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Oregon Approves Final 2019 Health Insurance Rate

Regulators say federal uncertainty will push costs up on the individual marketplace. Health insurance costs will go up next year for most Oregonians who buy their own coverage, according to rate decisions announced Friday. But after successives years of double digit price hikes under the Affordable Care Act, the overall increases are relatively modest this […]
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Cuts to funds that help people find insurance shouldn’t affect Oregon

Federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services will cut funds by 70 percent. The Trump administration’s move to cut funding for people who help consumers buy individual health insurance plans should not affect Oregon, state officials said, as the state funds its own enrollment assistant program. The Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace provides grants to community […]
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Administration slashes grants to help Americans get Affordable Care Act coverage

Cuts to grass-roots navigators are the latest strategy to undermine the law. The Trump administration is eliminating most of the funding for grass-roots groups that help Americans get Affordable Care Act insurance and will for the first time urge the groups to promote health plans that bypass the law’s consumer protections and required benefits. The […]
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Health Insurers Warn of Market Turmoil as Trump Suspends Billions in Payments 

The Trump administration said Saturday that it was suspending a program that pays billions of dollars to insurers to stabilize health insurance markets under the Affordable Care Act, a freeze that could increase uncertainty in the markets and drive up premiums this fall.

Illinois seeks to expand Obamacare coverage of opioid addiction treatment, prevention

Insurers on the state’s Obamacare exchange will be required to cover more services for opioid addiction starting in 2020, if the state has its way. Illinois consumers who buy health insurance through the Obamacare exchange might get more coverage aimed at treating and preventing opioid addiction, starting in 2020, if the state has its way. The Illinois […]
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More Americans pay for ACA health plans, despite Trump administration moves to undercut law

Enrollment is dropping for people who cannot get federal insurance subsidies. The number of Americans who bought and began to pay for Affordable Care Act health plans grew slightly this year, despite repeated efforts by the Trump administration to undermine the insurance marketplaces created under the law, new federal figures show. As of February, a […]
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Obamacare Is Proving Hard to Kill

As health insurers across the country begin filing their proposed rates for 2019, one thing is clear: The market created by the Affordable Care Act shows no signs of imminent collapse in spite of the continuing threats by Republicans to destroy it. In fact, while President Trump may insist that the law has been “essentially […]
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The Health 202: Those who don’t qualify for government aid aren’t buying Obamacare plans

Instead, they’re leaving the marketplaces. There’s an ever-growing chasm between the number of Americans who receive government subsidies — meant to offset the cost of buying health insurance on the individual marketplaces — and those who don’t under the 2010 law known as Obamacare. Fresh enrollment data released Monday by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services […]
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States act on their own to fill holes Washington is knocking in Affordable Care Act

New Jersey and D.C. create insurance mandates to replace the federal one that is vanishing. The first Sunday after his inauguration, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy signed an executive order directing state agencies to report everything they could do to ramp up the visibility of the Affordable Care Act and persuade more people to buy […]
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CCOs make the grade – but do patients benefit?

Oregon’s coordinated care organizations got a shining report card on Tuesday – but it’s not clear how many of the metrics they’re being graded on are making the state’s health care system better. And of $178.3 million the Oregon Health Authority will pay out to reward these Medicaid providers for making the grade, $20.3 million will […]
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