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Oregon DEQ upgrades Air Quality Index website

A tool that Oregonians use to gauge air quality conditions where they live, work and play – one that many Oregonians see as critical during wildfire season — has gotten a major overhaul. Source: Oregon DEQ upgrades Air Quality Index website

Two-day prescribed burn planned SW of Sisters 

Given favorable weather conditions, Deschutes National Forest firefighters on the Sisters Ranger District plan to conduct a prescribed burn on Friday and Saturday. Source: Two-day prescribed burn planned SW of Sisters – KTVZ

Study: No health risk in odor

A health consultation by a federal agency concluded pollutants from AmeriTies did not pose chronic public health risks to people in the area, but strong odors could still trigger physical symptoms. Source: Study: No health risk in odor

AmeriTies emissions reduced

The state Department of Environmental Quality has released 2017 air quality monitoring data showing naphthalene levels emitted by AmeriTies West are almost half of what they’ve been previously, a spokesperson said. As part of a voluntary odor-reducing effort, AmeriTies changed its creosote formula in December 2016 to cut the amount of naphthalene in half. Source: […]
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Oregonians are breathing in soot

The American Lung Association’s State of the Air report reveals Oregon has a particle pollution problem. Oregonians are breathing in more than soot than they should be. According to the American Lung Association’s State of the Air report this year, Oregon has mixed grades for air quality. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Oregonians are breathing […]
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Heard about Bend’s poor air quality? Breathe easy.

Report evaluated Central Oregon’s air using only Prineville data. Does Bend really have the 26th worst air pollution among the top 201 cities in the United States? Probably not. A report issued this week by the American Lung Association measured air pollution rates in U.S. counties as well as the largest metropolitan statistical areas in […]
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Since You Asked: Air quality data should start reappearing

A: Why has the air quality index in the Mail Tribune read 0 for the last few weeks? Surely Medford’s air has not been perfect for weeks. A: No.But some good news: It’s been at “good” levels since at least the beginning of the month. The reason it hasn’t been making it into our paper, […]
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The hypocrisy behind Oregon’s new air-quality law (Guest opinion)

There is widespread agreement that Oregon must do more to curb its toxic air emissions. But important lessons should be learned from the state’s treatment of Bullseye Glass in 2016 after the community raised concerns about emissions from our glass factory. Despite our small company’s decades of compliance with Oregon Department of Environmental Quality regulations […]
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Lost Valley mega-dairy allowed by state officials to tap restricted aquifier

A year after it opened, Oregon’s second-largest dairy has not secured rights to the nearly 1 million gallons of water per day it needs for its thousands of cows and to process milk. Instead, Lost Valley Farm near Boardman moved ahead without the necessary permits, using a loophole in Oregon law to pull water out of an underground aquifer that’s been off […]
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When Wildfire Smoke Invades, Who Should Pay To Clean Indoor Air?

As dense smoke from wildfires spread through communities across western Montana last summer, public health agencies faced an indoor problem, too: Residents suddenly needed filters to clean the air inside homes and public spaces, but there was no obvious funding source to pay for it. Ellen Leahy, the health officer in charge of the Missoula […]
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