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Cap and Evade in Oregon

State Library Ed. Note: If you cannot access this story via the link below, state employees can access this Wall Street Journal story HERE via the State Library’s subscription to the US Newstream database. Alternatively, state employees can contact us for access: library.help@state.or.us or 503-378-8800. Gov. Brown dictates deep CO2 emissions cuts on her own authority. Oregon’s Democrats say […]
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Legislative Highlights for Oregon Employers in 2020

Oregon’s active 2019 legislative session has prompted the need for several policy and handbook updates for employers doing business in Oregon. This Insight provides an overview of the most notable recent employment law developments in Oregon. Source: Legislative Highlights for Oregon Employers in 2020 | Littler – JDSupra

California’s Vaccine Exemption Ban Shows Results

Oregon’s legislature spent part of last year working on a bill that would end non-medical exemptions from vaccines for children. In the end, the House passed the bill, but it was withdrawn in the Senate, part of the deal to bring the Republicans back from a walkout. Source: California’s Vaccine Exemption Ban Shows Results | […]
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Here are the Emerald highlights for the 2019 legislative year

The last year marked an eventful time in Oregon state politics. From bills that passed or failed to events yet to come, ahead of the 2020 legislative session, here is a look back at the Emerald’s coverage of 2019’s legislative news. Source: Here are the Emerald highlights for the 2019 legislative year

Renters Can Have Eviction Cases Cleared Under New Oregon Law

Oregon has long had a law that prohibited landlords from using old eviction cases as a reason to deny someone’s rental application. But Portland-based attorney Troy Pickard says past eviction cases still permanently stain a person’s housing record, even if they won the case. Source: Renters Can Have Eviction Cases Cleared Under New Oregon Law […]
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Plastic bag ban proponents celebrate new law going into effect

Proponents of Oregon’s statewide, single-use plastic bag ban say the state is a national leader in reducing plastic pollution. Source: Plastic bag ban proponents celebrate new law going into effect | KATU

2019: Beaverton lawmaker takes center stage on school funding

Sen. Mark Hass helped craft a business tax to raise $1 billion annually for K-12 schools. In November 2018, Oregon Democrats won smashing victories up and down the ballot. Gov. Kate Brown, thought to be facing a tight race for re-election, comfortably turned aside a challenge from Republican Knute Buehler. Source: Pamplin Media Group – […]
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New year, new laws for Oregonians

As we hang up our new 2020 calendars and get started on our New Years resolutions, Oregonians will be faced with several new state laws that may impact our day-to-day lives. After the 2019 Oregon Legislative Session, hundreds of new laws that passed will become official starting Jan. 1. Here’s a list of a few […]
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Editorial Agenda 2019: Education gains, pension setbacks for Oregon’s Democratic supermajority

The past year showcased just how powerful a legislative supermajority can be. With control of both chambers and Gov. Kate Brown at the helm, Democrats were able to push through major initiatives that will reshape the landscape – on education, criminal justice, housing and several other areas. Source: Editorial Agenda 2019: Education gains, pension setbacks […]
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Guest Column: Two takes on the walkouts

The popular narrative around the Oregon Capitol and much of the Willamette Valley is that 11 Republican state senators shirked their constitutional responsibilities by twice walking out on the 2019 Legislature. But to most of the state — “most” as in geography, not population — the Oregon 11 is a band of heroes. On Wednesday, […]
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