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New rules will help Oregon curb air toxics and protect health: Guest opinion

For more than a decade, state air quality officials tried to crack a mystery. Air monitors were detecting higher than predicted levels of some toxic metals in Portland’s air, but with only a few monitors the state couldn’t identify the sources. Finally, in 2014 and 2015, state and federal researchers used a method never before […]
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Partial Multnomah County Wood-Burning Ban Pitched to Improve Air Quality

People who burn wood on winter inversion days but have an alternate source of heating could be fined under a proposed Multnomah County ordinance. Two Multnomah County commissioners have proposed an ordinance that will ban the unnecessary use of wood stoves during winter inversion days, when air quality is poor. Source:  Partial Multnomah County Wood-Burning […]
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Oregon DEQ seeks public comment on draft clean-air rules

Agency aims to ‘close gaps’ in current regulations. State air quality regulators and health experts are seeking public comment on proposed new rules to regulate industrial air toxics and reduce the impact these pollutants have on the health of Oregonians. Source: Oregon DEQ seeks public comment on draft clean-air rules – KTVZ

Gov. Kate Brown’s clean air plan wouldn’t clean Oregon’s air until 2030

Gov. Kate Brown’s weakened plan for a clean air overhaul, the long-awaited final details of which were released Thursday, is full of won’ts. Source: Gov. Kate Brown’s clean air plan wouldn’t clean Oregon’s air until 2030 | OregonLive.com

Oregon’s New Air Pollution Rules Are Already Being Debated

Oregon regulators are proposing new air pollution rules that would limit the total health risk a polluter can impose on its neighbors. Source: Oregon’s New Air Pollution Rules Are Already Being Debated . News | OPB

WILDFIRE: Legal action facing 15-year old

Lincoln City residents faced several days of unhealthy and smokey conditions as the Eagle Creek wildfire erupted in the Columbia River Gorge this past summer. Source: WILDFIRE: Legal action facing 15-year old | News | thenewsguard.com

Air quality penalty issued to Klamath Falls oil refinery

Oregon has issued a large penalty to a Klamath Falls oil refinery for air quality and hazardous waste violations. The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) plans to fine Oil Re-Refining Company Inc., which does business under Industrial Oils in Klamath Falls, for $103,428, according to a news release. Source: Air quality penalty issued to […]
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Potential pot producers seek dismissal of neighbors’ lawsuit

Neighbors worry about smells that could come from marijuana production; “right to farm” law invoked. Aspiring marijuana growers in Oregon’s Yamhill County have asked a judge to dismiss a lawsuit against their operation filed by neighboring landowners over potential odors. Source: Capital Press

Trump Plays Down Health Hazard in Making Climate Rule Repeal

When President Barack Obama unveiled his plan to pare emissions from U.S. power plants two years ago, he stressed the long-term health benefits: 3,600 fewer premature deaths, 90,000 fewer asthma attacks in children and a decline in hospital visits. Now, the Trump administration is justifying its rollback of the Clean Power Plan by arguing its […]
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Paving completed, but odor case still lingers 

The Highway 20 paving project has concluded and the temporary Houck Construction asphalt mixing plant is set to move back to Salem. But the controversy over the odors and noise that the plant on Clemens Mill Road between Corvallis and Philomath generated still lingers. Source: Paving completed, but odor case still lingers | Local | […]
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