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Cops say big Medford pot bust just the tip of the problem

A bizarre kidnapping and robbery case sparked a raid by law enforcement Wednesday at a house off West McAndrews Road where police say they seized 180 pounds of illegal marijuana plants and arrested three men.      

Jeff Sessions Goes After Oregon’s Pot 

Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ most recent correspondence with Governor Kate Brown has left Oregonians wondering how far the feds are willing to go to tarnish the reputation of our burgeoning cannabis economy. Source: Jeff Sessions Goes After Oregon’s Pot – The Corvallis Advocate

State economists tackle pot, but gaps persist in young industry

Economists say Oregon will see net marijuana revenues of about $142 million in the next two years. Oregon state economists are crunching numbers on a product that in many other states remains illegal — marijuana. Under House Bill 3470, passed this legislative session, state economists have been asked to project future tax revenues from pot. […]
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No pot plants at Oregon State Fair this year

A change in state rules prevented organizers from displaying plants at the Oregon State Fair. After last year’s high-profile debut of award-winning cannabis crops at the Oregon State Fair, visitors this year may have been surprised by the absence of plants. Source: Pamplin Media Group – No pot plants at Oregon State Fair this year

Southern Oregon wildfires worry outdoor cannabis growers

“The smoke down here is choking out everything,” said Brent Kenyon, a longtime marijuana grower in Eagle Point who owns Oregon Cannabis Farms. Source: Southern Oregon wildfires worry outdoor cannabis growers | OregonLive.com

All Oregon Cannabis Must Now Be Tested For Pesticides

Beginning August 30, 2017, Oregon now requires all cannabis product batches be tested for pesticides according to the the Oregon Health Authority. The temporary rules that had governed testing for pesticides expired and now the permanent rules are in place and must be followed. The requirement also applies to untested product that was collected for […]
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A busy year in Oregon cannabis legislation

Well, the 2017 Legislative session ended early last month and the legislature passed several cannabis related bills. In 2018 the Joint Committee on Marijuana Regulation will not be reconvened, but state agencies will be continuing with the rule making a process for the new statutes. Source: A busy year in Oregon cannabis legislation – Salem […]
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Oregon Legislation Prohibits Cannabis Stores from Collecting, Retaining Customer Data

Fear that the federal government may crack down on legalized marijuana has forced cannabis stores to rid themselves of any data that could be used to identify customers. Under Senate Bill 863, the state now prohibits pot stores from recording, retaining or transferring any customer information. Source: Oregon Legislation Prohibits Cannabis Stores from Collecting, Retaining […]
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Study on Cannabis Harvest Identifies Health Hazards for Outdoor Farm Workers

Local activist and medical grower Tom Lauerman participated in the study, which found ergonomic problems in hand-trimming practices. Consider it a sign that the cannabis industry is starting to come of age: For the first time ever, the National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety has taken a deep look at potential worker hazards at […]
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Merkley revives cannabis banking bill

U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Oregon, revived a bill Wednesday that, if passed, would create access to banking services for legal marijuana businesses in the United States. Speaking to reporters by phone, Merkley said the truce struck during the Obama administration between states like Oregon, where marijuana is legal, and the federal government, which categorizes the […]
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