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The ‘Golden Girls’ trend could be a golden opportunity for retirees facing isolation 

Shared living in walkable areas may boost the physical and mental health of people 65 and older. Jane Callahan-Moore was living with her daughter and granddaughter in a Chicago suburb, but she felt something missing. “While I loved being with them and seeing them every day, I found myself getting increasingly depressed because I didn’t […]
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PERS cost-sharing bill more window-dressing than reform: Editorial Agenda 2017

SB 1068, a bill aimed at easing public employers’ crippling pension costs, accomplishes the rare feat of being measly and consequential at the same time. Measly, in that the proposed changes would barely move the needle in addressing the escalating contributions that government agencies and school districts will be making to the underfunded pension system […]
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Democrats propose employee cost-sharing in pension fund

Democratic leaders have settled on recycling an old, but nevertheless controversial method to shave the crippling increases in pension costs forecast for Oregon’s public employers over the next six years: employee cost sharing. Source: Democrats propose employee cost-sharing in pension fund | OregonLive.com

The Secret Benefits of Sharing Government Services

They may not show up in the bottom line. Each September, Umatilla County, Ore., hosts the Pendleton Round-Up, a massive rodeo that draws 50,000 people, nearly doubling the county’s population. Cowboys and cowgirls from across the country bring their broncos to compete, while guests line up to watch them battle bulls and rope steers, among […]
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