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Richardson: Audits find $106 million in questionable spending

Much of it improper Medicaid payments. Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson released a statement Wednesday documenting approximately $106.2 million in questionable spending by four state agencies from Jan. 2, 2017 through June 30, 2018. Source: Richardson: Audits find $106 million in questionable spending – KTVZ

Oregon auditors find $106 million in questionable spending by state agencies

Oregon auditors found approximately $106. 2 million in questionable spending by four state agencies between Jan. 2, 2017 and June 30, 2018. One of the major offenders involved the state’s Medicaid program. Source: Oregon auditors find $106 million in questionable spending by state agencies | KATU

Airbnb|FEMA Youth Council – OPB’s Think Out Loud

A recent audit conducted by the city of Portland estimates nearly 80 percent of Portland’s short-term rentals are operating illegally. City officials say they’ve had difficulties enforcing city regulations because they don’t have access to user data that shows how many short-term rentals are operating in the city. We sit down with Marshall Runkel, Chief of Staff for […]
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Editorial: Increased scrutiny by auditors a good thing

Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson is a man on a mission. He wants his office to do all it can to increase state government’s transparency, accountability and integrity, and the audits his office does of state agencies are a part of that effort. Now he is making audits even more useful by issuing follow-up […]
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Editorial: State isn’t careful enough about audits

Oregon law requires 30 state agencies to have internal auditors. It’s the job of those auditors to ensure that those agencies are doing business efficiently, obeying the law, and being careful with money. They protect all Oregonians from risk. Too often that’s not what happens, according to an audit from the secretary of state’s office, […]
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New audit says Oregon’s state agencies are bad at audits

Secretary of State Dennis Richardson’s office issued an audit Wednesday lambasting state agencies internal audit functions, saying they had been consistently understaffed, undervalued and neglected by leadership. Source: New audit says Oregon’s state agencies are bad at audits

Audit: Oregon agencies vulnerable to waste and fraud

Oregon has not prioritized internal audits at state agencies, leaving those agencies “more vulnerable to fraud, wasted taxpayer dollars, and other substantial risks,” a new Secretary of State audit finds. Internal auditors work for the agency they audit, and provide ongoing monitoring of agency activities, which can save money, improve agency programs and services and […]
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Editorial: Squandering 101, a lesson from the state of Oregon

Today’s lesson: How to squander taxpayer money. Start with a cause that looks good. Use public money to pick winners and losers. Add in questionable oversight. And wait. Oregon’s Department of Energy helped create a textbook case, highlighted recently by a new state audit and an article in The Oregonian. Source: Editorial: Squandering 101, a […]
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Wyden, Blumenauer call for paper ballots nationwide

Lawmakers say PAVE Act will allow for rigorous audits and recounts at meeting at the Bus Project. It may be an age of apps and emails, but Oregon lawmakers say only one technology can truly keep U.S. elections safe and secure: paper. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Wyden, Blumenauer call for paper ballots nationwide

Transparency can be a charade

What a terrible time for the Oregon Department of Human Services to conceal what it’s doing to improve foster care. The state has paid out millions in settlements for failing to ensure the children in its care were safe. An Oregon Secretary Of State audit found in January that DHS has been “slow, indecisive, and […]
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