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Northwest Sea Lion Saved From Certain Death Now Does Tricks In Chicago

Take a peek into the life of a California sea lion that would have been killed to protect salmon if he hadn’t been taken in by the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. Source: Northwest Sea Lion Saved From Certain Death Now Does Tricks In Chicago . News | OPB

Vancouver Port Votes To End Oil Terminal Lease In March

The Port of Vancouver’s Board of Commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday to put a March 31 end date on a lease with Vancouver Energy. The Port of Vancouver’s Board of Commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday to put an end date on a lease with Vancouver Energy, the company behind a controversial project to build the largest oil-by-rail […]
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The last Gillnetter: Magazine documented the life of fishermen

The end of an era on the river. They cleaned out the office after Christmas. Into the moving van went the old signs and the newspaper clippings documenting achievements and battles for river fisheries. Out went the boxes filled with index cards listing the names of past Columbia River Fishermen’s Protective Union members — and […]
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Canada: Columbia River Treaty a boon to the U.S., but must benefit all

The Columbia River Treaty is a quiet cornerstone of the economic vitality of the Pacific Northwest region and one of the most successful international agreements of its kind. Early in the new year, Canadian and American officials will meet to discuss the renewal of one of the most enduring examples of our strong partnership – […]
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Major Fight Shapes up Over Salmon Harvest in the Columbia River

Agreements that have reigned for a decade on how to divide the catch of salmon and steelhead in the Columbia Basin expire on the last day of 2017. The new plan is so contentious that multiple sides have promised to sue over it. What are the outrageous details? Same as the current ones. But the […]
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Invasive ‘Devil Fish’ Make It To Washington’s Lake Roosevelt

Northern pike are an highly aggressive fish that have invaded Washington waters. A coalition of biologists is working to stop their spread, before they can harm threatened and endangered salmon. They’ve been called devil fish. They’re No. 1 on the hit-list for invasive aquatic life in Washington waters. And they’re creeping farther and farther down […]
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Editorial: Columbia River treaty could use some changes

There are two great reasons to care that the United State and Canada are going to open talks about the Columbia River Treaty: It’s about a lot of water and electricity bills. Northwest utilities may actually pay Canada millions more a year than they should because of the treaty. And you know who pays for those overpayments? […]
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Rainier delays sewer investigation response again until mid-January

An Oregon state agency has granted the City of Rainier a second month-long extension to respond to allegations about mismanagement of its sewer plant, including accusations that the city falsified monthly reports about plant operations and that it released raw sewage into the Columbia River without reporting the episodes to the state. Oregon’s Environmental Quality […]
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U.S., Canada to begin talks on Columbia River deal in 2018

U.S., Canada to begin talks on Columbia River deal in 2018. Members of Congress from Washington state are praising the decision to start negotiations early next year over the future of a half-century-old agreement between the United States and Canada that governs hydropower and flood control operations along the Columbia River. Lawmakers from across the […]
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Tug Escorts Needed If Columbia River Oil Tanker Traffic Increases

The risk of oil spills on the Columbia River is very low, a new study into vessel traffic and safety found, but more tethered tug escorts might be needed if marine terminals increase tanker traffic. Less than 5 percent of the 1,400 vessels on the lower stretch of the river each year carry bulk oil […]
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