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Oregon Senate Republicans’ walkout could kill hundreds of bills

Oregon lawmakers took the first step this week toward passing a far-reaching family and medical leave insurance plan that was years in the making and could impact the lives of workers across the state. “At some of the most difficult stressful times of their lives, when the people they love need them the very most, […]
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Multnomah County leader calls planned state mental health cuts ‘devastating’

Lawmakers in control of the state budget are eyeing multimillion-dollar cuts to county mental health care programs, reductions that advocates and other legislators say are hypocritical and harmful — and based upon flawed assumptions. Source: Multnomah County leader calls planned state mental health cuts ‘devastating’ – oregonlive.com

Senate Republican walkout continues Monday

A legislation-stalling walkout by the 11 Republicans in the Oregon Senate continued Monday, with no end in sight. The political standoff over a massive bill to regulate carbon emissions has drawn attention from national political figures and media outlets. Source: Senate Republican walkout continues Monday – oregonlive.com

Oregon Senate Republicans are a no-show at Sunday floor session

Oregon Senate Republicans continued their boycott of the Legislature during a floor session Sunday. “We’re not gonna get a quorum,” Senate President Peter Courtney, D-Salem, said, before gaveling out until 10 a.m. Monday. Source: Oregon Senate Republicans are a no-show at Sunday floor session – oregonlive.com

Editorial: Ditch the theatrics, Senate Republicans, and return to the business of legislating

Last week’s walkout by Senate Republicans is, in the words of Sen. Tim Knopp of Bend, a “peaceful protest” – a last-ditch effort to pressure Democrats into amending a cap-and-trade bill that threatens to economically pummel rural industries and residents. Source: Editorial: Ditch the theatrics, Senate Republicans, and return to the business of legislating – […]
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Editorial: Legislature shows poor commitment to transparency

The Oregon Legislature’s interest in improving government transparency is as shallow as it can be to keep up appearances. The latest evidence is in the fate of House Bill 2431. The bill is a product of the committee the Legislature set up to take a look at government transparency. And the Legislature is treating a […]
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Your View: Republican senators are doing their jobs

Your editorial on Friday deserves a response to “Republican senators, do your jobs.” I would state they are! I would ask the Democratic super-majority, why aren’t you? I have grown up with the belief that you should always work to listen to the minority’s opinions, respect all points of view and work together to come […]
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Oregon legislators abandon bill removing non-medical vaccine exemption

As an organization invested in the health of every person in our communities, we were extremely disappointed to that the Oregon Legislature abandoned HB 3063, a bill that would have eliminated parents’ ability to opt out of vaccinating their children prior to school attendance without a medical exemption. Source: Oregon legislators abandon bill removing non-medical […]
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Oregon Senate Republicans still absent, no clear path forward

Oregon Senate Republicans continued their walkout from Senate floor sessions for the second day on Friday, avoiding Oregon State Police and thwarting Democrats who want to pass an economy-wide greenhouse gas emissions cap-and-trade bill. Republicans want to change House Bill 2020, saying they have been alternatively cut out of the process or their suggestions have been dismissed by […]
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Editorial: House should let petition bill die

It’s clearly not enough for the Oregon Legislature’s Democrats that they can impose new taxes, raise old taxes and otherwise make mischief pretty much at will this year. They’re also doing what they can to make it harder for ordinary citizens to try to challenge bills adopted by the Legislature. Thus Senate Bill 761, which […]
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