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Everything you need to know about Portland’s abysmal air quality

On Tuesday, the Pacific Northwest woke up to air quality that ranked among the worst on the planet, and the smokiness is expected to hang around Wednesday.   Source: Everything you need to know about Portland’s abysmal air quality

Wildfire smoke cloaks, chokes much of region

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality issued an air quality advisory on Monday for Central and Eastern Oregon as smoke from fires throughout the Pacific Northwest continues to affect much of the state. Source: Wildfire smoke cloaks, chokes much of region

Wildfire Smoke Means Smaller Newborns And More ER Visits

Fire seasons are now 105 days longer in the western U.S. than they were in the 1970s. And longer wildfire seasons means more smoke pouring into cities and towns. Ask anyone who lived in Washington’s Wenatchee Valley in 2012 about the smoke that year, and they’ll remember. The fires were close and the valley’s dry […]
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Medford meeting will air smoke management proposals

State officials will visit Medford next week in one of several public hearings on proposals intended to reduce the lung-choking smoke that has become all too common in the state each summer by increasing controlled burns in non-fire seasons. Oregon departments of Forestry and Environmental Quality will hold the hearing, which is set for 7 […]
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Fires to the north bring smoke back to Central Oregon

Smoke in Bend mostly from fires in Washington, British Columbia. Central Oregonians awoke Monday morning to a new round of wildfire smoke blanketing the area. However, the smoke is largely unrelated to the spate of new fires in the region, according to fire experts. Source: Fires to the north bring smoke back to Central Oregon; […]
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Smoke map shows bad news in our future

If you want to get away from the wildfire smoke over the next few days, you likely have quite the trek ahead of you. The HRRR (high resolution rapid refresh) smoke model map, utilized by the National Weather Service, shows a massive wallop of smoke from numerous fires in Washington, Montana and Idaho — Canada, […]
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Fire brings dangerous air into Umatilla County

Umatilla County’s air quality deteriorated Sunday evening as smoke from multiple fires drifted into the area. On Monday morning, smoke still shrouded Pendleton like an unwanted houseguest that wouldn’t leave. Drivers used car headlights to make themselves visible. Most people stayed inside homes and offices, but some unlucky souls ventured outside to do their jobs. […]
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Smoky skies expected to return to Portland this week

Wildfire smoke is expected to creep back into Portland air after 11 p.m. on Sunday, according to the National Weather Service. From there, it gets worse. The National Weather Service predicts widespread smoke Monday as well as Tuesday with temperatures in the 90s. Source: Smoky skies expected to return to Portland this week | OregonLive.com

Oregon air quality: Wildfire smoke returns to Salem

An air quality advisory was issued for much of northwestern Oregon, including Salem and Portland, after wildfire smoke and haze returned Monday. The alert remains in effect until Wednesday. Source: Oregon air quality: Wildfire smoke returns to Salem

More hazy days of summer drifting into the valley

Some good news: that same weather system should bring cooler temperatures, with highs in the upper 70s to low 80s. More haze is on the way. Oregon’s Department of Environmental Quality issued an air quality alert Sunday for most of the northern Willamette Valley, including parts of the coast and the Portland region. Source: Pamplin […]
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