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Day care agency forgot its duty to protect children: Editorial

There have been a few signs over the past year that things are terribly amiss within the state agency tasked with watching over the businesses that care for more than 100,000 babies and young children. In June, The Oregonian/OregonLive’s Brad Schmidt detailed how Oregon’s Office of Child Care allowed a Keizer day care center to continue […]
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Audit: Oregon fails to protect in-home-care residents from potential harm

An audit says a state-funded program that aims to help elderly low-income people and those with disabilities get care to stay in their homes has failed to fully protect them from potential harm. Source: Audit: Oregon fails to protect in-home-care residents from potential harm

Inspectors general unveil new website for reports from across government – Fedscoop

State Library Ed. Note: Oregon reports can be found here. CIGIE’s new website, Oversight.gov, collects and aggregates OIG reports examining waste, fraud and abuse from across the government. The investigative work of inspectors general from across the federal government can now be found in a single digital location. The Council of the Inspectors General on […]
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Audit finding on local water use to have wide ramifications

The Klamath Lake National Wildlife refuge in California. Allocation of water between farmers and the environment in the Klamath Basin has been a source of strife for years. Is it acceptable to simply take water from farmers for environmental purposes, without paying them? A recent federal audit prepared in response to claims lodged by federal […]
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Welcome state audit — Opinion

We’re pleased that Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson seems to share our distaste for the practice of public agencies using tax dollars to sue people who ask for records to which they’re legally entitled. The Associated Press, in a story published in Monday’s issue of the Herald, reported that this problem is not limited […]
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Editorial: Richardson makes good decision about state audits

When Dennis Richardson was running for secretary of state, he promised audits of Oregon’s Business Energy Tax Credit program, the Columbia River Crossing and Cover Oregon. But when he came out Tuesday with his 2017-18 audit plan, they were not included. Oregonians should not be outraged. He is making intelligent choices about prioritizing the auditing […]
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 PPS to Dennis Richardson: We’re already audited

A day after Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson announced he would take the unusual step of auditing Portland Public Schools, the district responded Tuesday evening with a brief statement. Source: Pamplin Media Group – PPS to Dennis Richardson: We’re already audited

Dennis Richardson puts promised audits on back burner

A list of audits unveiled by Oregon’s secretary of state is missing high profile programs he promised to scrutinize when he was running for office. Dennis Richardson’s list includes planned audits of state government budgets, tax collection, Capitol security and an audit of Portland Public Schools. Source: Dennis Richardson puts promised audits on back burner […]
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After lawsuit targets parent for seeking records, state to audit Portland schools

Oregon’s secretary of state announced Monday he will audit Portland Public Schools, an unusual move prompted by his concerns over the district’s decision to sue a parent and reporter to keep records secret. Source: After lawsuit targets parent for seeking records, state to audit Portland schools | OregonLive.com

Dennis Richardson Will Audit Portland Public Schools This Year

Secretary of State Dennis Richardson today announced the list of agencies that his office will audit in the coming year—and the first one on the alphabetical list is pretty unusual Source: Dennis Richardson Will Audit Portland Public Schools This Year – Willamette Week