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Bill to aid Sky Lakes in recruiting physicians passes House

A bill that will aid Sky Lakes Medical Center in attracting physicians to Klamath Falls has passed the state House. HB 2847 passed in a unanimous vote on the House Floor on Monday. The bill was chief-sponsored by Rep. E. Werner Reschke, R-Klamath Falls. Source: Bill to aid Sky Lakes in recruiting physicians passes House […]
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Bills for cross-state licensing still alive

House Bill 2457, one of four “border bills” moving through the Legislature, was heard by the Senate Education Committee on Tuesday. With no opposition, it now awaits further action by the committee. The bill was passed earlier in the House. As written, the bill directs the Department of Education and education license agencies to facilitate […]
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Editorial: Expand affordable housing program across state

Redmond is in. Bend is in. Every other city in Oregon is out, and the Legislature should change that. The 2016 Legislature created a pilot program effort to ease the state’s affordable housing crunch. Under it, two cities, one large, with a population over 25,000, and one small, would be able to annex land for […]
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Editorial: Legislature shouldn’t pass unfair tax

Employees of businesses with thin profit margins should start worrying about what the Oregon Legislature is scheming to do to their jobs. House Bill 3427 creates a tax that will make it even harder for those businesses to prosper. The Legislature is not going to be able to come up with a tax everyone likes. […]
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Mortgage Tax Deduction | Women’s Basketball | School Boards – OPB’s Think Out Loud

Should high-income homeowners and people who own more than one home continue to get tax breaks? Some Democratic lawmakers in Salem want to get rid of Oregon’s mortgage interest deduction for people who own second homes and for those who earn more than $250,000 a year. Republicans who oppose the change say it opens the […]
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Senate takes it easier on juvenile offenders 

Oregon’s initiative process allows the people to enact laws directly when the Legislature cannot or will not do so. On Tuesday, the Senate voted to change Ballot Measure 11 to be more lenient toward juvenile offenders 25 years after voters passed it. It was the right thing to do. Senate Bill 1008 — actually a […]
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Editorial: Legislature draws a bead on plastic straws

This likely isn’t the most important issue facing the 2019 session of the Oregon Legislature, but it’s still been interesting to watch the progress of the handful of bills filed (seven, by our admittedly unscientific count) that target plastic. Source: Editorial: Legislature draws a bead on plastic straws | Editorial | gazettetimes.com

Editorial: Trump tax bill belongs in Congress, not the Legislature

Before we get too deep into the weeds today, let’s be clear about one point: We believe that candidates for the presidency of the United States should, as a matter of course, release their tax returns. But we also believe that a proposal before the Legislature that would require candidates for president and vice president […]
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Public Comments on Oregon Measles Crackdown Nearly Set an All-Time Record

Hundreds of anti-vaxx parents wanted their say. State officials counted 2,109 public testimony and staff documents filed for a Feb. 28 hearing on Oregon House Bill 3063, which would eliminate nonmedical exemptions for childhood vaccines. That’s the most people to weigh in for a single hearing on a bill this session—and the second most since […]
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Senate approves Measure 11 reforms

Juveniles charged with certain violent crimes could get a second chance under a reform to Measure 11 passed by the Senate Tuesday. If Senate Bill 1008 were to win two-thirds support in the House as it did in the Senate, it would allow more flexibility in dealing with juvenile offenders. The policy would allow a […]
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