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Tough Portland housing market stymies first-time homebuyers

Though it seemed unlikely, Claire Anderson couldn’t shake the notion her real-estate broker had taken her to the scene of some terrible crime. They’d crossed an unkempt yard to enter the rundown Southeast Portland home through a back door. Inside, splotches covered the walls and ceiling. The lights flickered gloomily. Source: Tough Portland housing market stymies first-time […]
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Bend real estate sector warned of affordable housing backlash

Panelists predict growth will continue Bend’s inevitable growth and how the city and real estate industry should respond to it dominated the Bend Chamber of Commerce’s annual Real Estate Forecast Thursday. Source: Bend real estate sector warned of affordable housing backlash; Panelists predict growth will continue

The affordable housing solution | Opinion

It’s what homeless people need, but there’s always too little of it The homelessness crisis can be understood as a housing crisis: If enough housing of the right types were available at affordable prices, people wouldn’t be living in shelters or on the streets. In that regard, the Housing and Community Services Agency of Lane […]
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Housing shortage nuanced across state, county setting records 

While housing affordability in Oregon has not improved, economists say it has at least stopped getting worse. At the local level, developer Tim Drechsel said the county lacks affordable housing for first-time buyers. “In Douglas County, there’s a lot on the market, but it’s all on the higher end,” he said. “Anything under $300,000 disappears […]
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Class Of 2025: From Homeschooled To Homeless

The relationship between home and school is evolving. Thousands of Oregon kids are home-schooled. For thousands of others, school offers things often thought of as part of home: like breakfast and clothes. Ethan has experienced both of those situations. Source: Class Of 2025: From Homeschooled To Homeless . News | OPB

Our Opinion: Fix housing bill while there’s time

Lifting the ban on rent control could lead to a checkerboard of regulations, as each city makes its own decisions about whether and how to limit rent increases. If Portland adopts strict rent controls – a definite possibility – that could push apartment development into nearby suburbs. Source: Oregon Local News – Our Opinion: Fix […]
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Advocates Urge Oregon to Act to Ease Housing Crisis

Oregon’s popularity as an attractive destination has had a side effect on housing markets across the state. Oregonians face pressures from many sides. Cities have low vacancy rates, rents are increasing rapidly, and property owners can evict them without cause, meaning people often have little time to find a new place. Source: Advocates Urge Oregon […]
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City must step up to make housing affordable | Opinion |

Eugene is facing a critical housing crisis. More than 60 percent of Eugene residents are housing-cost burdened, paying more than 30 percent of their income on housing. The supply of housing for rent or purchase is at record lows. Those of us who were fortunate to invest in home ownership before the current crisis may […]
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What works: Housing plus support

ShelterCare addresses homelessness with a comprehensive approach The solution to homelessness is obvious: Housing. Less obvious is the fact that housing, while necessary, is often not sufficient. Many people need various kinds of support to find housing, to keep them in housing once they find it, or to help them avoid losing their housing in […]
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Tenant protection bill heads to House floor

Bill was amended to reduce relocation fees for allowable no cause evictions, lift ban on rent control. A tenant protections bill that lifts the statewide ban on rent control and outlaws no-cause evictions is headed to the House floor after the Human Services and Housing Committee made several revisions Thursday. Source: Oregon Local News – […]
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