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Guest Column: We must act to prevent wildfires

Oregonians have faced some of the worst fires in our state’s history this year. We have watched in shock as every day comes with more smoke and reports of new fires. With arrival of the first fall rains, we can and should turn our attention to the recovery efforts after the fires. Perhaps the fire […]
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Air Pollution | Mental Health Program – OPB’s Think Out Loud

The University of Washington’s Julian Marshall joins us to explain the significance of a 10-year air pollution study that found that air quality improved overall, but was worse for people of color, regardless of income. In Lane County, people struggling with mental health can now fill out a voluntary mental health consent form, providing medical details […]
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Firefighters battle blazes without protection

No respirators certified for wildland firefighters. Every now and then when Brock Shelton is out fighting a wildfire, the wind will shift suddenly, making it hard to breathe. His eyes will start to water. “You’ll go from breathing clean air to all of a sudden you’re like, ‘Oh man, I better get out of here,’” […]
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Eugene had fifth-worst air pollution in nation

Even as the first fall-like rainstorm swirled toward Oregon, one last day of choking smoke gripped western Or­egon on Saturday, when the Willamette Valley had the dubious distinction of having the five most air-polluted readings in the nation. The Eugene-Springfield area was the fifth. Source: Eugene had fifth-worst air pollution in nation | Local | […]
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People Of Color Are Living With More Polluted Air Than Whites Are

At every income level, people of color are still exposed to more air pollution than white people, a study from the University of Washington finds. Air pollution can contribute to asthma and heart disease. And it puts children at greater risk of developmental and behavioral problems. But not everyone is equally likely to be exposed […]
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Since you asked: What do Air Quality Numbers Mean?

Q: We know that an AQI (Air Quality Index) value under 50 is healthy and over 300 is hazardous, but what do these numbers mean? A: Lauren, air quality websites — airnow.gov, deq.state.or.us/aqi/ — are among the most popular for Southern Oregonians these days (hence the sites don’t always load properly), but we have to […]
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Forest management key to addressing wildfires | Opinion |

Has summer become the season of smoke? The late-July and early-­August incursion of smoke from wildfires burning in British Columbia left me with a sore throat and a headache. I felt worse for the young, the elderly and people with breathing issues. Pollution from more than 500,000 acres of wildfires in Oregon has created unhealthy […]
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Wildfire smoke brought unprecedented levels of air pollution to Eugene area last weekend, new data confirm

If this week’s wildfire smoke left residents mistaking Lane County for another planet, that may be because the pollution reached levels unmatched in recent county history, new data show. Local air quality readings Sunday through Tuesday found air pollution levels not seen since before 1980, when the Lane Regional Air Protection Agency began measuring the […]
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As Portland air improves, Rogue Valley residents lament frustrating conditions

Portland’s air quality dramatically improved Thursday thanks to westerly winds sweeping into the metro area, but those in Southern Oregonian are not as lucky. Source: As Portland air improves, Rogue Valley residents lament frustrating conditions | OregonLive.com

As I See It: Toward cleaner air for Oregon | Columnists

As I write, the sun and its light are orange; thankfully the sky is white, not brown or gray. Many fires are affecting our health. Even without a perceptible breeze, dinner time brings the sickening smell of tar until after bedtime, even though we live about 5 air miles from the paving mixing area for […]
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