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Oregon Senate passes bill to tax repatriated money, delays vote on second tax bill

A bill to ensure Oregon taxes the money that corporations bring back from overseas under a favorable new Republican federal tax plan cruised through the Oregon Senate with unanimous bipartisan support on Tuesday. In contrast, Democrats delayed a vote on a controversial companion bill that they say would prevent certain businesses from double-dipping on state […]
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Potential Corporate Tax Windfall Could Help With Oregon Pension Debt

The Oregon Senate has passed a measure that could produce a one-time $140 million windfall in corporate taxes for the state. Source: Potential Corporate Tax Windfall Could Help With Oregon Pension Debt

Lower corporate tax may mean lower power, heating bills

Oregon utilities expected to pass savings to consumers The federal tax package signed into law this month may mean a break in heating and electric bills for Oregon consumers, according to the Oregon Public Utility Commission. Friday, the PUC said natural gas and power utilities, including PacifiCorp, the parent of Pacific Power, and Cascade Natural […]
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The other tax reform Oregon businesses need to know about

While federal tax reform proposals currently are dominating headlines, local businesses should not ignore recently adopted Oregon corporation business tax reforms, many of which will be going into effect in 2018. These reforms, in conjunction with potential changes in the federal income tax regime, may dramatically impact the amount of tax liability owed by local […]
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Our Oregon files tax initiatives

The labor-backed nonprofit says the initiative petitions are a direct response to proposals offered by the business community to tighten up Oregon constitutional provision requiring a three-fifths majority for tax bills. The next face-off between Oregon business and public unions might take the form of dueling ballot measures Nov. 6. Source: Our Oregon files tax […]
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Commentary: Yes: Lowering corporate taxes will send worker wages soaring

Editor’s note: The writer is addressing the question, “Will lowering the corporate tax rate jump-start the economy?” Labor Day is behind us. And as we look beyond its traditions of barbecues, beaches and vague political promises to help American workers, we can clearly see one concrete action Congress could take to actually increase wages and […]
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Commentary: No: Corporate taxes should be reformed, not cut

Editor’s note: The writer is addressing the question, “Will lowering the corporate tax rate jump-start the economy?” The marginal tax rate on corporate profits in the United States is 35 percent. As President Donald Trump and other proponents of tax reform continually say, this is the highest rate in the world. This is true — […]
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Editorial: The teachers union’s ballot measure had many problems

Oregon’s teachers union has declared that the state’s public education system is “crippled” by a lack of money. And this year, the Oregon Education Association put forward a ballot measure that would have made it easier to raise more money. But Initiative Petition 26 was flawed in multiple ways and deserved failure. Source: Editorial: The […]
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FACT CHECK: Does The U.S. Have The Highest Corporate Tax Rate In The World?

Yes, the U.S. does have the highest corporate tax rate … but that doesn’t mean businesses always pay it. Although virtually nothing is predictable in politics these days, here is one certainty: Americans — at least the ones watching the news — are about to hear a lot about corporate taxes, Source: FACT CHECK: Does […]
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Video: How Oregon’s business taxes compare to the U.S. averages

How do Oregonians’ business taxes stack up to other states’? Source: Video: How Oregon’s business taxes compare to the U.S. averages