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State lacks basic cyber hygiene

Imagine a customer service survey composed of a series of questions and circles to fill in according to your level of response: A circle left blank means “Poor.” A half-darkened circle means “Making progress.” A completely darkened circle means “Excellent.” If you were the company owner reviewing the composite results of the survey, you would […]
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Editorial: Cybersecurity: Plan, money are key to DAS success

Secretary of State Bev Clarno’s office released its latest audit on July 3, this one on the state of cybersecurity in the Department of Administrative Services, the state’s central administrative agency. The picture the audit painted wasn’t a pretty one. It found the agency’s cybersecurity efforts lacking, so much so that “as a result, DAS […]
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Editorial: Police need to follow the law on audits

Central Oregon Law Enforcement Services was delinquent, again. It failed to file a timely audit of its finances with Oregon’s secretary of state. It’s not a huge scandal, but it needs to stop happening. Source: Editorial: Police need to follow the law on audits;

Audit: State cybersecurity needs a major update

Auditors say Oregon’s central administrative agency lacks basic controls to protect its information and systems from a cyber attack. That means the Department of Administrative Services’ information and systems are at risk for “unauthorized use, disclosure, or modification,” according to a report released Wednesday, July 3, by Secretary of State Bev Clarno. Source: Audit: State […]
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Audit: Oregon DAS Behind on Basic Cybersecurity Safeguards

The Oregon Secretary of State’s office released an audit evaluating the cybersecurity of the Department of Administrative Services, making seven recommendations to be fully implemented by 2023. Source: Audit: Oregon DAS Behind on Basic Cybersecurity Safeguards

Oregon agency lacks cybersecurity plan to stop hackers, audit says

The Oregon Department of Administrative Services lacks the basic controls needed to guard against cyberattacks and does not have a security management program for its data systems, a state audit found. Source: Oregon agency lacks cybersecurity plan to stop hackers, audit says

State to review Sumpter’s records

The Oregon Department of Justice is conducting a financial audit of the city of Sumpter, following Mayor Greg Lucas’ decision to put three city employees on paid administrative leave. Source: State to review Sumpter’s records | Local News | eastoregonian.com

Who’s Following The Forest Practices Act? Oregon Can’t Say For Sure

Oregon State Forester Peter Daugherty sat in front of lawmakers during a budget hearing and reported his agency’s sterling compliance rate with the laws that govern private logging. “The audit showed an overall rule level compliance rate of 98%,” Daugherty told them. Others aren’t so sure about that. Source: Who’s Following The Forest Practices Act? […]
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Editorial: Oregon foster care still isn’t where it needs to be

In January 2018 the Oregon secretary of state released a scathing audit of the state Department of Human Services’ child foster care program. Now, 18 months later, a follow-up report says things are better but still not good enough. The follow-up report cites uncertain funding as one of the major holdups on improving staffing levels […]
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Flaws in Oregon’s child welfare system still place children at risk, review finds

The review checks in on progress made since a 2018 audit found widespread dysfunction that had festered for years. Heavy workloads, a foster home shortage and failures to meet safety protocols within Oregon’s child welfare system continue to place children at risk, state auditors concluded in a report released Wednesday. The reviewers checked on progress […]
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