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Oregon senator to introduce bill to thwart return of bottles, cans bought in Washington

Early last month, Mark Moors woke up to discover that someone stole something he was trying to throw away. Source: Oregon senator to introduce bill to thwart return of bottles, cans bought in Washington

Opinion: Is BottleDrop really supposed to be an improvement?

I arrived at the Bottle Drop Scamming Center just before noon. Parking was tight but manageable. I wore my grubbies as I know it is a smelly and potentially dirty job. It was mid-week, mid-month: I was hoping to avoid a crowd. The sellers of these products have a disincentive make things easy: every can […]
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Our view | Bottle Bill rate increase paying dividends

While there are plenty of things that divide Oregonians, there are three pillars that unite us. We speak, of course, of no sales tax, no self-pumping at gas stations and the Bottle Bill. Source: Our view | Bottle Bill rate increase paying dividends – Editorials – East Oregonian

Recycling numbers up after increase in deposit amount

Cans and bottles must be from Oregon to be redeemed for a deposit. Ten cents may not sound like much, but for people who are diligent about returning cans and bottles, deposits can quickly add up to more than pocket change. It was adding up for the Agape House on Tuesday, as a steady stream […]
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Bottle redemption centers report spike in use in Bend and beyond

Bottle, can redemption especially key with recycling changes overseas. The percentage of bottles and cans going to Bend’s redemption center has skyrocketed in the past year, part of a larger statewide trend. At the Bend BottleDrop, located at 755 NE Second St., more than 3 million additional glass bottles, plastic containers and aluminum cans were […]
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BottleDrop is a solution, not a problem

In its editorial, “BottleDrop a good concept, poorly executed,” the Mail Tribune brings up important issues, but draws the wrong conclusions. The Medford experience shows that the BottleDrop concept is executed well. It’s executed so well, in fact, that people are traveling much farther than anticipated to take advantage of the improvements that we’ve made […]
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BottleDrop a good concept, poorly executed

Through the powers of the Legislature — and with a considerable push from grocery store retailers — Oregon established redemption centers to collect bottles and cans subject to the state’s pioneering Bottle Bill requirements. Those centers, also referred to as BottleDrops, were good in concept. They are a functional failure, however, if Medford’s BottleDrop is […]
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Portland Woman Sues Walgreens For Charging Bottle Deposit On Juice Boxes

Heather Gilberto says area Walgreens charged her the 10 cent bottle deposit on beverages in cardboard containers she could not redeem. A Portland woman is suing Walgreens, alleging a local store charged her 10 cents for each juice box and Yoo-hoo chocolate milk carton she bought—but refused to refund the money when she tried to […]
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Industry pioneers reusable beer bottles

Refillables lower costs, impacts of recycling by cleaning and reusing existing bottles. Starting in July, Oregonians may notice some of their favorite local craft beer looks a little different. Source: Pamplin Media Group – Industry pioneers reusable beer bottles

Taxpayers reap value of Oregon’s bottle and can redemption system | Guest Opinion

Oregon’s deposit and redemption system for bottles and cans, also known as the Bottle Bill, is the most cost-effective system of its kind in the United States. It is nationally recognized for providing an outstanding service at no cost to taxpayers. Don Kahle, in his April 6 column, criticized this system because it is operated […]
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