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Editorial: Gross receipts tax proposal gets worse

The Oregon Legislature must, by law, come up with a balanced budget by July 10. That’s a problem. The state expects to pay out about $1.4 billion more in the coming two years than it will have in revenues coming in. The solution? If you’re a legislative Democrat, that’s obvious: Raise taxes, but do so […]
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Oregon’s Budget Disaster: Coming Soon To Your Own State Capitol

The West Coast has long been a political touchstone for America, a harbinger of the future for states back east. The current budget situation in Oregon continues that trend – and in the worst possible ways.

Editorial: Legislators move toward budget deal

Is the Legislature inching toward a compromise deal that could result in a balanced budget for the state? It’s possible, and if you’ve been following the Legislature, the shape of the compromise deal won’t be much of a surprise: It involves a version of a tax on Oregon companies’ sales, paired with cuts in state […]
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Budget deadline looming

Salem has less than two months to close $1.4 billion gap Oregon, take your pick: 1. Fewer state services. 2. Higher state taxes and fees. There is no third choice, according to leaders in the state Legislature who have been combing through the May state budget forecast released Monday. Source: Budget deadline looming; Salem has […]
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Gross receipts tax might be only option | Guest Opinion 

The governor and Legislature are battling on two fronts to balance the state budget for the next biennium. On the first, the government has no choice but to curb spending. Source: Gross receipts tax might be only option | Opinion | argusobserver.com

OUR VIEW: Proposal deserves fair review

New taxes are rarely popular. That is why the recommendations released Monday by the legislative committee charged with developing a viable plan to address the states infrastructure woes will be debated and argued over. That is how it should be, but in the end, the Legislature needs to adopt the initiatives recommended by the board. Source: […]
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Will Gov. Kate Brown’s Plans For A Gigantic ‘Rummage Sale’ Reap Big Dollars For Oregon? 

It could turn into the biggest rummage sale in Oregon history. Gov. Kate Brown has an ambitious plan to raise $5 billion by selling off a wide range of public assets, from surplus property to possibly even some state agencies. Source: Will Gov. Kate Brown’s Plans For A Gigantic ‘Rummage Sale’ Reap Big Dollars For Oregon? . […]
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Legislature 2017: A progress report on filling Oregon’s $1.6B budget hole

Please contact the State Library for access to this premium story from the Portland Business Journal. We can be reached at: library.help@state.or.us or 503-378-8800. In the frantic final weeks of the 2017 legislative session, lawmakers will dig in on tax and pension reform plans and proposals to fund Medicaid and fix Oregon’s crumbling transportation infrastructure. […]
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Editorial: Taxes must be part of budget talks

Legislators, mostly from the Democratic side of the aisle, last week released the broad outlines of a proposal to generate tax revenue to help plug the state’s $1.6 billion budget hole. The reaction from the other side of the aisle and representatives of the state’s business community was not particularly welcoming.   Source: Editorial: Taxes […]
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Opinion — Even in tough times, state has to look ahead

It’s a mistake to damage the building blocks Oregon needs for a strong economy — yet it’s one of the possibilities the state faces. It’s in the way the Legislature decides how to fill the $1.6 billion hole in the next biennial budget. Source: Even in tough times, state has to look ahead | Editorials […]
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