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Legislators Try To Make Hospitals Justify Their Nonprofit Status

Nonprofit hospitals are supposed to provide community benefits. Oregon legislators are pushing a bill to make them do more. Hollie Murphy works as a certified nursing assistant in Springfield, Oregon. She brings food to patients at Sacred Heart Medical Center, takes their vital signs and helps them to the bathroom. But back in 2013, she started […]
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Report raises concerns about Oregon’s health insurance exchange

Without changes, ACA marketplace is at risk of collapse. Rising health costs and disruptive policy changes by the Trump administration have increased health insurance premiums and destabilized Oregon’s health insurance marketplace, according to a report issued by a consumer advocacy group last week. The report, from ­OSPIRG Foundation and Frontier Group, warned that Oregon’s health […]
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Oregon Senate passes bill to preserve pieces of the ACA

On Thursday, the Oregon Senate passed a bill aimed at aligning certain provisions of the Affordable Care Act with state law. The bill, which came at the request of Governor Brown for the Department of Consumer and Business Services (DCBS), passed on a 25-5 vote. The bill comes in the midst of ongoing federal action […]
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Oregon Senate OKs ban on health care discrimination

Also to require they cover chemical dependency. The Oregon Senate has voted to align the state’s health insurance regulations with the federal Affordable Care Act, expanding access to health care and prohibiting discrimination by benefit plans. Senate Bill 250 – which passed with a 25-4 vote Thursday on the Senate floor – prohibits health benefit plans from […]
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Review: DeFazio Forum Was Defacto Healthcare Report

On Wednesday, April 17 at the Corvallis-Benton Public Library, Rep. Peter DeFazio (OR-4) hosted a town hall to speak about access to healthcare and the cost of prescription drugs. Sharing the stage with Rep. DeFazio were Julie Manning, Vice President of Marketing and PR at Samaritan Health Services, Sherlyn Dahl, Executive Director of the Community Health […]
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Here’s what happens if Trump administration wins Obamacare lawsuit

  President Donald Trump has repeatedly promised to make health care better for all Americans, especially those with pre-existing conditions. But while his administration has yet to unveil a plan, his Justice Department is now threatening to strip away coverage and benefits that many people have come to take for granted in the nine years since […]
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Trump administration backs full repeal of Affordable Care Act in legal reversal

The case is currently pending before the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. In a significant shift, the Justice Department now says that it backs a full invalidation of the Affordable Care Act, the signature Obama-era health law. It presented its position in a legal filing Monday with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit in […]
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Reinsurance will cost feds $30 billion to support ACA insurers

The projected $30 billion price tag over three years hews close to proposed funding in Congress for a federal reinsurance program. Adopting a nationwide reinsurance program to bolster Affordable Care Act insurers would cost the U.S. $30.1 billion over three years, according to a new study. The study published Thursday in the Journal of Health […]
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How Affordable are 2019 ACA Premiums for Middle-Income People? 

This analysis finds that Affordable Care Act marketplace premiums are least affordable for older adults who earn too much to qualify for federal subsidies, especially those living in rural areas where premiums are highest. The majority of enrollees who purchase health coverage through Affordable Care Act (ACA) exchanges receive premium tax credits to help them afford their […]
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After Falling Under Obama, America’s Uninsured Rate Looks to Be Rising

The number of Americans without health insurance plunged after Obamacare started. Now, early evidence suggests, it’s beginning to climb again. New polling from Gallup shows that the percentage of uninsured Americans inched up throughout last year.