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Rare swamp habitat changes hands

Just over 900 acres of rare Columbia River spruce swamp near Knappa is now in the hands of a coastal land conservancy. The Nature Conservancy, a global conservation organization, transferred ownership of Blind Slough Swamp Preserve to North Coast Land Conservancy, which manages land across Clatsop County, on Valentine’s Day. The transfer enlarges the coastal […]
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Rare Columbia River spruce swamp now conserved by coastal land trust

Much of the original forested floodplain along the Oregon side of the lower Columbia River has long since been logged off and diked for pasture. Blind Slough Swamp Preserve is an exception. This large Sitka spruce swamp represents a habitat type that was once common from Tillamook County to Alaska but is now globally rare. […]
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Bill would protect Umatilla groundwater rights

Irrigators in Oregon’s Umatilla Basin wouldn’t risk losing their groundwater rights by drawing replacement water from the Columbia river under a pilot project being considered by lawmakers. Source: Bill would protect Umatilla groundwater rights

Paddling Into The Heart Of Northwest History On The Columbia River Trail

The Columbia is the river everyone seems to know about but doesn’t really “know.” The Lower Columbia Estuary Partnership would like to change that — with a water trail you can paddle. Naturalist Andrew Emlen paddled a few strokes in his 17-foot kayak, grabbed the binoculars hanging from his neck and looked at a line […]
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Federal, Washington Officials Spar Over Water Quality Regulations At Dams

Washington regulators want water at dams on the Columbia and Snake rivers to meet state standards. They say that would make it safer for imperiled salmon, especially during hot summers. But the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is putting a stop to those plans — for now. The Washington Department of Ecology recently opened up a public […]
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Let it flow during next Columbia River flood?

Some want to let the river flow onto nearby green areas rather than replace the levee that failed in the 1948 Vanport Flood disaster, but that might imperil Heron Lakes and PIR Source: Let it flow during next Columbia River flood?

Washington state to regulate federal dams on Columbia, Snake to cool hot water, aid salmon 

Dams and climate change are the leading cause of high temperatures in the Columbia and Snake rivers that are killing salmon, according to an EPA draft analysis. Now the state wants to get involved. Summer temperatures in portions of the Columbia and Snake rivers are up by 1.5 degrees Celsius since 1960 because of the […]
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Salvage Chief could get new life after a disaster

The World War II-era craft could be an asset. After a Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake and tsunami, major debris will need to be cleared from the Columbia River, and believers in the Salvage Chief think their vessel could be the one to help. Source: Salvage Chief could get new life after a disaster | Local […]
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Dam cool idea? Washington seeks public input on plan to help salmon

Washington’s Department of Ecology is seeking public input for its plan to require federal dams to treat, clean, and cool water along the Snake and Columbia rivers in an effort to boost the salmon population. “That minute that water turns from ice or snow to liquid, we’ve got to look at what we can do […]
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Bills seek tax aid to shore up levee system

All Portlanders might help pay to protect the city from Columbia River floods, if lawmakers vote to authorize a new taxing district covering most of Multnomah County. Source: Bills seek tax aid to shore up levee system