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Bend hotel occupancy rates drop in peak season

New hotels and smoky skies contribute to July numbers. Fewer visitors came to Bend in July, but spent more on rooms, compared with the year before, signaling what some hotel operators say is a plateau of the travel and tourism market. Source: Bend hotel occupancy rates drop in peak season; New hotels and smoky skies […]
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Bend air quality plummets Friday before smoke clears

Health officials initially recommended limiting outdoor activities. The air quality index for Bend reached a level of 213 Friday morning, putting conditions into the “very unhealthy” range for the first time this summer, before returning to good conditions in the evening. Source: Bend air quality plummets Friday before smoke clears; Health officials initially recommended limiting […]
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Editorial: Council should ignore latest loopiness from Portland

The Bend Council knows the community has an affordable housing problem, and it has worked hard to help correct the situation. Sometimes the results have been good, sometimes less so. Put some of the nuttier ideas to come out of the Portland City Council — including the city’s 90-day eviction notice ordinance — fall into […]
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Editorial: Forest Service should renew Bend’s water permit

The Forest Service permit that allows Bend to take water from source springs for Tumalo Creek is up for renewal. It should be renewed. Bend gets about half of its drinking water from an intake on Bridge Creek. It’s a tributary of Tumalo Creek. This permit is really about what happens before that intake. Source: […]
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Cougar spotted in Awbrey Butte neighborhood

State wildlife officials say tracks were made by a younger cougar. State wildlife officials have confirmed a cougar was seen shortly after midnight Wednesday in Bend’s Awbrey Butte neighborhood. A homeowner on Northwest Hale Street reported seeing the cougar attacking a deer on the homeowner’s property. The homeowner was able to scare off the cougar […]
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Editorial: Oregon’s war on cars aims to make drivers miserable

Get ready for more congestion, fewer parking spaces. In a recent editorial, we mentioned the “war on cars” being waged in Bend, which is working gradually to update its transportation system plan. As if on cue, an anonymous commenter claimed that there “is no  …  ‘war on cars’ going on.” Not only is this untrue, but the […]
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Bend group: Make tourists pay for road improvements

Committee interested in sales tax, gas tax aimed at tourists. A limited local sales tax and a seasonal gas tax would make sure tourists help pay to build new roads and fix existing roads in Bend, according to a city group tasked with figuring out how to pay for the city’s transportation needs. Members of […]
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Bend, Oregon, Stays the Way It Was Despite Transplant Influx–at Least So Far

The small town charm of Bend, Oregon, has made it a huge tourist attraction, behind which has come a huge movement of Californians and seniors looking for just such charm. Source: Bend, Oregon, Stays the Way It Was Despite Transplant Influx–at Least So Far

Editorial: Another argument punctured about Bridge Creek project

A central argument against the $70 million Bridge Creek project to supply water to Bend was that it would be bad for Tumalo Creek. Opponents, including Central Oregon LandWatch, claimed the city planned to double the increase in withdrawals from the creek. It was a deceptive claim and it did not happen. Bend City councilors […]
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Bend smoke largely from fires in southwest Oregon, California

While Bend had plenty of smoke in the air on Monday morning, it was largely coming from fires outside the region. Lisa Clark, spokeswoman for the Central Oregon Interagency Dispatch Center, said much of the smoke in the air in Bend was coming from large fires in southwest Oregon and northern California, rather than smaller […]
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