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HB 2001 forum in Albany addresses coming changes

Senator Sara Gelser promised not to change anyone’s mind Tuesday night as she led a discussion on House Bill 2001 and the upcoming rules-making process surrounding it. The legislation, passed in July, allows duplexes, triplexes, cottage clusters and other housing types to be built in areas previously zoned for single-family homes, a proposed solution to […]
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Oregon Insight: housing starts rising – but new arrivals coming faster

Oregon housing construction nearly ground to a halt in the aftermath of the Great Recession, with the number of new homes under construction falling by nearly 80%. The economic slowdown didn’t stop new residents from moving here, though, and the resulting squeeze was one of the main reasons why house and apartment prices soared at […]
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Opinion: Lack of housing for individuals who experience disability is a social justice issue

Individuals who experience disabilities are regularly denied basic human rights. It was 1963 when John F. Kennedy called for a “reduction of the number of persons confined to institution.” In 56 years, we have failed to develop a systematic, person-focused and inclusive approach to helping individuals live more independently and be active members of their […]
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My View: Correcting the record on middle housing

Prusak: ‘Ensuring our communities have adequate housing is too important for us to ignore or fight against.’ I was troubled by conversations at the recent West Linn City Council meeting where some members openly advocated breaking state law by refusing to implement legislation aimed at improving housing stock in our community and across the state. […]
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Oregon House Bill 2001 Ended Single-Family Zoning Across the State. That’s Causing Some Pushback.

The temperature is rising around House Bill 2001, the landmark housing law that passed on the final day of the 2019 legislative session. The law will effectively end single-family zoning in most Oregon cities and allow the development of duplexes and townhouses where now only single-family homes are allowed. The idea is to promote the […]
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Guest Column: Make affordable housing a priority

For years, folks in Clatsop County have talked about how to get more affordable housing. This term usually means private housing available to anybody on the open market and costs no more than 30% of monthly gross income. In 2015, Astoria issued a report specifically about affordable housing. The report has a good description of […]
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Opinion: It’s time for a statewide rental voucher program

Imagine living in a van on Northeast 33rd Avenue, because there isn’t a bed at a shelter, with nowhere to shower or brush your teeth before work or before you take your children to school. Imagine being a senior living on Social Security, or with a disability, and struggling to pay for food, rent, prescriptions […]
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Home Builders support more housing of all kinds

Speakers at the 2020 Housing Forecast talk about the need for missing middle housing, but wonder who is going to build it Source: Pamplin Media Group – Home Builders support more housing of all kinds

Incentives for more multi-family housing before the City Council on Wednesday

The City Council will consider revising development and design standards in multi-family residential zones outside the urban core on Wednesday, Nov. 6. The recommendations were generated during a multi-year project called Better Housing by Design (BHD) undertaken by the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS) at the direction of the council. Source: Pamplin Media Group […]
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More affordable housing coming to C. Oregon

Housing Works held a groundbreaking ceremony Monday in Redmond for a new affordable housing complex. Source: More affordable housing coming to C. Oregon – KTVZ