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Editorial: Time to take another look at audit law

Oregon law requires most government bodies — everything from counties to cemetery districts — to file audit reports each year with the Secretary of State’s Office. Cities and counties that fail to get their reports done on time face the prospect of having the state withhold 10 percent of the money it sends them until […]
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Mines No Safer Despite $1 Billion In Fines, Federal Audit Says

An audit of the federal system that fines mining companies for unsafe conditions found no evidence that more than $1 billion in mine safety penalties over 18 years deterred unsafe mining practices. Source: Mines No Safer Despite $1 Billion In Fines, Federal Audit Says . News | OPB

Lawmakers should heed audit report

It’s a tale as old as time — or at least as old as government. An agency nears the end of the fiscal year with money left in its budget. If that money doesn’t get spent, those who determine the budget might decide that agency doesn’t need as much money in its budget next time […]
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Editorial: DAS audit response is inappropriate

An Oregon Secretary of State’s Office audit found 16 areas where Oregon fell short in transparency of the budget of the Department of Administrative Services. Changes, auditors said, would better ensure tax dollars are being used wisely. Source: Editorial: DAS audit response is inappropriate

State audit finds spending, job-filling problems

A state audit of Oregon’s budgeting practices has found three main flaws: State agencies often hire two or more employees for one budgeted position, they ramp up their discretionary spending at the end of the budget cycle and the state’s so-called transparency web site is opaque, hard-to-use and incomplete. Source: State audit finds spending, job-filling […]
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Editorial: Foster care improvements coming, but slowly

If Oregonians were expecting to see problems in the state’s foster care system disappear overnight, they’re in for a disappointment. As the Department of Human Services’ July report on child welfare demonstrates, some things are improving; others, not so much. The foster care program certainly needs to improve. A secretary of state’s 2018 audit of […]
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State lacks basic cyber hygiene

Imagine a customer service survey composed of a series of questions and circles to fill in according to your level of response: A circle left blank means “Poor.” A half-darkened circle means “Making progress.” A completely darkened circle means “Excellent.” If you were the company owner reviewing the composite results of the survey, you would […]
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Editorial: Cybersecurity: Plan, money are key to DAS success

Secretary of State Bev Clarno’s office released its latest audit on July 3, this one on the state of cybersecurity in the Department of Administrative Services, the state’s central administrative agency. The picture the audit painted wasn’t a pretty one. It found the agency’s cybersecurity efforts lacking, so much so that “as a result, DAS […]
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Editorial: Police need to follow the law on audits

Central Oregon Law Enforcement Services was delinquent, again. It failed to file a timely audit of its finances with Oregon’s secretary of state. It’s not a huge scandal, but it needs to stop happening. Source: Editorial: Police need to follow the law on audits;

Audit: State cybersecurity needs a major update

Auditors say Oregon’s central administrative agency lacks basic controls to protect its information and systems from a cyber attack. That means the Department of Administrative Services’ information and systems are at risk for “unauthorized use, disclosure, or modification,” according to a report released Wednesday, July 3, by Secretary of State Bev Clarno. Source: Audit: State […]
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