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A statewide approach | Opinion |

In the past 10 years there has been an increasing realization that homelessness is an issue that affects not just those who don’t have shelter — or are at risk of losing it — but their entire communities and the state as a whole. It’s a housing issue, but it’s also a humanitarian issue, a […]
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Metro mulls taxes for affordable housing

The Metro Council may ask voters to create a regional funding source to preserve and build more affordable housing, especially outside of Portland. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Metro mulls taxes for affordable housing

Voice of the Chieftain: Kick housing solutions into high gear – Editorials 

It has become abundantly clear over the past couple months that housing in Wallowa County is a topic that impacts the lives of many residents on a daily basis. Whether you are on assistance and looking for Section 8 housing or a middle-class business manager seeking an affordable home to rent, prospects are equally bleak. Source: […]
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Partners make the difference when it comes to housing challenges

A housing symposium held at the Pendleton Convention Center Aug. 30 was a lesson in contrasts for Wallowa County, highlighting the obstacles faced in a county with a population of nearly 7,000 compared to issues faced by significantly larger communities. While the situations in the two communities are radically different, the path to addressing the […]
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One small city tackles big housing issue … and succeeds

Addressing housing issues in a small county like Wallowa can seem daunting. However, there is at least one success story in a community much smaller than Wallowa County and even smaller than the City of Wallowa. Source: One small city tackles big housing issue … and succeeds – Local News – Wallowa County Chieftain

Editorial: Build apartments, and they will come

Despite considerable progress in improving downtown Medford over the past 30 years, one key component remains lacking: more housing for people who want to live downtown. A federal grant program to seismically retrofit old buildings through the Federal Emergency Management Agency offers the chance to jump-start some projects that could change that by helping building […]
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State recognizes housing crisis: Oregon legislature provides funding for programs

Oregon legislature provides funding for programs. Legislators are well aware that the state is in the midst of a housing crisis. As a result, they have passed a number of bills to expand existing programs and followed that up with more funding to address the issue. Source: State recognizes housing crisis: Oregon legislature provides funding […]
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Is the Oregon way fueling higher housing costs?

The second-quarter Central Oregon Business Index “points toward sustained economic growth in Central Oregon,” according to Tim Duy, professor of economics at the University of Oregon. “There’s no reason to think this economy is going to turn against us anytime soon,” Duy said in an interview Wednesday. “The region has really rocketed out of the […]
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Lukens column: Housing advocates would transform impact fees into luxury taxes — Opinion

Proposed changes would use system development charges to encourage ‘good’ development. If they know what system development charges are at all, most Bend residents probably believe the fees are supposed to cover the infrastructure-related costs of new development. You know, the street SDC collected from a new home is connected to the car trips it […]
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Don’t inflate the numbers | Opinion | 

Accuracy about affordable housing is important The state treasurer’s office sent out a press release Friday headlined “Treasury facilitates investments in affordable housing through Oregon Facilities Authority.” (This agency helps nonprofit groups borrow money at low interest rates.) Source: Don’t inflate the numbers | Opinion | Eugene, Oregon