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To build more affordable housing, some of Oregon’s oldest public housing will be sold | Column

To build more affordable housing, Clackamas County wants to sell some of the state’s oldest public housing stock to private developers. Source: To build more affordable housing, some of Oregon’s oldest public housing will be sold (Column)

Director’s Desk: Now is the time to get housing done — Opinion

The government needs to find a way to prioritize affordable housing in the Portland region. On the morning of Jan. 31, dozens of people lined up at Catholic Charities in Southeast Portland for the possibility to get a shot at first-come, first-serve affordable-housing units at the St. Francis apartments. Of the 102 units becoming available, […]
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Tech, housing boom creates homeless crisis on West Coast

Housing prices are soaring here thanks to the tech industry, but the boom comes with a consequence: A surge in homelessness marked by 400 unauthorized tent camps in parks, under bridges, on freeway medians and along busy sidewalks. The liberal city is trying to figure out what to do. “I’ve got economically zero unemployment in […]
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Home shortage looms over annual housing forecast

Population increases and limited housing supply pushing up costs, say panelists at Home Builders Association of Metropolitan Portland gathering Portland’s affordable housing crisis took center stage Friday morning at the annual Housing Forecast presented by the Home Builders Association of Metropolitan Portland. Source: Home shortage looms over annual housing forecast

Portland matches Seattle in ‘severely unaffordable’ housing ranking, makes Top 10 behind Calif. cities

Portland has surged toward the top of another national list. For anyone in the city looking to buy a house, this is not a good thing. Demographia’s 2017 International Housing Affordability Survey concluded that Portland falls into the “severely unaffordable” category. The St. Louis-based public-policy consulting firm — run by Wendell Cox, who opposes policies that […]
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Central Oregon’s housing crunch forced people to camp in high desert

By Tuesday, Dave Stryffeler and his wife must leave the home they’ve made amid scrub brush and junipers in the high desert outside Redmond. An emissary from the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office visited their trailer recently to deliver the message to Stryffeler and the other 150 or more campers living on rural property just outside […]
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Secure housing for working poor | Opinion |

Cornerstone quietly adds to local stock of affordable apartments Plans for an affordable housing complex deep in the south Eugene hills met with the usual apprehensions when they were announced 25 years ago: Neighbors feared that their property values would decline, that crime would rise, that traffic would worsen Source: Secure housing for working poor […]
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Housing expert: Portland problems ‘on steroids’

Director of Harvard center tells City Club forum that Portland shares U.S. trends, but city is ‘ground zero’ for gentrification and area prices far exceed national median. A national expert says Portland faces many of the same problems as other cities with availability and affordability of housing. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Housing expert: Portland […]
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Affordable housing stock going quick

The number of apartments deemed affordable for very low-income families across the United States fell by more than 60 percent between 2010 and 2016, according to a new report by Freddie Mac. The report by the government-backed mortgage financier is the first to compare rent increases in specific units over time. It examined loans that […]
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When Teachers Can’t Afford to Live in Their District: New Analysis Shows Skyrocketing Housing Costs Clashing With Stagnant Salaries

Updated: Oct. 23 Teachers across the country are being priced out of local housing markets by low pay, according to a new analysis of 124 of America’s largest districts by the National Council on Teacher Quality. Three key findings: In 80 percent of the districts analyzed, a teacher with a master’s degree and five years […]
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