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Where pot is now legal, no-longer-criminals seek forgiveness 

Despite its name, hippie reputation and liberal spirit, Vermont hasn’t always been kind to pot smokers. Now, as the state moves to legalize weed beyond medical use, those punished in the past for marijuana misdemeanors are seeking forgiveness. Source: Where pot is now legal, no-longer-criminals seek forgiveness – ABC News

Congress considers new hope for hemp

Planting season for industrial hemp is well underway at a 3-acre farm near Boring, Ore., where Adam Kurtz is testing new seed varieties to ensure they meet regulatory guidelines. Source: Congress considers new hope for hemp – Nation – Capital Press

Josephine County Suffers Setback In Its Cannabis Crackdown

Josephine County officials have suffered a setback in an ongoing effort to crack down on cannabis grows in the county — but a far weightier fight is still in play. On Wednesday, the Oregon Court of Appeals affirmed an opinion by state officials that the southern Oregon county hadn’t provided adequate notice last year when […]
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Cannabis testing reveals biopesticide contamination

Mandatory testing of cannabis in Oregon has revealed several biopesticides contaminated with more highly regulated chemicals, prompting regulators to halt sales of the products. The problem has led the Oregon Department of Agriculture to believe such contamination probably is not limited to marijuana. Source: Cannabis testing reveals biopesticide contamination

Cannabis Growers Deal With Pot Glut | Jefferson Public Radio

Oregon is producing way more cannabis than its population can use. The state’s U.S. attorney said so recently, and warned the federal government would crack down on the black market, particularly growers sending product out of state, illegal under federal and state law. Law enforcement aside, the glut of pot has sent prices sharply lower, […]
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Mayors Of 6 US Cities Push Federal Cannabis Policy Reform

Mayors from six U.S. cities in states with legal marijuana said Monday they have formed a coalition to push for federal marijuana policy reform just days after President Donald Trump expressed support for bipartisan congressional legislation to ease the federal ban on pot. Source: Mayors Of 6 US Cities Push Federal Cannabis Policy Reform

Oregon cannabis regulators will hit pause on new licenses after June 15

It’s not a cap on new licenses — it would take legislative action to make that happen — but Oregon cannabis regulators said Wednesday they will temporarily stop processing applications received after June 15. Source: https://www.bizjournals.com/portland/news/2018/05/31/oregon-cannabis-regulators-willhit-pause-on-new.html

Cannabis ‘tasting’ rooms: coming soon?

Some in the weed industry hope so. Some cannabis retailers hope that someday soon, tasting rooms can be added to retail establishments, just as they may be added to wineries and breweries. Source: Cannabis ‘tasting’ rooms: coming soon?; Some in the weed industry hope so

Make Money from Pot? Then Forget About a Federally Subsidized Loan

The Small Business Administration says that companies that derive any portion of their revenue from marijuana are ineligible for loan assistance. Marijuana legalization at the state level has created a moneymaking opportunity not only for licensed growers and sellers but also for a wide range of ancillary businesses, from publicly traded garden product companies to […]
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Federal Prosecutors Pledge to Crack Down On Oregon’s Glut of Cannabis Leaking Across State Lines

U.S. Attorney for Oregon Billy Williams issued a memorandum spelling out five priorities for going after illegal cannabis operations that violate federal laws. It is the first time a federal law enforcement official in a state with legal cannabis has detailed what crimes the feds will target after U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions revoked guidelines […]
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