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Legislators prepping to tackle guns, wildfires, homelessness in upcoming session

Legislators will roll up their sleeves for some speedy politicking in February, tackling some of Oregon’s thorniest problems. When they gather for the monthlong legislative session, legislators want to improve the state’s care for people with mental illness and its ability to fight increasingly destructive wildfires. State Library Ed. Note:  Oregon Capital Bureau story also […]
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Our view | Lawmakers shouldn’t rush complex bills

Oregon legislators will hit the 2020 legislative session on Feb. 3, and while there are already a number of high-profile bills on the horizon, elected leaders should remember that complex legislation can’t be ironed out in a mere 35 days. One key bill apparently on the legislative agenda is a new proposal to slash greenhouse […]
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Oregon Democrats, Republican bristle over possibility of another GOP shutdown

Tensions simmered over Oregon Democrats’ priority climate change bill on Friday, as leaders from both parties met with reporters in the Capitol to discuss their priorities for the upcoming 35-day legislative session. The main undercurrent dividing the parties: Will Republicans walk out, stalling all business in the affected chamber? And who would pay the political […]
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Straight Talk: Oregon Governor Kate Brown on cap and trade

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has big plans for the upcoming 2020 legislative session that begins Feb. 3. Although it’s a short session lasting only 35 days, the governor has high hopes lawmakers will pass issues she says are critical to the state’s future. That includes a cap and trade bill that failed in the last […]
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Carbon Tax Fight Looms Over Health Care Bills In Upcoming Session

State Library Ed. Note: The Lund Report provides free access to a limited number of PREMIUM stories. If you can not access story, State Agency patrons can request full-text from the Library HERE. Oregon’s legislative leaders aren’t expecting health care to be the wedge issue that divides lawmakers this session.Democratic leaders will have their hands […]
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Editorial: Climate bill shuts the door on openness | Opinion | bendbulletin.com

Would it make you edgy if Oregon government was going to launch a big, new program worth millions and keep secret how well it works? If so, read on. This is about the new Oregon greenhouse gas bill. Source: Editorial: Climate bill shuts the door on openness | Opinion | bendbulletin.com

Column: Cap and Trade: Clever Accounting and Creative PR

“The real danger is when politicians and CEOs are making it look like real action is happening when in fact almost nothing is being done apart from clever accounting and creative PR.” –Greta Thunberg Thunberg’s right when it comes to Oregon cap-and-trade. Here’s why: the Oregon Global Warming Commission’s board vacancies in industries most vulnerable […]
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Democrats: Oregon Climate Bill Is Priority; GOP Resists

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown and the speaker of the House of Representatives, both Democrats, say passing legislation aimed at stemming global warming is their priority when lawmakers return to the Capitol next month. But Rep. Christine Drazan, the leader of the minority Republicans in the House, said she opposes the so-called cap and trade bill […]
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Oregon cap-and-trade bill is back, and truckers still don’t like it

A new cap-and-trade carbon emissions bill unveiled in Oregon last week continues to draw criticism from the trucking industry that helped derail similar legislation last year. “If you look at the latest version for the upcoming session, it’s not much different than [last year’s] House Bill 2020,” said Jana Jarvis, head of the Oregon Trucking Associations. “Cap […]
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Cap and trade dominates county discussions in Salem

The snow at the start of the week didn’t keep Eastern Oregon county commissioners George Murdock and Jim Doherty from making their first trip of the year to Salem as officers of the Association of Oregon Counties. Source: Cap and trade dominates county discussions in Salem | Local News | eastoregonian.com