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Port Of Kalama: Methanol Refinery Can’t Export For Fuel

Port of Kalama commissioners unanimously passed a lease amendment with a controversial methanol facility Wednesday night that prohibits the company from exporting its product for fuel. The commissioners voted 3-0 to approve new contract language with NW Innovation Works, or NWIW. Port officials said the changes ensure the methanol from southwest Washington will only go […]
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Report: Fish Passage Above Grand Coulee Can Be Done

Columbia River tribal leaders pressed their case on Tuesday for returning salmon and steelhead to more than 100 miles of habitat that has been blocked for decades by two large dams. It’s been nearly 80 years since salmon and steelhead made it past Chief Joseph and Grand Coulee dams in Washington’s Upper Columbia Basin. It’s […]
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Chinook bust on the Columbia: Spring returns worse than forecast on Northwest’s largest river

Lower-than-predicted spring chinook runs to the Columbia River are puzzling fish managers and frustrating fishermen. Darren Ogden hefted the big chinook salmon, meaty and lustrous, a rare and welcome sight in a bad year for returns of adult spring chinook. Fish managers have had to downgrade their forecasts regarding spring chinook returning to the Columbia […]
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State OKs barbed hooks for salmon, steelhead, trout on Columbia River

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife adopted temporary rules to allow anglers to use barbed hooks when fishing for salmon, steelhead and trout on the Columbia River. The change went into effect Saturday. The regulatory agency reported it adopted the rule so Oregon’s fishing regulations will remain concurrent with Washington in the jointly managed […]
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Tents, boats clog Marine Dr shoreline; frustrate locals

Law enforcement agencies say it’s a problem with no easy solution. Neighbors say they’re frustrated as dozens of tents, barges and dilapidated boats continue to take over parts of North Marine Drive along the Columbia River. Source: Tents, boats clog Marine Dr shoreline; frustrate locals

Our View: Invest in America’s infrastructure

Infrastructure is too boring a word for a set of assets that go to the very core of a functioning civilization. Two thousand years ago, the Roman Empire conquered much of the known world partly because its leaders understood the absolute necessity of good roads, aqueducts for clean water, sewage disposal and all the other […]
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Frog Ferry makes plea for city dollars before budget vote

State Library Ed. Note: Please contact the State Library to request this article if you are unable to access.  503-378-8800, library.help@state.or.us Founder Susan Bladholm says project may lose out on state funds if Portland pulls $200,000 grant. It’s a sink-or-swim moment for the fledgling ferry service between Portland and Vancouver. Portland City Council will vote […]
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Summer, fall fishing seasons set for Columbia River

Chinook salmon returns to the Columbia River will be the lowest in almost a decade this summer. As Oregon and Washington state fishery managers set seasons for the summer and fall, they had to balance below-average projections for a number of salmon stocks with what is expected to be a better run of coho. Source: […]
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New Rules Make It Easier To Kill Sea Lions On The Columbia River

New rules could allow wildlife managers to kill more sea lions to protect salmon on the Columbia River below Bonneville Dam. The National Marine Fisheries Service has announced new criteria for putting California sea lions on the list for lethal removal at Bonneville Dam. The new rules could allow wildlife managers to kill more sea […]
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It’s ‘All Hands On Deck’ To Protect Columbia River Salmon From Invasive Northern Pike

Washington is taking an “all hands on deck” approach to stopping northern pike. The invasive fish are two dams away from reaching prime salmon habitat on the Columbia River. Northern pike are some of the most troubling aquatic invasive species in the Northwest. So far, they haven’t made it past Washington’s Lake Roosevelt. Two dams […]
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