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State of Oregon says it may have dispensed millions to ineligible Medicaid recipients

The state of Oregon said Tuesday it had dispensed millions of dollars in Medicaid assistance to thousands of Oregonians with no idea whether they were eligible. The Oregon Health Authority says it is working to clarify whether as many as 115,000 Medicaid recipients have incomes low enough to qualify for the benefits they have been […]
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Oregon’s Chronic Disease Problem And The Affordable Care Act

Matt Hodson bikes to work three or four times a week and hits the trail for a jog on weekends when he can. He’s been a vegetarian since the ‘90s and takes his coffee with just a dash of cream — no sugar. That healthy lifestyle is the primary way Hodson tries to manage his several chronic […]
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Rural Shoppers Face Slim Choices, Steep Premiums On Exchanges

People living in sparsely populated areas who shopped for coverage on the state health insurance marketplaces in 2017 frequently had just one or two insurers from which to pick and often faced significantly higher premiums than did people in more urban areas, according to a new study. Source: Rural Shoppers Face Slim Choices, Steep Premiums On […]
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Program Aims to Innovate to Improve Health, Lives of Portland Area’s Most Vulnerable

Social workers use “sleuthing” to help those with tough, complex conditions, but an effort in Congress to overhaul the Affordable Care Act could put this money-saving program at risk. When a worker at the Multnomah County Tri-County Service Coordination program met with a client recently, the client, Tina, was having a meltdown. Source: Program Aims […]
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Moderate Republicans Vote to Buffer Insurance Market from Trumpcare Impact 

Rep. Bill Kennemer won an amendment that will restrict the state government’s ability to set aside laws to salvage the insurance market from collapse, while his party’s leader, Rep. Mike McLane, attacked Patrick Allen, the director of the Department of Consumer & Business Services, accusing him of being a partisan tool. Oregon House Republicans have […]
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Gov’t report: Efforts to reduce US uninsured stalled in 2016

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that 28.6 million people were uninsured last year, unchanged from 2015. The uninsured rate was 9 percent, an insignificant difference from 9.1 percent in 2015. After five consecutive years of coverage gains, progress toward reducing the number of uninsured Americans stalled in 2016, according to a government […]
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Money from Medicaid: Klamath sees a huge benefit

ACA fuels health-care hiring, provides work for contractors The Republican Party’s revamp of the U.S. health-care system is heading toward a showdown over Medicaid. The Klamath Basin, a patch of red in a largely blue state, saw more changes than most from the 2010 Affordable Care Act’s expansion of the health-insurance program for low-income people. […]
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Oregon could go its own way on revised federal health law

Bill retains Medicaid cuts, subsidy changes Johanna Hershenson’s health insurance, which she affords with the help of tax subsidies provided under the Affordable Care Act, is paying for the “overwhelming majority” of her breast cancer treatment, including acupuncture, which she credits with preventing the painful nerve damage that often accompanies aggressive chemotherapy regimens. Source: Oregon […]
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Wyden: Rural Oregon wants health care solutions – Guest Opinion

Quality rural healthcare always has been and always will be a fundamental foundation to sustain robust rural life in Oregon. Maintaining quality rural healthcare poses special challenges when hospitals and doctors may be a long drive or even a helicopter flight away, challenges made even harder by inclement winter weather. Source: Wyden: Rural Oregon wants […]
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Oregon Health Policy Makers Navigate Fast-Changing Political Landscape

With Congress debating a replacement for the Affordable Care Act and the state Legislature mulling dozens of health-related bills, state healthcare policy is almost certain to change. Source: Oregon Health Policy Makers Navigate Fast-Changing Political Landscape | The Lund Report