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Timber Unity plans ballot initiative in light of Brown’s order

Opponents say they’ll try to block Gov. Brown’s order in court, but not before trying to get an alternative carbon emissions measure on the ballot. Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signed a sweeping executive order Tuesday aiming to significantly cut statewide greenhouse gas emissions. Source: Timber Unity plans ballot initiative in light of Brown’s order | […]
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Editorial: What’s missing from Gov. Brown’s climate order?

Gov. Kate Brown has vowed to do more about climate change, and the executive order she issued Tuesday gets that started. State agencies have been directed to come up with a plan to regulate and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by writing up new rules. Some Republican legislators criticized her, of course. And Democrats, environmental groups […]
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Our view | A bad situation made worse

Gov. Kate Brown signed an executive order Tuesday directing state agencies to significantly slash carbon emissions, a move that may not be unexpected, but one that ultimately makes a bad situation worse.Brown’s actions come after the 2020 Legislature had a meltdown over the issue and Republican lawmakers departed the Oregon Capitol. Source: Our view | […]
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Our view: Failed session left transparency in the dust

The Democrats botched the legislative short session. They can blame Republicans until they are blue in the face — pun intended — but the supermajority party knew the possible consequences of pushing controversial climate change legislation in a mere 35-day session. Source: Our view: Failed session left transparency in the dust | Editorials | lagrandeobserver.com

Thompson | Climate bill is just another power grab

The EPA report from 1990-2018 on U.S. emissions shows an overall increase of 3.7%, but since 2005 a decline by 12.3%. Oregon fares well because our vast agricultural and forest lands need carbon dioxide. We have also passed more than 54 state laws related to environmental concerns over the past two decades, and things have […]
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Oregon Gov. Kate Brown takes first executive steps to enact carbon-cutting climate plan

Gov. Kate Brown has $5 million to launch a new regulatory plan for greenhouse gas emissions, after lawmakers signed off on emergency funding on Monday. The governor is finalizing an order for regulations to reduce the state’s climate warming pollution after Republicans boycotted the last two weeks of the five-week legislative session that ended Thursday […]
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He Led 3 Republican Walkouts. Now He’s Calling It Quits.

The top Republican in the Oregon Senate, who led his colleagues on three walkouts to protest a plan to fight climate change, won’t seek re-election. Source: He Led 3 Republican Walkouts. Now He’s Calling It Quits.

Our view | Options limited on carbon legislation

Gov. Kate Brown has shown some real leadership over the past 10 days or so, helping get flood relief to Umatilla County and acting decisively regarding the COVID-19 outbreak. That’s why the announcement last week that she intended to issue an executive order to cut the state’s carbon emissions was a surprise and, ultimately, a […]
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Unproductive Legislative Session | Clam Gardens – OPB’s Think Out Loud

The 2020 Oregon legislative session officially ended on Sunday. Republican lawmakers walked out Feb. 24, denying their Democratic colleagues the quorum they needed to pass a cap-and-trade bill. The lack of quorum continued through the constitutionally mandated deadline for the end of the session March 8, making it impossible for lawmakers to pass any bills. […]
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Absent Republicans defended your rights

The walkout by Republican legislators, apart from the immediate impact on the cap-and-trade bill and other pending legislation, highlighted a crisis in government in our country. Despite seemingly universal criticism of the “boycotters,” there was more to the story and much more at stake in this conflict. Even if you disagree with them on the […]
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