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What Women Bring to Corrections

Contrary to what some people think, their presence enhances security and operations. “You don’t need a bunch of ladies guarding men.” Those words, uttered by Louisiana state Rep. Kenny Havard at a recent hearing at the state Capitol, stung me, and I am sure thousands of other women corrections professionals reacted the same way. However, […]
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Local corrections officers may lose certifications

TRCI officer accused of failing to supervise work crew, EOCI officer cited for DUI. Two corrections officers in Umatilla County’s two state prisons are facing the revocation of their state public safety certifications. The Corrections Policy Committee of the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training in February voted 10-0 to recommend that Hector […]
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Librarians despise censorship. How can prison librarians handle that? It’s complicated.

The banning of “The New Jim Crow” in New Jersey prisons shows how messy censorship can be. Last week, officials at the American Civil Liberties Union made public a letter they had written to the New Jersey Department of Corrections, accusing the department of violating inmates’ rights: Several prisons were refusing to allow inmates access to the […]
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ICE Pays To Use 2 Oregon Jails Despite Sanctuary State Law

Since 1987, Oregon has promised immigrants that they are safer here than almost anywhere else in the country. The state’s so-called sanctuary law essentially prohibits local police from enforcing federal immigration policy or helping federal agents go after people whose only violation is living in the country illegally. But for years, two Oregon jails have […]
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When Prisoners Are a ‘Revenue Opportunity’

As jails install systems that let inmates videochat with “visitors” no matter where they may be, it’s private companies that appear to have the most to gain. A new 384-bed jail opened in Lancaster, Ohio, earlier this summer. The building, which serves Fairfield County, replaces three smaller, antiquated facilities with a single modern one. The jail […]
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As a society, do we really believe that felons deserve another chance, and, if so, what should be do about it? Michael W. understands the journey Oregon State University baseball pitcher Luke Heimlich finds himself on. Hate him, embrace him, fear him or demonize him, but Clackamas County resident Michael W. understands. Source: Pamplin Media […]
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When Marion County Jail cells fill up, where do inmates go?

Cody Baird, 20, broke into a Salem man’s home March 3, pointed a gun at him and then, as he fled, fired a shot into a nearby home before being caught by police. Jail overcrowding triggered Baird’s release in April, but then he missed his next court hearing and disappeared. He was re-arrested in July after allegedly burglarizing another home and […]
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Justice reinvestment: Oregon takes new steps to reduce prison use

Grant money, sentencing reforms approved. Oregon will invest another $40 million over the next two years on incentives to counties to reduce prison use for drug and property crimes. Along with the local grants, the state will also lessen the presumptive prison sentences for people convicted of theft and identity theft and expand short-term transitional […]
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Probation innovation stymied by lack of data

In 2013 the Oregon legislature was about to pass a bill to fund what was believed to be a badly needed new prison in Junction City. The new prison would serve a projected rising population of felons. The state’s incarceration rate had increased by nearly 50 percent in a previous ten-year period. Source: Pamplin Media […]
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New Oregon law means life sentences for second-strike sex offenders

Repeat rapists and certain sex offenders can now be given a “two strikes and you’re out” ticket to life in prison under a bill recently passed by the Oregon Legislature. Source: New Oregon law means life sentences for second-strike sex offenders