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Oregon’s 10 oldest inmates and why they’re in prison

The 10 oldest inmates in Oregon’s prisons range from 84 to 89. They are all men. Eight are sex offenders; an estimated 30 percent of the state’s inmate population are serving time for sex crimes. Source: Oregon’s 10 oldest inmates and why they’re in prison | OregonLive.com

To lower prison health-care costs, Maryland is trying something new: Serving healthier food 

The warden of the women’s prison in Maryland has been overhauling the menu in an effort to improve the health of inmates. Not long after taking over as warden of the Maryland Correctional Institution for Women in Jessup, Margaret M. Chippendale noticed a sizable problem: Women were leaving the system a lot heavier than when […]
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WCCF crew celebrates hard work

Often overlooked, Warner Creek Correction Facility’s fire crew celebrated its fire fighting work with a Fire Program Appreciation Lunch marking the end of fire season. On Thursday, Sept. 27, 27 crew members gathered together to recognize their hard work during the season and the eight fires they provided suppression and camp support on. “We wanted […]
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‘I’m Somewhere Bettering Myself’: Prison Reform Unlike Any Other in America

North Dakota is conducting a prison experiment inspired by Norway, a country with recidivism rates three times lower than in the U.S. Terry Pullins is on his second tour in the North Dakota prison system. He’s also done time in California. Since he never got farther than the fifth grade, the 40-year-old Pullins has spent […]
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Colorado inmates’ tablets taken away for security reasons

New concerns about the security of computer tablets offered to inmates prompted Colorado authorities to take away all 15,000 of its tablets from state prisoners. The confiscation comes a week after Idaho officials said 364 inmates exposed a glitch in their tablets that they used to apply a total of $225,000 in credits to their […]
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Oregon Department of Corrections is Managing Water Contamination for Salem Area Institutions

Salem city officials notified city residents and surrounding communities on May 29 that the water supply from Detroit Lake is contaminated by low level toxins caused by algae blooms. The water supply at Salem area institutions (Oregon State Penitentiary, Oregon State Correctional Institution, Mill Creek Correctional Facility, and Santiam Correctional Institution) has been affected by […]
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What Women Bring to Corrections

Contrary to what some people think, their presence enhances security and operations. “You don’t need a bunch of ladies guarding men.” Those words, uttered by Louisiana state Rep. Kenny Havard at a recent hearing at the state Capitol, stung me, and I am sure thousands of other women corrections professionals reacted the same way. However, […]
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Local corrections officers may lose certifications

TRCI officer accused of failing to supervise work crew, EOCI officer cited for DUI. Two corrections officers in Umatilla County’s two state prisons are facing the revocation of their state public safety certifications. The Corrections Policy Committee of the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training in February voted 10-0 to recommend that Hector […]
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Librarians despise censorship. How can prison librarians handle that? It’s complicated.

The banning of “The New Jim Crow” in New Jersey prisons shows how messy censorship can be. Last week, officials at the American Civil Liberties Union made public a letter they had written to the New Jersey Department of Corrections, accusing the department of violating inmates’ rights: Several prisons were refusing to allow inmates access to the […]
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ICE Pays To Use 2 Oregon Jails Despite Sanctuary State Law

Since 1987, Oregon has promised immigrants that they are safer here than almost anywhere else in the country. The state’s so-called sanctuary law essentially prohibits local police from enforcing federal immigration policy or helping federal agents go after people whose only violation is living in the country illegally. But for years, two Oregon jails have […]
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