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Lack of housing forces residents to look beyond Corvallis

With two days left to find a house and rejections from 11 apartment complexes, a Corvallis couple found themselves on the verge of losing their chance for a stable home. Kenneth Wiggington, 46, and his wife, Christian, 24, struggled with drug addiction and homelessness. Kenneth Wiggington had a criminal history. The state had taken custody […]
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Springfield tackles housing | Opinion |

Accessory dwelling units are another arrow in the ‘end homelessness’ quiver Accessory dwelling units aren’t a new idea, they’ve been around for centuries. They were just called something else: carriage houses, granny flats, mother-in-law apartments. Source: Springfield tackles housing | Opinion | Eugene, Oregon

In Rural Oregon, Efforts To Bring In Large Data Centers Raise Housing Costs

Copyright 2017 NPR. To see more, visit http://www.npr.org/. AUDIE CORNISH, HOST: In the Pacific Northwest, former mill towns have tried to reinvent their Source: In Rural Oregon, Efforts To Bring In Large Data Centers Raise Housing Costs | WKMS

Homeless shelter | Opinion |

Motels are problematic answer for some people At least two motels or hotels in the Roseburg area have said this year they are no longer accepting local people as guests, in what is widely seen as an attempt to bar homeless people. Source: Homeless shelter | Opinion | Eugene, Oregon

People Priced to the Edge of Portland Are Now Facing the Expensive Prospect of Tolls

This is Oregon’s first foray into congestion pricing—but the debate about how tolls impact working-class people is long and inconclusive. Karin Power moved to Milwaukie five years ago when the rent in Southeast Portland got too high. Since then, her political career has taken off: She was elected to the Milwaukie City Council, then to […]
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The Oregon Legislature Pledged Serious Housing Reforms. How Lawmakers Fell Flat.

Rent control was always a long shot. But what happened to other tenant protections? The 2017 session of the Oregon Legislature concluded last week in a flurry of high-profile victories for Democrats, including a hike of the legal smoking age to 21 and health insurance coverage for undocumented immigrant children. What didn’t happen: serious housing […]
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Oregon Legislature adjourns difficult session with mixed outcomes

The session yielded new taxes, transportation funding, expanded health care benefits but also devolved into partisan gridlock over fiscal issues. Oregon lawmakers adjourned a contentious legislative session Friday, July 7. The more than five-month session yielded a two-year budget, new taxes, transportation funding, expanded health care benefits and staved off the need for second women’s […]
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Our view: We need more paths to ‘yes’ on housing

Resistance closes off opportunities for needed projects. Our housing dilemmas may be kid-stuff compared to those of the Bay Area or Seattle, but they are very real enough for us. A new social movement on both coasts and in the Denver area called “Yes in My Back Yard” offers some potentially useful new directions to […]
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My View: Affordable housing is possible in historic neighborhoods, so please stop the unjustified name calling

A recent column by Tom Christ challenging a proposed Eastmoreland Historic District ignores neighborhoods’ multi-layered and diverse history. If Tom Christ’s recent commentary is to be taken at face value, those who claim that racism is afoot with the proposed Eastmoreland Historic District are misrepresenting the facts of Portland’s recent demolition surge and the role […]
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State report: Don’t blame Californians for housing costs

‘Despite some rhetoric out there, migration to Oregon is not just for the rich. In fact, migration by itself lowers Oregon incomes in the short-run given migrants tend to be younger and less likely to be employed,’ says the analysis. Contrary to conventional wisdom, Portland’s affordable housing crisis is not being created by wealthy Californians […]
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