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Tourism Tensions

With tourism on hold, city and tourism agency budgets are going to be hit hard. With that, local leaders wrestle with how and when to invite tourists back. The Central Oregon economy is highly dependent on tourism. As a result of the COVID-19 statewide lockdown, it’s been decimated—making the local unemployment rate the third highest […]
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Latinos disproportionately affected by COVID-19

Central Oregon’s Spanish-speaking community is being disproportionately affected by COVID-19 because barriers remain to accessing information and resources. While data are not available specifically for Deschutes County, statewide data show a rate of 11.5 Hispanic cases per 10,000 tested positive for COVID-19. That rate is more than three times higher than the non-Hispanic rate of […]
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Nearly 334,000 Oregon initial jobless claims filed; C.O. among hardest hit

About 12 percent of High Desert labor force has filed claims. During the week ended April 18, the Oregon Employment Department received 36,700 initial claims for unemployment benefits. Since public health measures began the week starting March 15, Oregon has received about 333,700 initial claims for unemployment insurance, the agency said Thursday. Source: Nearly 334,000 […]
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Shrinking glaciers could impact life in Central Oregon

Human caused climate change has accelerated loss of glacial ice, scientists say. When Peter Keane started running mountaineering tours in the Cascades 30 years ago he helped climbers summit peaks well into August. These days he has to stop running his trips in early July due to the glaciers melting away in the summer sun. […]
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Unemployment in Central Oregon reaches 12%

Claims could rise again with start of Pandemic Unemployment assistance. The number of new claims for unemployment insurance in Central Oregon continued to grow over the past week, even as the rate of claims slowed compared to the previous four Source: Unemployment in Central Oregon reaches 12% | Business | bendbulletin.com

When Will Central Oregon Reach Its COVID-19 Peak?

Top regional experts provide a snapshot of hospital capacity, surge projections and testing. Social distancing is working in Bend. But because rural areas in Oregon lag behind larger cities on the timeline for peak COVID-19 surges, lock down may continue through the summer. Scientists who use data from Central Oregon to make future COVID-19 projections […]
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Debate over canal piping heats up

For decades, Rob Rastovich relied on flood irrigation to water the hay fields on his family-owned ranch outside Bend. The system was archaic and wasted large amounts of water, which ran off the edge of his 200-acre ranch. Source: Debate over canal piping heats up | Local&State | bendbulletin.com

Zika calls for quick state action to help suffering residents

State Rep. Jack Zika (R-Redmond) called on the Oregon Legislature and Gov. Kate Brown again Wednesday to take swift action this week to help Central Oregonians who are suffering from the effects of the coronavirus and its impact on the local and state economy. Source: Zika calls for quick state action to help suffering residents […]
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Central Oregon counties face the unknown as they budget for next year

Gas tax, transient room tax likely to take a hit. Every spring, local governments start projecting how much money they expect to bring in and prioritize what projects should be done for the next fiscal year, which begins a few months later, in July. But this year, local governments are wading into a world of […]
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Central Oregon continues efforts to delay peak infection

Central Oregon should hit its peak number of people infected with COVID-19 in June, based upon current estimates, not this week like some hot spots in the United States that are in the midst of “peak death week.” The University of Washington estimates 81,671 deaths from COVID-19 in the U.S. by June 1. The same […]
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