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Grocery Industry In Oregon Seeks To Head Off Corporate Tax On Sales

The grocery industry on Tuesday filed a ballot measure with the Oregon Secretary of State that would constitutionally prohibit taxes on the sale of groceries. Source: Grocery Industry In Oregon Seeks To Head Off Corporate Tax On Sales . News | OPB

Business & Labor Politics | Oregon Governor Kate Brown – OPB’s Think Out Loud

We reflect on the 2017 Oregon legislative session and look ahead to 2018. Now that the 2017 legislative session is over, Oregon’s business community and the state’s labor coalitions are looking ahead to possible 2018 ballot initiatives. Oregon Education Association president John Larson and Oregon Business Council vice president Jeremy Rogers discuss corporate taxes, the public employee pension crisis, and […]
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Oregon lawmakers hail session of progressive wins, but big budget problems lurk ahead

Lawmakers adjourned the 2017 session Friday having averted a budget disaster, but acknowledged as they headed home that relationships have frayed and this year’s wins could be jeopardized by a looming budget gap. Democrats achieved many of their most progressive policy goals, but they failed to find votes to reform Oregon’s tax system and make […]
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Students need solutions (Guest opinion)

For the last two decades, Oregon has been steadily turning its back on Oregon’s students by disinvesting in public education. Once the envy of the nation, our schools have fallen to the bottom in nearly every category. Our class sizes consistently rank as some of the largest in the country. Our school years are some […]
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Oregon lawmakers approve revised transportation plan Saturday, but new threat emerges as it heads to House

16 Democrats tell House speaker that the package ‘is not enough’ State lawmakers took their first big step toward approving a multibillion-­dollar transportation spending package on Saturday. On a 12-2 vote, the joint transportation committee ­approved the package of tax and fee increases that would raise $3.8 billion for road and bridge work during the […]
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Oregon Legislature Enters Final Two-Week Stretch

Oregon lawmakers have two weeks left to finish work in this year’s legislative session. Major issues still remain on their agenda. On Tuesday, the House takes a key vote on a funding plan for kindergarten through grade-12 schools. Democrats delayed that vote for a week to allow more time to come up with a compromise […]
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‘OPB Politics Now’: Corporate Tax Reform Dies In Salem 

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown announced she and her fellow Democrats are abandoning efforts to increase corporate tax revenue. As a deadline looms to close a $1.4 billion budget gap, Brown and lawmakers are instead focusing their efforts on a healthcare provider tax and spending cuts. Source: ‘OPB Politics Now’: Corporate Tax Reform Dies In Salem […]
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Repeal of business tax credit unhinges Oregon House

After a fiery three-hour debate that capped a contentious week in Salem, the Oregon House approved a partial repeal of a 2013 “Grand Bargain” business tax credit in a 31-28 vote Friday with three Democrats joining Republicans’ opposition. Republicans and businesses throughout the state are vehemently opposed House Bill 2060, which Democrats advanced out of […]
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Guest Opinion: ‘Political blackmail’ exposes union’s true agenda

Things got a little tense during the June 7 committee hearing on Oregon’s proposed transportation package, with Sen. Brian Boquist (R-Dallas) publicly blasting SEIU 503 president Steve Demarest for “political blackmail” over his union’s threat to sabotage the plan at the ballot box if the Legislature doesn’t come through with what it really wants. What […]
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Oregon House advances controversial revenue bill

The measure makes it harder for owners of certain businesses to qualify for a tax break passed as part of 2013’s budget “grand bargain.” The Oregon House of Representatives Friday narrowly passed legislation that would make it harder for businesses to qualify for tax breaks passed in 2013 as part of the so-called “grand bargain.” […]
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