorials | heraldandnews.com

Since You Asked: Second District voters supported Measure 101

A: How did Congressman Greg Walden’s district vote on the referendum for Measure 101? A: Dave, we can’t give you a precise number just yet, so you’ll have to settle for the news that it’s almost certain the 2nd Congressional District supported Measure 101, which imposed a tax on hospitals and insurance companies to help […]
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Congrats, Measure 101 supporters. Now it’s time for a real fix: Editorial

Supporters of a tax package for Medicaid have reason to celebrate after Tuesday’s special election. The passage of Measure 101, which sought voters’ approval of controversial provisions in the package, saves legislators from having to find some other way to fill a $210 million to $320 million gap in its Medicaid budget. Source: Congrats, Measure […]
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