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Refinery stench lingers, despite new pollution control equipment

New thermal oxidizers ordered by DEQ didn’t halt complaints about plant, as foul odors still waft into Portland Expo Center across the street. After 17 years of complaints, horrific odors traced to a North Portland refinery that recycles used oil have not gone away, despite its recent installation of air-pollution control equipment. Source: Refinery stench […]
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DEQ permit and inspection backlog endangers air quality, audit finds

Polluters don’t always meet the most current environmental standards. Source: DEQ permit and inspection backlog endangers air quality, audit finds

Auditors: DEQ backlogs ‘endanger state’s air quality and health’

The issue of air pollution has been a topic of interest in the wake of enforcement action based on elevated levels of toxins detected near Bullseye Glass Co.’s stained-glass factory in Southeast Portland. State auditors say that a backlog in permits and inspections at the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality “endanger the state’s air quality […]
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State audit targets DEQ’s air quality permit backlog

DEQ outlines efforts in responding statement Secretary of State Dennis Richardson released an audit Wednesday of the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality’s Air Quality Permitting Program, finding a “significant” processing backlog that needs addressing. Source: State audit targets DEQ’s air quality permit backlog

Our view: DEQ should catch up before adding new work

Rural Oregon is no stranger to watching laws and rules get made in Salem that have negative and unintended effects in our part of the state. It’s also not uncommon to watch the state make a grandiose plan with the intent of improving the lives of its citizens without the means to carry it out […]
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Air quality topic of public hearing

A vocal opponent of AmeriTies West and the creosote compounds it is permitted to release said of a proposed new air quality rule, “If Cleaner Air Oregon was made for anything, it was made for the city of The Dalles.” Kristina Cronkright spoke at the Dec. 14 hearing in The Dalles on the proposed reform […]
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Smoke from wildfires may be surprisingly deadly, scientists report

The culprit appears to be small particles released by combustion, researchers say. As firefighters continue to battle California’s devastating Thomas Fire — now the fourth-largest in state history — a group of scientists presented new results suggesting that air pollution from such massive blazes may be one of their deadliest consequences. Source: Smoke from wildfires may be surprisingly […]
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Stagnant weather brings red days

Caused by a lengthy drought of stagnant weather patterns, inversion layers, little-to-no wind, no moisture, and smoke from California fires; December has been a difficult month for meeting air quality goals across Klamath Falls’ air quality zone. Source: Stagnant weather brings red days | Local News | heraldandnews.com

New rules will help Oregon curb air toxics and protect health: Guest opinion

For more than a decade, state air quality officials tried to crack a mystery. Air monitors were detecting higher than predicted levels of some toxic metals in Portland’s air, but with only a few monitors the state couldn’t identify the sources. Finally, in 2014 and 2015, state and federal researchers used a method never before […]
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Partial Multnomah County Wood-Burning Ban Pitched to Improve Air Quality

People who burn wood on winter inversion days but have an alternate source of heating could be fined under a proposed Multnomah County ordinance. Two Multnomah County commissioners have proposed an ordinance that will ban the unnecessary use of wood stoves during winter inversion days, when air quality is poor. Source:  Partial Multnomah County Wood-Burning […]
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