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As I See It: More fights ahead over health care

With the passage of Measure 101, many Oregonians can count again on some degree of health care security. At the national level, however, the president and Congress can dismantle Obamacare without major legislative actions, simply by withholding funding, not implementing regulations, and gutting the insurance mandate clause. Source: As I See It: More fights ahead […]
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Oregon’s Legislative Scorecard

What happened at the Statehouse last summer This 2017 Oregon bill is the one most likely to make Breitbart followers’ heads explode: The new law locks Roe v. Wade protections for legal abortion into state law. Source: Oregon’s Legislative Scorecard

State of the States 2018

Stateline’s annual State of the States series looks at some of the pressing issues state lawmakers are facing as they begin their work this month. Part One: Blue States Fight Trump on Climate Part Two: Lawmakers Take On Sexual Assault, Harassment Part Three: Net Neutrality Battle Part Four: Stricter Welfare Rules Part Five: Diverging Health […]
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Measure 101 passes with big lead; proponents celebrate

Oregon approved taxes on hospitals, health insurers and managed care companies in an unusual special election Tuesday that asked voters — and not lawmakers — how to pay for soaring Medicaid costs that now include coverage of hundreds of thousands of low-income residents added to the program’s rolls under the Affordable Care Act. Source: Measure […]
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Hospital faces doctor shortage

Regional Medical Clinic cannot keep up with demand. The doctor shortage currently experienced at Grande Ronde Hospital, specifically at the Regional Medical Clinic, is not exactly a new thing in the hospital’s history. “Primary care doctors is where the current shortage is,” said Paul Shorb, senior director of provider services at GRH. “We can’t fill […]
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Despite Prod By ACA, Tax-Exempt Hospitals Slow To Expand Community Benefits

The federal health law’s efforts to get nonprofit hospitals to provide more community-wide benefits in exchange for their lucrative tax status has gotten off to a slow start, new research suggests. And some experts predict that a recent repeal of a key provision of the law could further strain the effort. Source: Despite Prod By […]
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Oregon Sets New Obamacare Record, Despite Shorter Enrollment Period

People whose health insurance plan stopped being offered last week will have until March 1 to pick a new one. These are health plans that were sold in 2017 but not 2018. Oregon exceeded expectations in its open enrollment period for 2018 individual health plans sold on healthcare.gov — cresting above 156,000 plans, a slight […]
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Enrollment in ACA health plans up from same time last year, but sign-up chance dwindling

Consumers with frozen credit run into a snag on HealthCare.gov. With three days remaining in most of the country to buy Affordable Care Act coverage for 2018, enrollment is ahead of the same time last year but is almost sure to fall short in the end because of a compressed enrollment season. During each of […]
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Obamacare applications pour in as enrollment deadline arrives

Millions of Americans are signing up for 2018 coverage through the Affordable Care Act, defying the Trump administration’s hostility to the law and a yearlong campaign by congressional Republicans to repeal it. As a final enrollment deadline approaches Friday for consumers in 39 states, sign-ups appear likely to fall short of the 2017 total, due […]
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Nearly 94 percent of Oregonians have health insurance coverage

Nearly 94 percent of Oregonians have health insurance, according to a report released Tuesday by the Oregon Health Authority. The findings come from the biennial Oregon Health Insurance Survey, which asks people in 9,000 Oregon households about insurance coverage, access to care and health care use. The survey, conducted between March and August of 2017, […]
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