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Coronavirus Doesn’t Slow Trump’s Regulatory Rollbacks

State Library Ed. Note: If you cannot access this story directly from the source, state employees can access this New York Times story HERE via the State Library’s subscription to the US Newstream database. Alternatively, state employees can contact us for access: library.help@state.or.us or 503-378-8800.

News Roundtable | Recovery | Diesel Emissions – OPB’s Think Out Loud

Environmental advocates are calling on state regulators to put new, stricter restrictions on toxic diesel emissions from non-road sources such as construction sites, rail yards and freight distribution centers. A coalition of 21 advocacy groups submitted a petition to the Oregon Environmental Quality Commission late last year asking for new rules and regulations. This week, the […]
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La Grande air generally good, state report finds

La Grande’s air quality was generally better than air quality in Portland and The Dalles, according to a report the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality released Thursday. The department announced the release of its “2018 Oregon Air Toxics Monitoring Summary” for six locations around the state — The Dalles, La Grande and four sites in the Portland-metro […]
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Portland Is Getting 6 New Air Pollution Testing Stations Near Bullseye Glass

Six new air pollution testing stations are being installed near the Bullseye Glass factory in southeast Portland as a result of a class action lawsuit over the company’s emissions of toxic metals. As part of a $6.5 million settlement of a lawsuit filed by the factory’s neighbors, the company agreed to pay for a $1 […]
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Oregon’s EV Rebate Program Running Again For Lower-Income Car Buyers

Oregon will begin processing  Charge Ahead rebate applications from lower income Oregonian drivers who purchase an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles. Source: Oregon’s EV Rebate Program Running Again For Lower-Income Car Buyers

Air Pollution From Oregon Woodstoves Rival That From Wildfires

Wildfires aren’t the only thing threatening air quality in Oregon. Data from the Oregon Environmental Council show that pollution from burning wood in chimneys and woodstoves can rival that from wildfires. Around 12.8 million pounds of harmful particulate matter is emitted from Oregon woodstoves and chimneys each year. Source: Air Pollution From Oregon Woodstoves Rival […]
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DEQ levies $1.3M fine for The Dalles plant violations

Facility violated air quality permit for over a year. The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) issued a nearly $1.3M penalty to Hydro Extrusion USA LLC for multiple air quality permit violations at its aluminum recycling facility in The Dalles on Jan.8, according to a press release from DEQ. The fine is the largest air […]
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My View: Don’t use ‘junk’ science to guide policy

‘Science that is outdated, manipulated, cherry-picked or lacking in evidence is junk science. It often is deployed by polluting industries to bamboozle the public into supporting bad policy choices.’ Source: Pamplin Media Group – My View: Don’t use ‘junk’ science to guide policy

Decade in Review: Drought and weather patterns sparked smoke in Southern Oregon

Southern Oregon’s worst summers for wildfires have all fallen within the past six years, coinciding with the region’s warmest summers in more than a century. The low point came in 2018, when Rogue Valley air quality dropped, at one point, to the worst in the world, and wildland fire agencies burned through $128 million trying […]
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Oregon Department Of Environmental Quality Develops New Low Cost Air Quality Monitor

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has developed a low-cost air-quality sensor that will allow the agency to place more monitors throughout the state.The DEQ-developed “SensOR” air-quality monitor comes at a cost that is $5,000 to $10,000 cheaper than previous models used in the past. Source: Oregon Department Of Environmental Quality Develops New Low Cost […]
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