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Some who gambled on hemp lost all

A very old saying has it that farming is another form of gambling. The farmer plants a crop not knowing what the weather will be, what pests or diseases might appear or what the market price will be at harvest time. When the crop is brand-new, and closely related to another that remains illegal in […]
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Hemp: USDA benefits come with tradeoffs

Access to USDA benefits may prove a tough trade-off for hemp farmers whose crop will face stricter testing protocols under new federal regulations. Next year, hemp growers will be able to take advantage of crop insurance, farm loans and conservation programs offered by the USDA due to interim rules for the crop set to become […]
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USDA announces hemp production rule

USDA is releasing regulations and guidelines for domestic hemp production this week, giving producers a roadmap for the 2020 growing season. Officials with the agency said they’re hearing a lot of interest in growing the crop during a conference call with the media on Tuesday. Source: USDA announces hemp production rule | Agriculture | capitalpress.com

Oregon hemp farmer gets high crop at high altitude

In his third year of growing hemp in Wallowa County, Shane Kimball is getting high — a high yield, high profits with a high-elevation crop. But the crop doesn’t give the kind of high that its intoxicating cousin, marijuana, does. He is one of about 1,650 Oregon farmers who have pioneered production of hemp since […]
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Half-way hemp law puts shippers in a bind

When Congress does something half-way, it can cause more problems than it solves. That’s certainly true of the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized hemp nationwide as an agricultural crop. What Congress didn’t do was make sure farmers growing hemp could ship it to buyers across the country without fear that over-zealous police officers would seize […]
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HEMP APPEAL: Newly legal crop attracts new generation of farmers

Artist, sound engineer and adventure traveler Blu Fortner is adding “farmer” to his resume with his first commercial crop of hemp seed. The Idaho native moved across the state line to Oregon five years ago in his pursuit of growing medicinal hemp. His attraction was the plant’s potential to provide relief to people suffering from […]
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A hemp headache

For 38 years, Arnie Abrams has enjoyed his quiet country life outside of Ashland with idyllic views of the valley below him. That peace and quiet was upended over the past year when hemp grows began surrounding his house, and he fears that what remains of his rural lifestyle will be completely undermined if a […]
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Cannabis Banking Challenges Go Beyond Pot

Banks uneasy about pot money aren’t any happier about hemp. Kat Merryfield was ready to share her farm-to-home oils, chocolates and creams with the rest of the country. But banks and credit card processors weren’t ready to work with her small business. “We started out our website with PayPal, and it took about six months […]
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Benton County plan draws fire; neighbors object to hemp, cannabis grows in rural residential zone

Changes in state and federal laws have paved the way for commercial-scale production of hemp and marijuana in Oregon, but the issue remains a hot-button topic in many places as conflicts emerge between producers and their neighbors. Some of those conflicts were on display Wednesday night in Corvallis, where Benton County planners held a workshop […]
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Hemp: ‘It’s a Money crop’

It’s green, it’s growing in spades, and it’s got a unique smell that may be slightly familiar to some. Industrial hemp is here in Klamath County and it is what’s for harvest this fall for Marc Staunton, and many others in Southern Oregon. Source: Hemp: ‘It’s a Money crop’ | Local News | heraldandnews.com