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Reduction in backlog of testing rape kits is praiseworthy

The Oregon Secretary of State’s office announced Wednesday that one of its audits confirmed Oregon State Police crime labs have been successfully reducing their backlog of untested rape kits. It’s good news for victims awaiting results and justice. Source: Reduction in backlog of testing rape kits is praiseworthy

Audit: Oregon crime lab shakeup over rape kit testing reduces backlog

Two years after passing a law requiring Oregon crime labs to process the state’s growing rape-kit backlog, a Secretary of State audit found Oregon State Police’s crime lab is making a significant dent — with 1,100 kits in the backlog compared to 4,900 kits in 2015. Source: Audit: Oregon crime lab shakeup over rape kit testing reduces […]
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Audit: Sexual assault kit backlog shrinks dramatically

‘Melissa’s Law’ passed in 2016 helped spur the processing of thousands of samples of DNA related to sexual assault cases in Oregon. “Melissa’s Law” passed in 2016 has spurred Oregon State Police to make strides in processing a backlog of nearly 5,000 untested sexual assault kits, some of which dated back as far as 1983, […]
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Oregonians can help themselves, others by preparing now for disaster

Secretary of State says the state faces a number of deficiencies that would leave it vulnerable during a Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake. It’s no secret that Oregon is not prepared for the “Big One” if the Cascadia Subduction Zone quake were to occur today. The threat of a catastrophic (Richter Scale 9.0) earthquake in Oregon […]
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Audit: Gladstone in violation of state budgeting laws

City officials working with Department of Revenue to determine how to account for overspending. Gladstone overspent its general fund allocations by $176,000, even after a last-minute change last year to transfer $541,000 from various departments to patch the budgets of overspending departments. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Audit: Gladstone in violation of state budgeting laws

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown, Dennis Richardson listen in foster care forum

It was a common refrain Monday evening: Tell us what’s wrong, and then help us fix it. “We want to do better, and we can do better, but we can only do that with you,” Ormond Fredericks, district manager of the Marion County Child Welfare Office, said to a crowded room at an Oregon Department of Human […]
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1 in 3 Michigan workers tested opened fake ‘phishing’ email

The covert operation was done as part of an audit that uncovered weaknesses in the state government’s computer network. Michigan auditors who conducted a fake “phishing” attack on 5,000 randomly selected state employees said Friday that nearly one-third opened the email, a quarter clicked on the link and almost one-fifth entered their user ID and […]
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Former Oregon Child Welfare Director: DHS Must Reprioritize Prevention 

This is the third story in an occasional series on Oregon’s Office of Child Welfare by “Think Out Loud.” See the other parts here: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 Lena Alhusseini served as Oregon’s Child Welfare Director from November 2016 to May 2016. She sat down with Dave Miller to discuss the barriers she found when she tried […]
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Child Welfare System – OPB’s Think Out Loud

We sit down with Lena Alhusseini, the former director of Oregon’s child welfare system. She tells us more about the problems a recent audit identified about the system and why she felt forced to leave in 2017 after less than a year on the job. Source: News Roundtable | Child Welfare System | Girl Scouts . […]
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Gov. Kate Brown expects child welfare fixes in three to six months

Gov. Kate Brown said $14.5 million for new recruits at the Department of Human Services should start reversing high caseloads and staff turnover. Source: Gov. Kate Brown expects child welfare fixes in three to six months