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Asian American Harassment | Climate Change Order | 2020 Census – OPB’s Think Out Loud

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Asian Americans have reported an increase in racist harassment and attacks across the United States. Before the novel coronavirus outbreak was declared a pandemic, the big story in Oregon legislative politics was the walkout by state Republicans to prevent Democrats from passing a cap-and-trade bill. Without a quorum, Democratic lawmakers were […]
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House GOP leader: Cap-and-trade had constitutional problems

House Minority leader Christine Drazan talks about an Oregon session in which legislation stalled. As the House minority leader, Christine Drazan, who represents Charbonneau, was a key voice in the Republican caucus’s decision to walk out and, in turn, deny a quorum over cap-and-trade legislation. Source: Pamplin Media Group – House GOP leader: Cap-and-trade had […]
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Guest Column: Politics can be as deadly as a virus

The antidote to Oregon’s vitriolic 2020 legislative session came in a phone call from a woman who had a basic question for me: “How am I supposed to survive?” She wasn’t talking about the coronavirus. We legislators get so caught up in the bubble of the Capitol building, we lose track of the fact that […]
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Johnson, Mitchell take different lessons from short session

Derailed by Republican walkout. Derailed by Republican walkout The short session of the state Legislature ended this month after an extended Republican walkout over a controversial cap-and-trade bill crippled the Capitol and left all but three bills dead in its wake. State Sen. Betsy Johnson and Rep. Tiffiny Mitchell, the region’s two Democratic lawmakers, took […]
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Editorial: Brown is for democracy, just not your vote

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has signed an executive order directing state agencies to reduce Oregon’s greenhouse gas emissions through more stringent standards for fuels, new buildings and consumer appliances, imposing by fiat what she was denied by Republican legislators. Opponents of the ill-fated Senate Bill 1530 — the cap-and-trade scheme foiled in the recent session […]
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Cap and Evade in Oregon

State Library Ed. Note: If you cannot access this story via the link below, state employees can access this Wall Street Journal story HERE via the State Library’s subscription to the US Newstream database. Alternatively, state employees can contact us for access: library.help@state.or.us or 503-378-8800. Gov. Brown dictates deep CO2 emissions cuts on her own authority. Oregon’s Democrats say […]
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Gov. Kate Brown executive order cap-and-trade big gamble

Democratic leaders in Salem concluded the 2020 Legislative Session abruptly without having passed the cornerstone to their legislative and policy agenda: capping Oregon’s levels of greenhouse emissions. In response, Governor Kate Brown signed an executive order directing state agencies to make sweeping policy changes under what is known as “administrative rulemaking.” Source: Gov. Kate Brown […]
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Guest Column: The state of democracy in Oregon

‘The Twilight Zone,” also known as the 2020 Oregon Legislature, has gone off the air. Democrats pulled the plug and said it was Republicans’ fault. Source: Guest Column: The state of democracy in Oregon | Columns | dailyastorian.com

Editorial: Climate measure needed to be on ballot

The 2020 session of the Oregon Legislature ended without the passage of a controversial cap-and-trade scheme, or much of anything else. Republicans in the Senate walked out Feb. 24 with two weeks left in the session to deprive that chamber of a quorum to vote on Senate Bill 1530, a Democrat-backed plan to reduce greenhouse […]
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Timber Unity plans ballot initiative in light of Brown’s order

Opponents say they’ll try to block Gov. Brown’s order in court, but not before trying to get an alternative carbon emissions measure on the ballot. Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signed a sweeping executive order Tuesday aiming to significantly cut statewide greenhouse gas emissions. Source: Timber Unity plans ballot initiative in light of Brown’s order | […]
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