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Opinion | The Economy Can’t Grow Without Birth Control

This month, 41 Democrats introduced a bill with a simple mission: It would undo the Trump administration’s recent change to the Affordable Care Act that paves the way for virtually any employer to deny its employees access to contraception without a co-payment. Before President Trump’s new guidance, the law required nearly all employers to offer workers health […]
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Bipartisan lawmakers urge health center funding reauthorization

A bipartisan group of more than 150 lawmakers is calling for Congress to reauthorize critical funding for community health centers, which care for some of the nation’s most vulnerable patients. A noncontroversial part of ObamaCare was the creation of a special trust fund for community health centers, which serve more than 25 million people regardless […]
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Knute Buehler calls for independent inquiry into Medicaid overpayments

Republican gubernatorial candidate Knute Buehler called on Gov. Kate Brown Monday to appoint an independent lawyer to investigate why Oregon overpaid more than $74 million in Medicaid money to health care organizations. Buehler, who is an orthopedic surgeon and lawmaker from Bend, also called for Brown to recoup the money and publicly release all records […]
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Six-Week Open Enrollment for Obamacare Plans Begins

Most consumers will want to pick a plan that aligns with their physician rather than focus on cost. People purchasing subsidized health insurance on healthcare.gov will not see significant increases in cost, but Obamacare is increasingly gouging middle-class consumers who don’t qualify. Open enrollment for the individual health insurance market begins today, with consumers purchasing […]
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David Sarasohn: Haphazard tax bill a hazard to Oregon

So Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden, as ranking Democrat on the Senate Finance Committee, went down to the White House recently to talk to the president about the tax overhaul process, accompanied by other Democrats on the committee. One by one, the other Democrats explained to the president their predictable priorities on the bill: helping the […]
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Gov. Brown asks Oregonians to take part in ACA Open Enrollment starting Nov. 1

Governor Kate Brown held a conference Monday encouraging Oregonians to enroll in health insurance programs during open enrollment for 2018. The exchange is for people who don’t have health insurance through their job or coverage through something like Medicare or Medicaid. Source: Gov. Brown asks Oregonians to take part in ACA Open Enrollment starting Nov. […]
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Oregonians can enroll for health insurance on exchange Wednesday

Oregonians who don’t receive health insurance from an employer or another program will be able to purchase insurance through the federal exchange HealthCare.gov beginning Wednesday. Source: Oregonians can enroll for health insurance on exchange Wednesday

ACA Open Enrollment Starts Amid Tumultuous Year For Health Care

Open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act starts Wednesday. Source: ACA Open Enrollment Starts Amid Tumultuous Year For Health Care . News | OPB

Our View: Medicaid expansion not fueling opioid use | Editorial

Medicaid expansion not fueling opioid use. Saying that Medicaid expansion is fueling the opioid epidemic is kind of like saying that a sump pump can cause flooding in your basement. The iffy underpinning for this argument is the fact that many of the states that expanded Medicaid coverage under the Affordable Care Act do have […]
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Uninsured rate up to 3.5 million amid “Obamacare” turmoil 

President Donald Trump has stopped federal payments that reimburse insurers for lower copays and deductibles that the Obama-era law requires them to provide to people with modest incomes. His administration also cut the length of open enrollment in half, and sharply reduced federal grants to groups that help consumers navigate the process. Source: Uninsured rate […]
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