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John Kitzhaber On Medicaid: ‘We’ve Lost Our Sense Of Vision’

About five years ago, Oregon adopted an innovative Medicaid system that enabled the state to expand health care to nearly 1 million people today. But the system does not have a steady source of funds. This year Oregon’s Medicaid funding gap was $950 million. Request full-text (for state agency patrons only) Source: John Kitzhaber On […]
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5 Things Oregon: Q&A with Rep. Salinas, Health care bills to watch – State of Reform

Here’s what we’re watching in Oregon health care! Q&A with Representative Salinas Bills to watch Takeaways from CCO 2.0 letters of intent Report: CCOs lead the way in primary care spending percentage Source: 5 Things Oregon: Q&A with Rep. Salinas, Health care bills to watch, Colin Cave, MD – State of Reform | State of […]
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More firms want to provide health care to low-income Oregonians

Six firms apply to serve 300,000 residents of Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington counties Source: More firms want to provide health care to low-income Oregonians

Report: Compared To Other Insurers, CCOs Spend Bigger Share Of Medical Budget On Primary Care

Oregon’s Medicaid insurers directed more of their spending towards primary care than high-earning commercial insurers, according to a report released by Oregon health and business officials Wednesday. The report details $1.4 billion in primary care spending from payers who collectively covered 2.5 million Oregonians — or almost two-thirds of the state’s population — in 2017. […]
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24 Commercial Insurers, Nonprofits Vie For State Medicaid Contracts  

Two dozen organizations intend to seek one of Oregon’s multi-million-dollar contracts to cover Medicaid patients from 2020 through 2024, the Oregon Health Authority announced Monday. That’s more than one and a half times the current number of coordinated care organizations, with more than six companies looking to cover the Portland metropolitan area. Source: 24 Commercial […]
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CCO Meetings Now Open, Somewhat; Critics Voice Complaints

Springfield family nurse practitioner Carol Crocker was irate enough with Lane County’s coordinated care organization, Trillium Community Health Plan, that earlier this month she showed up at 7 a.m. in bitter and foggy 30-degree weather to witness Trillium’s first state-mandated open board meeting in Eugene. Request full-text (State Agency patrons only) Source: CCO Meetings Now […]
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Three Salem Providers Form CCO, Seek State Medicaid Contract

Three Salem provider groups have announced plans to start a nonprofit coordinated care organization and to apply for one of Oregon’s next multi-million-dollar Medicaid contracts. Salem Health, Salem Clinic and WVP Health Authority this week broke with Willamette Valley Community Health to form a new coordinated care organization called Marion Polk Coordinated Care. Source: Three […]
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OHA releases application for 2020-2024 coordinated care contracts

The Oregon Health Authority has released the request for applications (RFA) that lays out the requirements applicants must meet to serve Oregon Health Plan members for the next five years of coordinated care contracts, also known as “CCO 2.0.” Letters of intent to apply will be due to OHA February 1 by 5 p.m. Oregon […]
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Opinion: A health care system built for people like me must change to serve everyone better

It’s a nightmare all of us have experienced or dread. Someone you care about has a medical emergency. Your teenager breaks a bone, your aging parent is in acute distress with complications from a chronic disease. They’re in terrible pain. You call 911. Help is on the way. Source: Opinion: A health care system built […]
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Opinion: Can CCOs Lead Us To Universal Health Care? 

The 2005 Oregon Legislature adopted the goal of universal health care. A 2016 RAND study determined that Oregon could enact a universal single payer health care system with no greater cost than that which Oregonians currently spend on health care through taxes, premiums, and out-of-pocket expenses. In 2017 the Legislature statutorily reaffirmed its goal of […]
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