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Moda – OPB’s Think Out Loud

After the Republican effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act fell through, President Trump said he wants to “let Obamacare fail.” We talk to local health insurer Moda about what that might mean. Source: Moda | History Of The Piano | Romeo And Juliet Redux . Radio | OPB

Oregon millionaires would benefit from tax cuts under GOP repeal and replace of Affordable Care Act, critics stress

More than 200,000 Oregonians would lose federally funded health insurance under the Republican plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, but a select group of wealthy Oregonians would prosper from the GOP’s accompanying tax-cut plan, a liberal-leaning organization said Friday. Citing research by other entities, Americans for Tax Fairness said an estimated 2,760 […]
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Our view: Health care takes all hands on deck – Editorials 

Health care has been top of the American mind for decades, as the price of medical care in the country has skyrocketed and outcomes here fell well behind other first-world countries. Little progress has been made. Source: Our view: Health care takes all hands on deck – Editorials – East Oregonian

Hospital officials try to keep up with shifting health care

Since Affordable Care Act, fewer people using emergency rooms; ER costs ticking back up. President Trump acknowledged at a meeting of the nation’s governors in February that health care is complicated. “It’s an unbelievably complex subject,” Trump said. “Nobody knew health care could be so complicated.” Source: Hospital officials try to keep up with shifting […]
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For Millennials, Both Good And Bad News In Senate’s GOP Health Bill

Darlin Kpangbah receives free health insurance through Medicaid and is grateful for the coverage in case of accidents, such as when she tore a ligament in her leg a few years ago. “I feel like I’m injury-prone,” said Kpangbah, 20, who lives in Sacramento, Calif. Without insurance, she said, the injury “would’ve been huge to […]
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My View: Repeal of Obamacare would hurt neediest

Denying people access to health care is denying them a future. By making it financially and physically impossible for individuals to take care of themselves, you make it impossible for them to contribute to society. I oversee the Medicaid enrollment program of a social services agency that primarily serves homeless and low-income Portland residents. Having […]
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440,000 Oregonians may lose health care under Obamacare repeal

State health officials say 440,000 Oregon residents could lose health care under the U.S. Senate’s proposal to repeal the Affordable Care Act, potentially causing the state’s uninsured rate to triple to 15 percent by as early as 2021. Proposed cuts to federal Medicaid funds would also shift more than $6.2 billion in costs to the […]
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Doctors, Hospitals Grapple with Health Reforms Not Touched by ACA Repeal Efforts 

At a Portland-based conference on the MACRA reforms passed in Congress in 2015, medical providers dug into how federal efforts to fundamentally overhaul Medicare reimbursements are driving changes in how they manage patients and budgets. Hundreds of medical providers gathered in Portland Thursday to discuss primary-care centered health, changes in how the government pays for […]
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Senate Health Bill Would Revamp Medicaid, Alter ACA Guarantees, Cut Premium Support 

Republicans in the U.S. Senate on Thursday unveiled a bill that would dramatically transform the nation’s Medicaid program, make significant changes to the federal health law’s tax credits that help lower-income people buy insurance and allow states to water down changes to some of the law’s coverage guarantees. The bill also repeals the tax mechanism […]
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Stakes for Oregonians couldn’t be higher as historic health care vote nears

As the battle to shape America’s health care system reaches a climactic moment, Oregon consumers are being asked to pick their poison. If Republicans have their way and Obamacare is repealed, Leslie Rogers says the resulting cuts to Medicaid would quickly ruin his family financially. The Roseburg resident says his 3-year-old daughter has a seizure […]
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