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Oregon Republican targets Nike in ‘corporate transparency’ bill

The ranking Republican on the Oregon Senate Finance and Revenue committee plans to introduce legislation requiring large companies to disclose how much they pay in taxes. Source: Oregon Republican targets Nike in ‘corporate transparency’ bill

Clamping down on offshore corporate tax avoidance could net Oregon $376 million

State Library Ed. Note: Report is available HERE. Large multinational corporations would have a harder time shielding their profits from Oregon taxes if the state reinstated a law it discarded in the 1980s. Once again requiring the complete reporting of corporate profits could net Oregon an additional $376 million in revenue, according to a new […]
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Corporate Close-Up: No Property, No Payroll, No Problem for the Oregon Department of Revenue

The Oregon Supreme Court (“the Supreme Court”) has ruled that out-of-state banks derived income from sources in Oregon despite the absence of property or payroll in the state, and as a result, were subject to Oregon corporate income tax. The Supreme Court also upheld the Oregon Department of Revenue’s assertion of corporate income tax liability […]
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How the US economy is doing now in four charts

Corporations are on a tear, but maybe just because they’re stockpiling for a trade collapse. While he was on the campaign trail, President Donald Trump promised to grow the country’s economy by more than 4% per year, a rate not seen since the mid-2000s. On Friday, his prediction came true. The government reported that gross domestic product […]
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Editorial: Let voters decide

It appears Oregonians may be asked to vote on at least three tax-related ballot measures in November. One deserves opposition. The other two deserve your support. Source: Editorial: Let voters decide;

A Swath of Democratic Socialists and Allied Activists Will Protest Gov. Kate Brown’s Special Session Next Week

When Gov. Kate Brown convenes the Legislature May 21 for a special session, she won’t just be drawing lawmakers to Salem. Four chapters of the Democratic Socialists of America are joining the Poor People’s Campaign to protest on the Capitol steps. Source: A Swath of Democratic Socialists and Allied Activists Will Protest Gov. Kate Brown’s […]
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Groups say governor’s tax proposal benefits the rich, plan special session protest 

Oregon’s Democratic Socialists of America and the Poor People’s Campaign plan a Monday rally at the Capitol to protest Gov. Kate Brown’s proposal to expand a business tax break, saying it benefits the rich. Source: Groups say governor’s tax proposal benefits the rich, plan special session protest | KATU

Oregon Governor’s Tax Proposal Faces Criticism From All Sides 

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has said she’s calling a special session next week to correct a simple matter of unfairness in state tax policy. But the first Source: Oregon Governor’s Tax Proposal Faces Criticism From All Sides | KUOW News and Information

Union-Backed Oregon Group Once Again Aiming A Ballot Initiative At Corporations

A union-backed Oregon group that lost its high-stakes battle to sharply raise corporate taxes in 2016 is now planning to put a much more modest measure before the state’s voters in November. Our Oregon says it has launched a widespread petition as it seeks to qualify an initiative that would require publicly funded corporations to […]
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Small businesses to face higher tax bills under SB 1528

“Schedule-C” tax filers already pay higher tax rate than large corporations. Under legislation advanced by House Democrats on the Revenue Committee today, 192,000 of the smallest of small businesses in Oregon will be stuck with a 20 percent higher tax bill. Passed out of committee on a party-line vote, SB 1528 guts tax relief for […]
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